Shrinking Fibroids Without Surgery

Natural Remedies For Fibroids – Shrinking Fibroids Without Surgery

Natural remedies for fibroids can be used very successfully to relieve women of the terrible symptoms which can come about as a result of having fibroids. Firstly, it is important to understand that fibroids, despite the fact that they can sometimes cause quite debilitating symptoms, are very rarely dangerous and this opens up the treatment options as there is no urgency to take fast surgical action as there may be with other types of tumors.

With the exception of a hysterectomy, the surgical options which are available are rarely permanent. Unless the cause of the fibroids is eliminated, there is every chance that the fibroids will regrow-very often in just a few months. This means that women should (and very often do!) think very carefully before taking such a drastic step and perhaps try out other less invasive treatments first.

With many conditions, there is simply not that “luxury”. Even if alternative treatments might work, there is often the anxiety to take fast action, and quite rightly so, to prevent a condition becoming life-threatening. With fibroids though, one it is confirmed that they are benign (and the vast majority are) you can begin to look at ways of shrinking fibroids naturally. One thing to understand at the outset though is that natural remedies for fibroids are rarely a “quick-fix” option and do require some commitment.

As fibroids are often caused by a combination of factors which have subtly interacted within the body to spark off the growth, successful treatments often need to use a multi-faceted approach which systematically eliminates each of these factors, thus ensuring overall success.

Therefore if you are the type if person who is not prepared to invest a little time and effort in your own healing, then this method will not be for you. However, if you are prepared to put in the effort, it will pay dividends! Natural remedies for fibroids often focus on estrogen levels as this is one of the most common factors. high levels are often found in women who carry excess fat, as estrogen is both manufactured by and stored in fat cells. Reducing body fat can often be one factor in preventing new fibroid growth or the further growth of existing fibroids. For some women, it isn’t naturally occurring estrogen which is the problem, but rather estrogen-like substances which come from pollutants and certain pesticides which “lock” themselves into the liver and provide a constant source of fuel for fibroids. To eliminate this, a good liver detox is essential and this can pay dividends not only as far as fibroids are concerned but for good overall health. Those prone to inflammatory conditions can often find themselves susceptible to fibroid growth and it isn’t known for sure why this is the case. However, it has been proven that in some instances, eating foods with natural anti-inflammatory properties, such as hops, oats, rosemary and cumin can be beneficial.

Shrinking fibroids naturally has often been associated with the use of Chinese herbs and there are many herbalists which will often preparations. There is indeed evidence to suggest that the use of herbs for fibroids can be very beneficial, but only if used as part of an overall treatment strategy.

The lack of real help for women with fibroids led Shola Oslo, an alternative practitioner who specializes in teaching women about shrinking fibroids naturally, to develop a complete 7 step system which is completely guaranteed. Her busy clinic left her unable to take on many additional patients but the demand was clearly there. As a result, she has now helped thousands of women worldwide who she has never met.

Please bear in mind though, this requires you to be proactive and take charge of your own healing by making dietary and lifestyle changes and following a systematic program-it is not suitable for women who simply want to take a tablet and be cured. Are you ready to get rid of your fibroids once and for all? To see details of her methods, please visit Stop Fibroids For further general information and to learn all about the different types of fibroids plus the different treatments for each, please visit Natural Remedies For Fibroids

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to shrink fibroids without surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a relatively simple procedure that can be done called uterine embolization. The surgeon goes in and blocks the blood flow to the tumor and the tumor eventually shrinks and dies. It’s a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure, that is an excellent alternative to hysterectomy or myomectomy (tumor-removal surgery).

    how can i shrink my fibriods to get pregnant?
    i have fibroids and i want to find a way to shrink them without surgery or taking birth control pills. the reason i wanna shrink my fibroids is because i want to conceive a baby and from what i researched, fibroid prevent you from getting pregnant. do anybody have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    Should I have surgery for my Fibroids?
    Have anyone had them removed or shrank? What’s the latest without having major surgery and being out 4 – 6 weeks?

    • ANSWER:
      well, i have fibroids myself and i was looking for any alternative method of getting rid of it without surgery. from your question you do not indicate if you plan on having any children. if you plan to have any children then surgery is the best bet for now that is myomectomy. that removes the fibroid without any effect on your uterus.
      if you do not wish to have any more children you might consider several methods like ablation. there are other methods that use laser therapy to shrink the fibroids.
      there are also drugs available but those have side effects like bone loss and can cause early menopause.
      the fibroids also tend to grow back normally bigger than they were.
      i’ll advise you to see a doctor or check out the mayo clinic website they have information on fibroids especially the various alternate methods to surgery.
      finally if you find an alternative to surgery that works please share it i am currently looking for one fast i dont want to have surgery but want to have kids.

    i have a fibroids it is really large i look like im 3 months pregnant can anyone tell me how to shrink it?
    is there any medication i can take that will shrink the uterine fibroid without affecting my chances of getting pregnant. is there any method to shrink it apart from having surgery. or any food that causes it to shrink. i have already had a operation about three years ago to remove fibroids but it grew back. it is really very embarassing looking like i am pregnant.
    the fibroid is uterine that is it is in my womb i want to get rid of it without affecting my chances of getting pregnant i am getting married soon and want to have kids.

    • ANSWER:
      Seriously I would recommend surgery again – there is no meds to remove fibroids – I have one myself it was small when I found out but now it has grown and I would not hesitate to go with surgery. Sorry! I know you did not want to hear that but yes Surgery is the only answer!

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