Uterine Fibroid Weight Gain

Treating Large Uterus Fibroids Naturally

If you have large uterus fibroids, you may have already looked at your treatment options and decided that conventional surgical methods are not for you. Although there is no doubt that surgery can be effective as a “quick fix” in the short term, fibroids are likely to regrow unless you are able to completely eliminate the root causes.

Very often, doctors recommend a “wait and see” approach, as fibroids are rarely dangerous and will naturally shrink during the menopause. However, if your symptoms are severe and you are several years away from the menopause, this may not feel like a satisfactory option!

However, the very fact that fibroids are not usually harmful gives you the benefit of having time to think your treatment options through carefully. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to try an approach which might not give instant results, but could well be the best solution in the short term.

If you are prepared to put in some effort and take responsibility for your own healing, then treating large uterus fibroids naturally is entirely possible. By using an approach which eliminates all the possible root causes whilst offering symptomatic relief, much can be gained.

About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Hysterectomy side effects- what about Uterine Fibroid Embolization?
    I have a bleeding over 3 weeks, my uterine is large and I have Fibroid. My OBGY wants me to have Hysterectomy, I am getting Provera 10mg since last Sunday, and I had increased the doze to 20 mg.
    I am afraid of the surgery, I have heard about Uterine Fibroid Embolization which is non surgical treatment.

    My OBGY does not believe in that and refused to help me. I went to my primary care and got refer to see another OBGY for a second opinion.

    Ladies please tell me about your own experience which procedure did you have.
    What are the side effects of Hysterectomy, mood swing gaining extra weight? How long it takes to heal and be away from work? Thanks,

    • ANSWER:
      A complete hyst would have more side effects than a UFE because of the fact that if they take your ovaries out, you will need to be placed on hormone replacement therapy. The moods swings, hot flashes, etc. are awful from what I’ve been told.

      Here’s a website that might shed some more light on your situation. Good luck to you!


    I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last 10 days. HELP?
    I’m currently being tested for several issues. I’ve had severe leg and arm pain (muscles or bones?) I have low vitamin D and cortisol (Celiac Syndrome?) Maybe some osteo? I have a bone scan on the 10th. I had an ultrasound, they found 1 uterine fibroid and several cysts on my right ovary. I have very low hormone levels and may be going thru menopause? Some other symptoms: urine takes awhile, is frequent, stools float, rash on arms, weight gain, severe leg and arm pain, dizziness. Already have painful neuropathy in feet, legs and hands (the pain in legs and arms is an ache, not from neuropathy). I drink 60 oz water, 110 gm protein, 45 carbs, 950 calories. Not exercised lately, when I do I gain more weight. Blood sugar ok, blood pressure on the high side. Fatiqued. don’t have fibro. Seeing rheumotologist (no RA), pcp, neurologist. Getting tests. Take 120 mg cymbalta, 300 mg lyrica, 30 gm morphine sul slowact, 15gm ms daily. HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Why are you on all those drugs? Why are you seeing a rheumatologist but without the disease. You are utterly self-absorbed and right now, your focus seems to be on the physical end of it. Contrary to what you say, exercise does not cause people to gain weight, unless it causes them to have increased appetite and eat more. Contact your regular psychiatrist and make an appointment to discuss all your troubles, and maybe some adjustment of your medications.

    Fitness goal…sound reasonable?
    I have been a long time sufferer of PCOS and uterine fibroid tumors.

    I enjoyed my childhood as a very skinny person…and then, I gained 80 lbs in 6 months and haven’t lost it since…that was almost 15 years ago.

    I have 2 sets of doctors on 2 sides of the fence.

    One set of doctors believe my weight gain was from the PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and fibroids…hormone imbalances in other words…and without getting treatment for them, I’ll never lose more than 20 lbs.

    The other set of doctors believe that I overate and the weight gain caused the PCOS and fibroids…which I tend to not believe because I only eat 1 or 2 meals a day…I’ve never been into eating like those that suffer from disorders…just when I get a tummy grumble…stop when I feel full.

    So, with this said, I plan to try to lose 30 pounds by June 30. IF I don’t, and give it my best shot, I will seek treatment for my fibroids and PCOS.

    Sound reasonable to you, or what should I do?
    I wanted to add that I would do this without “starving” myself, and would increase my exercise levels (even though I am fat, I do play basketball and soccer with my children, etc…I’m hardly “inactive”).

    I just think that if I end up not losing over 20 lbs with a big effort on my part, that it would tend to suggest something more than overeating, wouldn’t you think?

    I can’t imagine anyone eating so much they could GAIN 80 lbs in 6 months and still be in taekwon-do and softball and a bowler (the things I was doing when I gained the weight).

    Thanks for listening, if anything.
    Letswatch…it appears you have your questions blocked, so allow me to explain in regards to my other post.

    Your post had the huge undertone of anger/hatred…and though I do agree with the message you were saying somewhat…I guess I am just saying your delivery was off.

    I meant no offense, and I am saddened that you would post here and then “hide” when we could have had a mature dialogue, even if we didn’t have a complete “meeting of the minds” so to speak.

    I know more than you think about that subject…I have 2 children that came to us through adoption…so it’s a pity we both couldn’t learn from each other.

