Ultrasound Treatment For Fibroids

Tmj Ultrasound – Using Ultrasound Machines For Therapy

Tmj Ultrasound
Ultrasound therapy is portion of a physical therapy treatment using sound waves at a remarkably exorbitant frequency to penetrate the skin deep to the soft tissue of your injured or painful area. It involves employing a hand held wand or probe provided a rounded make every effort which is attached to an ultrasound machine. A gel would be rubbed onto the skin and the probe head will be moved over the affected area in small circular movements. The high-frequency (ultrasonic) waves are produced by vibration on the run of the probe. The waves travel with the skin bringing about vibration to the tissue in the affected area. The vibration causes a heating up of the tissue that has a beneficial effect on the injury. Tmj Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy dosage can be varied by lowering the frequency of the ultrasound beam. The lower the frequency is administered, the deeper the penetration of the waves, thus dealing with deeper tissue injury. At higher frequencies dosages are used for most injuries closer to the skin surface. A typical treatment session would last between 3 and 10 minutes depending on the injury. Tmj Ultrasound

Whilst ultrasound therapy is safe when administered by a professional or person who has had training it can have its dangers. If the head of the probe is kept stationary over an area for too long it can burn surface tissue or even deeper parts like bone and cartilage. Damage may also be caused to internal organs. Tmj Ultrasound

Parts of the body that should be avoided are eyes, nose and mouth or over the heart, brain or spinal cord. Other areas include liver, kidneys and lungs. If pain is has not been diagnosed ultrasound therapy should only be undertaken if prescribed by a doctor or professional. Care should be taken when ultra sound is used on pregnant women or those taking anticoagulant medicines. Stop suffering from TMJ anymore. Get your Tmj Ultrasound ebook and live your life again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Fibroids and treatment (Ladies)?
    I just found out a have several fibroids. Yesterday the doctor did an ultrasound after a pelvic exam to confirm his diagnosis. I got a referal to an GYN doctor for treatment and it will be a few days before I get to see her. I was reading on the web the different treatment options and for those who opted for BC did you fibroids come back? I’m 31 y/o with a history of cervial dysplisia. Was curious if maybe I should opt for surgrey. I know I have to discuss this with my doctor but was wondering what you did and would you recommend it. TY.

    • ANSWER:
      I am pregnant and have one fibroid that is a little larger than a golf ball, I did not know I had fibroids before I got pregnant so I do not know how it will react after my hormones return to normal but here is my opinion on treatment options. By bc do you mean birth control? I have not seen any information that proves that BC works effectively, plus I am allergic to the hormones so I cannot take it anyway but if I were you I would do some more research on that option. Then there is the option to have embolization where they burn the fibroid out, this can cause infertility and the fibroids can return. Another option is to have a stint put into the blood vessels supplying the fibroids thus killing them off, this too can cause infertility and again the fibroids can grow in other places. I would personally not go with the last two options since I am planning on having more children. Finally you can have a partial hysterectomy which again I would not want because of family planning conflicts. Last there is a hormone therapy that can cause negative side effects like unusual hair growth and hair loss as well as many other unpleasant issues. Once you stop the therapy the fibroids can come back. If the fibroids are not causing you any trouble you can leave them and have them monitored which is what I plan to do until I am finished having children. From there my second choice for treatment if the fibroids are causing me problems would be to have the embolization or stint procedures. Really it is up to you and depends on your situation. If they are causing you problems then whatever works best for you is what matters. Good luck

    Fibroids—-women only please?
    I went to my gynecologist a few weeks ago, and the pap smear was normal. But he said I have some fibroids and he wants to do an ultrasound. That will be in 2 more weeks. I h/b reading on the internet about fibroids, and they are non-cancerous and normal for women to get them. But I’m concerned about the treatment. One method is a non-operational procedure called uterine fibroid embolization done in the hospital to shrink them. This can also trigger menopause. I’m 51 so this wouldn’t be too much of a concern. Another method of treatment is an experimental drug that can have side effects. It didn’t give the name of the drug, or the possible side effects. So my question is, have any of you ever taken this drug for fibroids and if so, did you experience any side effects? Or did you have the fibroid embolization procedure, and what was your opinion? I’m not really worried about anything, but would just like to know what to expect. Thanks in advance for your input.

