Reducing Fibroids Naturally

How to Reduce Fibroids Naturally – No Surgery Required

It goes without saying that the vast majority of women with this condition would like to learn how to reduce fibroids naturally. The alternatives are not really all that attractive! You could have surgery to remove individual or groups of fibroids or even a hysterectomy if your symptoms are very severe. Both of these options are usually preceded by hormonal drug treatment to reduce fibroids-the side effects from which are very unpleasant and include menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, skin dryness,lack of sex drive and a very real risk of osteoporosis.

What I found most shocking was the fact that with the exception of a hysterectomy, surgery is only temporary and fibroids can and will regrow if you do nothing to eliminate the causes.

There is some good news though. If you are prepared to invest a little time and effort, you can easily learn how to reduce fibroids naturally. This method can pay huge dividends if you are prepared to give it a go.

Fibroids are extremely common and estimates put the number of women suffering from them at around 50%. It is difficult to be precise because most women are never aware of having fibroids because they have no symptoms. For many women though, the situation couldn’t be different, with symptoms such as heavy bleeding, bloating, anemia, bowel and bladder problems,breathlessness and even infertility, it’s no wonder that they want rid of them!

As fibroids are very rarely dangerous, there is a tendency for doctors to advise “leaving them alone” until the menopause. Now this is fine if you are nearing this time of life, but for most women who have several reproductive years ahead of them, this is simply not a satisfactory option. Fibroids can genuinely blight a woman’s life, causing years of misery and discomfort.

It is thought that fibroids are caused by a combination of factors which are present in a woman’s body, all of which subtly interact, causing fibroid growth. It is not known exactly why these conditions occur in some women and not others, but it is very clear that a “multi-faceted” approach is the best when it comes to reducing fibroids naturally.

It is thought that one of the factors in fibroid growth is an excess of estrogen within the body. It is common for overweight women to have a high level of estrogen and this is why fibroids are more common in women who carry excess weight. One simple way to begin reducing fibroids naturally is to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, certain pollutants and pesticides in the environment can mimic the action of estrogen and so a good liver detox to remove harmful additives from the body is a good strategy.

It is also known that fibroids are more common in women with inflammatory conditions and so it makes sense to try to reduce inflammation by eating foods which have natural anti-inflammatory properties such as hops, oats, cumin and rosemary.

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try to reduce fibroids naturally before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects.

You can learn how to reduce fibroids naturally by using a 7 step treatment method which comes with a complete guarantee.

To learn all about the different types of fibroids plus the different treatment options for each, please visit Types Of Fibroids

You will find extensive information on each of these useful sites which will show you how to reduce fibroids naturally. Many women have found that they are completely free of the symptoms of fibroids and this has been achieved without drugs or surgery and simply by using natural methods.

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