    • ANSWER:
      no it doesnt sound unreasonable…i think its a very good goal to try to do something about it on your own instead of just jumping to a “miracle cure” like a lot of people do
      congratulations!!!! and i wish you the best

    Could I possibly be pregnant?
    I know you all are gonna say got take a pregnancy test but I am really scared…

    Well here is the thing I started noticing changes in my body months ago
    my breast were tender every day, my veins have since then been very prominent, and I have had flutters(which could be gas)

    I have felt twinges here and there in my lower abdomen
    heartburn every single day never had that before.

    I discarded pregnancy since I am getting a period every single month
    although ever since the symptoms started my period was strange at first like brown spotting but then continued regularly. I should mention I have a uterine fibroid.

    I have been to the doctor for other reasons
    first for anxiety and then for a pap in which neither of them they had me pee in a cup.

    I have recently started noticing my feet and hands swell a little, maybe the heat?

    I haven’t had any weight gain just my normal stomach after having 2 kids…pudgy you can say 🙂

    I am just really scared what all this could be and if I really were pregnant I ….don’t even want to think about that.
    The funniest thing is husband and I will ttc in 6 months!

    • ANSWER:
      I think that you can rule out pregnancy. The simple reason being because if you had a pap smear done then more than likely they would have caught a pregnancy then. I don’t know if you know exactly what they do when they do a pap, but they check EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING.

      Also, continuing with your period, on regular means that you are still ovulating. Something you wouldn’t be doing if you were pregnant. Some women claim to have periods, but not through the whole nine months. If they are bleeding sometimes its because of different reasons. I know I was still bleeding during my 1st trimester, second month and didn’t know that I was pregnant but wasn’t bleeding because it was my period, was bleeding because of a urinary tract infection. During the time I found out about that I found out I was pregnant.

      Those flutters, more than likely are gas. Those tender breasts happen just before period is due and if you notice it every month its probably just before you start. You probably haven’t really been paying that much attention to it.

      The heat could have something to do with the swelling, but salt plays a big role in that too. If you have increased your salt intake or your diet has changed you can associate that with the swelling. Also if you are sitting a lot your feet and hands tend to swell just because of the blood circulation.

      I also honestly believe that if you were pregnant you would have felt it MORE simply because you know what it feels like to be pregnant! You can distinguish baby flutters from gas flutters. You know those are gas flutters don’t ya?!?

      All I can say is that I honestly swear to the goodness don’t believe that you are pregnant. You should ease your mind and take a test. I mean what could it hurt? NOTHING. . . it will just make you feel better about your body and then you can get down to what is really making all these things happen to your body.

      Good luck and I hope this has helped!

    Uterine Fibroids???
    ok im only 25 and i have a fibroid on the left ovary the size of a tennis ball. It took the doctors forever to discover it because they feel i’m too young to have any major problems in and around my uterus. Anyway I believe the tumor(fibroid) is causing my stomach to increase in size because of how big it it. Not only that, my Doc claims there may may another one on the left side that right now is small and he wants to keep a close eye on it to see if the left side goes down before doing surgery. That’s complete BS to me! The tumor on the right side may be increasing and causing me to gain massive weight.
    I want to know if it’s all in my head that i’m gaining weight in my stomach because of the tumor, or am i just getting Fat! I use to be so small, now i weigh 140 at 5’8 which isn’t that big but for me it is bigger than i’ve ever been. I now go to the gym disregarding the fact that there is a tennis ball in my stomach in hopes of slimming back down but am I just waisting my time??

    • ANSWER:
      hello – slow down a bit – fibroids are in the womb (sometimes swelling outwards) and your ovaries are NOT in your womb or the same as your womb. Lumps on ovaries are normally referred to as cysts. A tennis ball sized fibroid might make your abdomen swell, but think about pregnancy and how big a baby is before a woman ‘shows’. Your stomach might be retaining fluid…if you are only 25 its no wonder your Dr wants to wait before surgery – any surgery carries risk – usually you are offered eg mirena coil if there is pain or heavy bleeding – you aren’t too young to have major problems, but it is less likely – what do you mean by gaining massive weight? If you are sure about this, get yourself back to your Dr (and actually I think you should anyway – you sound awfully confused about your anatomy) . Look up fibroids on the net – there are some very good US and UK based sites with diagrams, validated by doctors – try NHS for the UK (that is the state run health service) – I’m assuming you are american but I’m not sure why. And try not to worry; but you should always question calmly and confidently and if you don’t agree or understand ask again, or get a second opinion. Also a fibroid won’t stop you going to the gym. Most fibroids are just an overgrowth of muscle tissue, completely benign and nothing to freak about (especially if you aren’t bleeding heavily). Lits of women have them and lead perfectly normal lives – but don’t let that stop you honestly assessing any problems you personally have.

      On the other hand cysts on your ovary, if that is what you have might be polycystic ovarian syndrome PCS, which will make it harder to lose weight – its chicken and egg really, no-one seems to know whether you get PCS because you are fat or you get fat because you have PCS. My understanding of PCS is that they encourage you to lose weight because you can be prone to problems if you don’t, and that it is much harder to lose weight (but not impossible it just takes longer). Again, get back to your Dr and check what is wrong.

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