    • ANSWER:
      I second the natural progesterone approach!
      Fibroids are estrogen-driven. Give your body the “anti-estrogen” it needs, and you may be able to avoid surgery altogether.

      At 51, natural progesterone is something you should probably be using anyway. These fibroids give you a good reason to look into it. DO NOT do the Lupron treatment your doctor is talking about. This is some BAD BAD stuff. Or, he may be talking about the newer alternative to Lupron called Lyrica. Equally bad!

      Dr. John Lee was very successful in treating fibroids with progesterone. Check out his book called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”. He does a fantastic job of explaining – in plain English – what hormone imbalance does to us, and how to correct it.

    Ovarian cyst and fibroids?
    Ive been having heavy periods and heartburn for awhile so my doctor sent me for an ultrasound which I’ve just come back from, the radiologist found a large fibroid pressing on my bladder and a large ovarian cyst on my left cyst, she said the cyst looks like it may be bleeding into itself and it was echoing back showing matter inside it,i’m really worried now, about the fibroid and the cyst and what treatment will be needed, my mum had a hysterectomy at 42 for fibroids and I’m 39 is it likely I will be the sane way, also I’m petrified of cancer too, can anyone who has had either fibroids or cysts offer some advice.
    Thanks in advance a very worried person today 🙁

    • ANSWER:
      I can understand your fear but you need to take a deep breath and try not to panic until you see the surgeon, which will hopefully be soon. I do know that most doctors will only consider a hysterectomy as a last resource, hopefully with one they may be able to remove it with out the womb. The cysts I would think can be removed by keyhole surgery. Until the doctors mention cancer I would not worry to much. I know it is hard but try to keep calm and speak with your doctor and get the facts before you worry about things and hopefully there will be nothing to worry about. email me if I can help in any way. Good luck

    29y/o female-My doctor wants me to have a Hysterectomy. Has anyone else been through this?
    I had only had 2 periods since 1/1/08. I went to the Gynocologist a few months back. We did blood work and an ultrasound. The blood work showed I had Hypothyroidism. I went on Synthroid. My labs have come back normal now since I started that treatment. However my ultrasound was abnormal. There was a simple cyst on the right ovary and a mass on the left. The lining of my uterus was so thick they could not measure it and I had fibroids and possible adenomyomas. I had a Diagnostic Laproscopy with a Hystoscopy, D+C and biopsy with washings done last Wed. When I came out of surgery my doctor was very upset. He said my stomach was a mess of adhesions and scar tissue. He said the left ovary has to come out and my uterus is the size of someone 3 months pregnant. He said we would talk more at my follow up. The follow up was today. And he wants me to have a Hysterectomy with a removal of my left ovary. My right ovary will stay so I won’t experience early menopause. He does not know if he can do it laproscopically because my belly is such a mess. I have had 4 previous belly surgeries. My husband and I have 2 sons. We had wanted 2 more but its not in the cards. However I just wondered if anyone else has been through something like this and if so how hard is the recoup from an open hyst. I am an RN and have been for 8 years so I have a pretty good knowledge base. My husband and I know my doc both professionally and privately. I trust him alot. But I am still scared.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say get at least one more opinion and maybe two. I prefer women doctors since they go through the same things we do.

      I suffered with endo, cysts, etc from age 12 until I had my hysterectomy at age 45. I wish I had done it a lot earlier but you are very young. You must be very sure of your decision. I wish you the best.

    What is happening? Fibroids on Uterus?
    A couple of months ago, I had an especially painful period and I had to go to the emergency room. They did an ultrasound and they said i had fibroids on my uterus and asked if I had kids. I said “no”.

    4 years ago I also had a cyst on my ovary explode (very painful)

    I am only 20 years old. Why is this happening, what are treatments, and i think this is effecting my fertility. I am not on birth control and me and my fiancee have unprotected sex almost everyday for 2 years and I have never gotten pregnant. My doctor is unconcerned about this.

    • ANSWER:
      Some young women can get a fibroid and it is not known why. A friend of mine has dealt with one before.

      There are several things that they can do for fibroids. I am including the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at: http://womenshealth.about.com

      I would also recommend finding another doctor who can help you take care of this.

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