Size Of Fibroid Tumors

Type And Size Of The Cyst Determines The Ovarian Cyst Treatment

Ovarian cyst is a swelling inside or on the ovary, which is filled with fluid. However, if the condition is solid, it is also known as a growth. Although it can be quite alarming because of the thought of the possibility of cancer, most cysts in ovarian are not dangerous and can disappear after several months. There are different kinds – dermoid cysts, organic cysts, endometriomas, fibromas, organic tumors, brenner tumors and serous and mucinous cystadenomas.

It may be difficult to determine whether you are suffering from this issue. There are instances wherein women do not feel any symptoms at all or they may experience indistinct abdominal symptoms that can imply numerous health concerns that are completely not related to it.

Ovarian cysts can be determined by undergoing a physical examination. It is also recommended to go through an intravaginal ultrasound in order to know the type of the cyst and the details of the growth. The type and size of the cyst determines the ovarian cyst treatment.

a Punch and suck is one ovarian cyst treatment that is guided by ultrasound. The process is performed by inserting a special needle into the vagina in order to reach the cyst. Then, the liquid inside the cyst is extracted that causes the cyst to sag. Alcohol is then placed in the ovarian cyst to dehydrate the area and maintain the walls.

a Another ovarian cyst treatment is the laparoscopy, which is the least harmful of all the surgical techniques for the condition. With the help of a small video camera, the specialist creates minor cuts and separates the swelling from the wall of the ovary.

a The use of contraceptives or birth control pills is also considered as an ovarian cyst treatment. Birth control pills can be used for both prevention and treatment and they are recommended for small functional cysts.

According to a recent study, the type of food you eat influence cyst development. For instance, women who consume cheese and beef more frequently have higher risks of having this issue. However, consuming plenty of green vegetables is said to be helpful in preventing the development of it.

All women should perform periodic check ups at least once each year in order to avoid this issue. Also, make sure to pay attention to your menstrual cycle. If you observe great difference in your monthly period, consult your doctor.

It is important to seek advice from your doctor when searching for an ovarian cyst treatment. Always remember never to take birth control pills without the supervision of your doctor. Women who are suffering from certain health problems such as varicose veins, hypertension, obesity and other concerns may get worse upon using such medications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr. said I have a baseball size fibroid tumor?
    I went to the dr. last week and she found a baseball size tumor on my left ovary. She is pretty sure it is just a fibroid but ran a bunch of blood tests and I go tomorrow for an ultrasound. Has anyone had this that can give me some advice? She briefly mentioned a hysterectomy and said she was pretty sure it isn’t cancer. Just the thought of them scare me. I’ve only been married for just over a year. I have three kids of my own he has 2. Two of mine are out of school. We don’t plan on having any more kids. I am 38 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      I had one the size of a golf ball and my ovary was twice the size it should have been. I too was all done having children and opted for the hysterectomy because my uterus was basically one big fibroid. Needless to say I had terrible periods and in constant pain. I still have one ovary so I don’t have to take any hormone pills. They also took my appendix while I was opened up. It was the best thing I ever did as far as I am concerned. Benefits: can’t get pregnant, no period, no more pain and very slim chance of getting cancer of the female parts. I felt like a new woman after I recovered. The lab automatically biopsies tumors where I live and it was benign.

    What treatment do you recommend for fibroid tumors?
    I was diagnosed with having fibroid tumors back in April. I have two tumors the size of golf balls on my uterus, so far non cancerous. I have some pain and discomfort and heavy uncontrolled bleeding spells. My gyn acts like it’s no big deal, but I don’t like feeling this way all the time. Does anyone have any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      The only treatment for fibroid tumors is surgery. All it is, is thick tissue that causes pain. I had them too and after a while, they had to be removed because they got so big. There’s no pill to make them go away. If you feel pain from them, use a warm heating pad and it really eases up the pain. Good luck

    Is this pain from fibroid tumor?
    I gave birth via c-section after 14 hours of labor 4 months ago. I was told I had a grapefruit sized fibroid tumor. (not sure the location at this time)
    I’ve gotten my monthly and oh my gosh. Now that I know what labor feels like: that’s how painful my periods are. I seriously think I’m in labor! No wonder why I did it medication free for 14 hours.
    I’m also having BAD hip pain. Its worse now with my period but has been hurting since giving birth. Its only in my right hip. Feels like someone’s trying to rip out my hip bone.
    Coud these 2 things be from the tumor?
    He’s talk to me about it, but I guess I never put my period pain and the tumor together, ya know? The only way to get it out is a hysterectomy. I’m 26. My husband and I just had our first. We’d like more….Doc wants to wait till we’re done. I’d like one more at the least

