Uterian Fibroids

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign abnormal growths that are found in the uterus. Their presence has been linked strongly to gastrointestinal health and issues such as leaky gut syndrome, yeast, intestinal bacteria growth, and inflammation of the gut can have an indirect impact on abnormal growths, excess estrogen, and dysfunction of the immune system. One of the keys to treating uterine fibroids is to heal the gastrointestinal system. Toxic heavy metals have also been linked to abnormal bacterial growth in the gut along with the breakdown of mucosal lining in the intestines, making the evaluation of metal toxicity levels another important issue to consider.

The liver also plays an important role in fibroid development and liver detoxification is another important issue to tackle. The liver is the place where estrogen metabolism occurs and the liver helps filter out chemicals that act like estrogen which are known as xenoestrogens. If your liver detox system is impaired, this can lead to a problem of estrogen dominance in your system which can lead to these fibroid growths.

Insulin resistance is another problem which may lead to uterine fibroids. This happens when your cells lose the ability to communicate with the insulin hormone resulting in abnormal blood sugar. These blood sugar fluctuations result in fibroid formation. Signs of insulin resistance are increased fat build up in the abdomen, a sense of fatigue after eating, craving sugar, mood swings, trouble sleeping, and a suppressed immune system. Exercise can help your cells readjust so that they can once again interact with insulin allowing blood sugar to be suttled between the cells, Core strengthening and stress reducing exercises are ideal for insulin resistance as well as fibroid preventions. Yoga and Tai Chi are excellent examples of these.

Other treatments

  • Castor oil packs: have an anti-inflammatory effect, aid in lymphatic drainage and facilitate medication.
  • Sitz baths: three minutes in hot water followed 30 seconds in cold repeated three times consecutively five time a week will help improve circulation to the pelvis.
  • Vaginal depletion packs: used since the 1800’s, these herbal packs work by improving circulation to the pelvis and drawing fluid and infections out of the uterus. The herbs vitex agnus castus, angelica sinensis, achillia millifolium and alcamelia vulgaris are the most useful ones for fibroids and the pain they cause.
  • Supplements

Things to avoid:

  • Caffeine
  • Strong perfumes
  • Conventional dairy and meat products
  • Alcohol
  • Aspartame
  • Sugar
  • Trans fat

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/uterine-fibroids-1434361.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    uterian fibroids anyone 50 yrs old or older have experience?
    I’ve been having some pain in my lower left side. went for an ultrasound and I’m told I have fibroids. I have to go back but I’m wondering why. Fibroids are usually benign, is it because I am having pain and some other issues? I had thought it was IBS..the symptoms are similar. what does the pain mean if they are something that corrects themselves with menopause. I am 51 and am perimenopausal. had 2 pregnancies. any input from people my age…please no young people because its a different issue.

    • ANSWER:

    what are uterian fibroids?

    • ANSWER:

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