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Overcome Infertility 113-How Conventional Medication Helps To Treat Congenital Uterine Abnormalities

As we mentioned in previous article, conventional medicine plays an important role in treating all kinds of disease and most of the time is the first treatment for a couple who for what ever reason cam not conceive after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to full term. With the advance of medical technology, Some infertility are caused by structure problem and can be corrected through surgery. In this article, we will discuss how conventional medicine helps to treat congenital uterine abnormalities.

I. Definition
Congenital uterine abnormalities is a result of abnormal uterus and tube which are developed in the embryo stage.

II. Types of treatments
1. Septate uterus
a) In the septate uterus, there is a wall, septum membrane dividing the top of the uterus. Since the uterus is divided, it has little room for the fetus to develop and grow, leading to miscarriage or premature birth. The odd of miscarriage is about 25%.
b) Diagnosis
Most cases of sepatate uterus can be detected by hysteroscopy. In this procedure, a hysperoscopy which is thin instrument called a hysteroscope is passed through your vagina and cervix and into your uterus, so your doctor can have a clean view of your uterus.
c) Surgery
Metroplasty is type of surgery normally used to correct a septate uterus. Through laparoscopic surgery, the septum that divides the uterus is removed, thereby reshaping the uterus to it’s normal appearance, and allowing extra room for the fetus to growing.

2. Unicornuate uterus
a) Unicornuate uterus is a condition of which the uterus is one side and smaller than usual. It possible for women with unicornuate uterus to get pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. Most cases of unicornuate uterus are never diagnosed and only 1 in 500 women are born with this kind of abnormality.
b) Diagnosis
If unicornuate uterus is suspected, your doctor may order hysterosalpingogram (HSG) or ultresound, the images produced will help to your doctor determine the severity of your abnormal uterine structure.
c) Surgery
Laparoscopy is the most common surgery used to remove of the rudimentary uterine horn

3. Bicornuate uterus
a) Bicornuate uterus is a condition of which a woman is born with 2 separate uterine cavity, each of them is connected to fallopian separately.
Since women with bicornuate uterus still can get pregnant and give birth to a premature baby, many of them can bypass the lapraoscopis surgery. If the problem is serious then your doctor may suggest metroplasty which is one form of surgery helped to join the two uterine halves.
b) Diagnosis
It is the same as in 2 a)
c) Depending to the severity of the problem, if necessary, your doctor may recommend reconstructive laparoscopic surgery as we mention above. Other wise, it will be left alone but you may have to work closely with during each stage of pregnancy.

4. Didelphic uterus
a) An abnormal formation of the uterus during the embryo stage resulting in 2 cervix with 2 smaller uterus and sometime 2 vagina on top of the vagina canal. A woman with didelphic uterus may not need surgery because she can still get pregnant and give birth to a premature baby, it is advised that she should work closely with her doctor during pregnancy to watch for signs of pre-term labour or other risks to the baby.
b) Diagnosis
Same as 2 a), but sometimes MRI may be ordered by your doctor, if necessary.
c) Surgery
In most cases, a woman with didephic uterus do not required surgery, but it is suggested that she must work closely with her doctor for any sign or risk of pre-term labor.

III. Surgical risk is involved, if surgery is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible for something such as a tumor or fibroid to be mistaken as a fetus?
    Obviously modern medical technology allows us many options when it comes to the screening of such things. I was wondering however, if in recent history, even with the advent of Ultrasound and other imaging technologies, if there have been pregnant women with something along the lines of uterine cancer or fibroids who have instead been deemed pregnant by their physicians. It’s a bizarre question, I know. Any help or anecdotes would be greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:

    3″ fibroid on top of uterus — treatment?
    Hello, all:

    On Monday, an ultrasound revealed that I have a 3 inch wide fibroid embedded in the top of my uterus. I’ve been having heavy periods with clotting and bursts of fresh blood for the last couple of years, but no pain to speak of. Thanks to the ultrasound, I now know what was causing the menstrual irregularities.

    I know that sometimes cutting off the blood supply to a fibroid is an option, but this one looks like part of it is inside the uterine wall. (The ultrasound tech let me view the images from the scan.) Does this make a hysterectomy a more likely form of treatment?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to respond.
    ETA: Thank you, Keltasia (((hugs back))). I’m sure it will turn out all right, but… yeah. Major surgery. Not something I’m looking forward to.

    • ANSWER:

      I hope all turns out well for you. Here’s a link that may help answer some of your questions.


      So many men think its easy to be a woman, I just wish they had our “indoor plumbing” to see how it really is.

    Ultra sound results after a partial hysterectomy. I’m not sure what any of this means?
    Demonstrates absence of visualized uterine body compatible with
    the above history. However, the cervix appears to remain present
    and is somewhat generous in size measuring approximately 4 cm in
    maximum dimension. No focal cervical mass is identified. There
    is a moderately large amount of free pelvic fluid. There is a
    somewhat irregular mass of approximately 4 cm which layers in a
    dependent portion of the fluid with some surrounding debris. The
    findings may represent hemorrhages of varying ages with the mass
    representing an organized hematoma. Mass may also represent
    fibroid formation either in residual uterine tissue or in uterine

    Right ovary measures 3.8 x 1.9 x 3.8 cm and contains a small
    simple-appearing cyst of 2 cm. Additionally, there are some
    smaller follicles in the right as well as the left ovary. The
    left ovary measures 2.2 x 1.7 x 2.4 cm.


    1. Interval hysterectomy with apparent continued presence of a
    somewhat prominence cervix.
    2. Moderately large amount of pelvic fluid with debris and a mass
    in the dependent portion of the fluid with differential
    considerations as described.
    3. Further imaging with magnetic resonance imaging may provide
    additional information as to the composition of the mass and

    • ANSWER:

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