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How to Eliminate Uterine Fibroids

If you have been looking at how to to eliminate uterine fibroids, naturally you will have looked at many options. Standard medical treatments for fibroids include surgical options and drug treatment. There are also natural treatments for fibroids to consider and indeed, many women prefer this option.

In many cases, women decide to take no action with fibroids which are not troublesome, preferring to just keep an eye on the situation, taking action if the symptoms become difficult to manage. This is all very well, but unless something is done to alter what has caused the fibroids in the first place, chances are that they will get larger and larger until they become more difficult to treat. If you are aware that you have fibroids, it makes complete sense to make lifestyle changes which will prevent the fibroids growing any larger. There are also treatments which will eliminate uterine fibroids naturally.

Surgical Options For Fibroids

There are three main types of surgical procedures to treat uterine fibroids.

Abdominal Myectomy-This is the removal of individual or groups of fibroids. The uterus is left intact but can be weakened by surgery

Uterine Artery Embolisation-This is where the blood supply to individual fibroids is interrupted, causing them to wither

Hysterectomy-The complete removal of the womb

The problem with surgery to eliminate uterine fibroids is that unless you do something to stop the cause of the fibroids, they will simply regrow. (Of course this excludes hysterectomy) This is why it is of the utmost importance that you consider what has cause the fibroids in the first place and take steps to alter your lifestyle. In addition, surgery always comes with inherent risks, such as excess blood loss, infection and anesthetic risks.

Drug Treatment Uterine Fibroids

Due to the nature of the hormonal drugs which can help shrink fibroids, they can only ever be a temporary measure and are used exclusively as a way of reducing the size of fibroids prior to surgery. They bring on the symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flashes, dry skin, a thinning of the vaginal skin coupled with a lack of lubrication. One of the most disturbing risks from these drugs is osteoporosis, so if these are used, steps should be taken to ensure that extra calcium supplements are taken. Once the course of drugs are finished, the fibroids will quickly return to their original size which is why they can only ever be a short term fix.

How To Eliminate Uterine Fibroids Naturally

There are various self-help measures to be considered when trying to eliminate uterine fibroids.

It is believed that one of the causes of fibroids is the fact that some women are simply “prone” to inflammatory conditions and that this can cause fibroids in vunerable women. It has been shown that eating foods which have anti-inflammatory properties can help. Such foods include hops, rosemary and curcumin.

As fibroids are know to be related to the amount of estrogen in the body, reducing this makes sense. This can be done by maintaining a healthy weight as excess estrogen is produced by fat cells. In addition, it is believed that certain pollutants which are commonly found can mimic the action of estrogen in the body and therefore many women have found that detoxing the liver, where these chemicals can be stored, has been a useful way to eliminate fibroids naturally.

Certain herbs used mainly in Chinese medicine has also worked for some women. Many of these remedies are hundreds, if not thousands of years old and conventional practitioners are increasingly seeing the value of these and are incorporating natural remedies into their treatment plans.

Another option is to simply leave the fibroids alone. If they are not causing too many problems, you can choose to leave the fibroids alone as they will naturally shrink during the menopause. However, if your fibroids are large or you are some years away from the menopause this will not be an attractive option!

If you would like to learn all-natural methods which will show you how to eliminate uterine fibroids naturally, by using a 7 step treatment method which comes with a complete guarantee, visit Shrink Fibroids Naturally.

To learn all about the different types of fibroids and their treatments, please visit Types Of Fibroids

You will find extensive information on each of these useful sites which will show you how to eliminate uterine fibroids naturally. Many women have found that they are completely free of the symptoms of fibroids by following the advice and this has been achieved without drugs or surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Uterus fibroid surgery? ?
    I have uternine fibroids and I’ve avoided this for over 10 years. I’m scared. I might want surgery to get rid of it,but I’m surgery phobic. Anyone know what is involved? and is it like a C section?
    I am done with childbearing and have witnessed the massage, chirporactor, supplement route for attempting to cure other ailments but haven’t tried it on myself. I dunno; its all so confusing when traditional medicine and alternatie medicine disagrees with the other adn frustrating for the patient.

    • ANSWER:
      From what i have seen there are a few different options for surgery and most of them are at least a little bit untrusive. There are also statistics that show the fibroids can grow back after these surgeries and some can make it very hard to get pregnant afterwards as well.
      There are soem who suggest you can shrink them naturally though, this article might help:

      Natural Cures For Fibroids – Do They Work?

      Fibroids or Uterine Fibroids are growths that occur in a woman’s uterus (the womb) that can grow quite large and cause problems for the woman who suffers from this malady. Natural cures for fibroids are often treated with very little respect by traditional medical doctors who will often recommend dangerous surgery options to remove the fibroids as the only path forward.

      This is strange as natural cures for other female afflictions such as PCOS and more have been used to help women that modern medicine cannot cure for years. Herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture, diet and many other options that do not include surgery are often said to cure almost anything and even skeptics admit that there is a definite benefit to many of these things but how do they stack up versus modern medicine and surgery for uterine fibroid reduction?

      Read the rest here:

    What is recommended to reduce or get rid of fibroid in the uterus (womb) apart from surgery?

    • ANSWER:

    My wife has been diagnosed to have “fibroid uterus tumor”, do you feel this to be a immediate surgery need?
    She is 53 years of age and has suffered some pain and discomfort. X-ray shows signs of abnoramlity. Also X-ray (catscan) shows some growth affecting her appendits. What are your opinon? Should she get another opinion?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you apprehensive about surgery being the option for fibroid treatment? In case the symptoms of fibroids are severe and unbearable , hysterectomy or complete removal of the womb can give her relief. However if the symptoms are not so bad and she can put up with them for a year or so with your doctors prior permission she can try out natural uterine fibroid treatment.


    How long should a woman wait to conceive after having fibroid surgery?
    I have been diagnosed with a fibroid in my uterus wall. It is apparently in a bad place and the doctor wants to operate. I am trying to conceive my first child and am already 36 years old. How long will I need to recover from fibroid surgery before we can continue to try to conceive?

    • ANSWER:
      my doctor told me 6 months. after the surgery, ask your doctor b/c they will know how deeply they had to cut into your uterus to remove the fibroids. If it was deep, you may need to talk with them about your options b/c your uterus will be thin in those spots. you may not be able to carry your child to full term (c-section at 36 or 37 weeks). some women are able to conceive w/o any problems with their fibroids…some women have premature babies (i’ve known both types…i could not get pregnant with fibroids). make sure the surgery is the best option for you and PLEASE get a second opinion. one complication to surgery is excessive bleeding leading to hysterectomy. try to go for laparoscopic surgery if you can (http://www.aagl.org/). find the best surgeon in the state to perform the surgery.

      know what type of fibroid you have (i.e. pedunculated, submucous, etc.) and see how hard it is to conceive after having those fibroids removed. you now have to be proactive about this b/c some doctors push surgery when it may not be necessary.

    I m suffering with fibroid in uterus is it cure able without surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the size and location of the fibroid they can do a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization or remove it with the help of ultrasound.

      I am going to give you the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at: http://forums.obgyn.net/womens-health

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