    • ANSWER:
      A grapefruit sized tumor is huge. Hasn’t your doctor talked to you about it????
      I just had my uterus removed in December because I was full of tumors, but not that big. Golf ball. And I had so many I felt “full” all the time. I also had low back pain and the last year had a hard time having bowel movements because the tumor was pressing into my rectum. I didn’t know it either. I just thought i needed more fiber in my diet. I had an ultrasound and there it was. So, I had the surgery and it was a breeze. No regrets.
      Having just the fibroid removed usually doesn’t help because they grow back.
      Honestly, talk to your doctor about this issue.
      As far as the hip pain, that could be a pressed sciatic nerve there from the labor. I’d see a chiropractor.

    Is surgery my only option for Fibroid tumors?
    Hi I’m a 27 year old female from Los Angeles, CA and was detected that I have 3 Fibroid tumors. This year in May 2010 I got my period and was having excruciating pain that I didn’t know why was it that bad. So thinkig it didn’t seem normal to me I went to go see a doctor and the doctor told me I had a bladder infection and gave me meds. So from that I thought okay that was the problem then No more worries. Well surely after I didn’t get my period in June but I was having early bad cramps since I didn’t get my period on time I decided to go see a Gyno she had said I have Yeast infection but she seemed like it’s no biggie that it’s treatable but had said she wanted me to get a pelvic ultra sound with a radiologist. So since she didn’t seemed worried I went to go get the test and got an unexpected suprise that I have 3 Fibroid tumors but away from my uteros. As some of you who have been in my situation know how I felt and was really dumbfounded. I even know a couple of friends who have had it and have been through really bad situations which I would want to go through. I’ve never had kids but would like to have some one day. I am not sure on the sizes of tumors but from what I saw in the ultrasound two might look like the size of a golf ball around there and one is a little bigger Im just guessing. I’m supposed to go see my gyno in a week. I was away in Australia for a year 2009 and had bad cramp pain but not as much as i’ve been having it here back home so makes me wonder I may have had it that long. I have faith that I’m hoping that all will go well. I’ve been told by several people that I can naturally get rid of them but I would have to be in a strict diet and that the fibroids may come back. So would this be an option if I really take care of myself?

    Ladies only who have had it a couple of questions; What was your experience when you had it? Are there certain foods that I should watch out for? What would be my best decision to get rid of these tumors and still have a chance in the future of having a baby with my current partner? How long does it take to recover? I was told there’s laser surgery to get them removed. Would that be safe? I dont have insurance but might be getting medical so pray for me and wish me luck. Please share some of your similar experiences with me and maybe some way to aleviate my pain that im having right now. . . I DO NOT WANT MY UTERUS TO GET REMOVED so please any advice you can give me I would truly appreciate it. 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a minimally invasive procedure called uterine fibroid embolization (you can Google this for more info). It is done by an interventional radiologist. A small incision is made in your groin and catheters are inserted until they reach the blood vessels supplying the fibroids. Small particles are injected into these vessels to block them. This causes the fibroids to shrink as they no longer have any blood supply. Over several weeks to months the fibroids shrivel up and you will not have any more symptoms. This is a quick procedure, about an hour and does not require a hospital stay. Ask your gynecologist if you are a candidate for this procedure and if he/she can refer you to a doctor that does this. This procedure is good for young women who want to preserve their uterus for future pregnancny.
      Hope this was helpful.

    Any NATURAL CURES for shrinking/preventing/eliminating firbroid tumors?
    My mom is 46 years old and the doc. told her that she has fibroid tumors the size of a 5 month old fetus!!! She has revised her freelance diet and is drinking lots of water and eating more fruits and veggies. What else can she do to shrink, eliminate, and prevent more of them? Please include natural remedies…she doesn’t want to have surgery…but then again, who would!!!

    • ANSWER:
      My girlfriend was told to eliminate caffeine from her diet.

      Don’t know if that’s gonna help if the fibroid is that big!

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