Progesterone Cream And Fibroids

   Progesterone cream and fibroids

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors of the uterus. They are not involved in any harmful activities. As they are found in uterus, they are sometimes called as uterine fibroids. In addition, they are also called as fibroma and myoma. These tumors are very common in females who are older than 25 years. It is very rare to have fibroids in very young or very old age, owing to some hormonal reasons. They are very common in black women as compared to any other. Black women have fifty percent more probability of having fibroids as compared to white ones.

Fibroids are normally very small and don’t pose any serious threat. It is very rare that these small fibroids get in something that is complicated. At times, fibroids become so big that they look like a water melon. According to the US department of health, the largest fibroid that has ever been reported was of 140 pounds. This is an extremely rare case. Fibroids of the size of 40 pounds are reported a number of times. On the other hand, fibroids that are about the size of melon are not that much uncommon as compared to above mentioned extremely large-sized fibroids.

There are no specific symptoms that are ought to be present in each and every patient that has fibroids. Each patient has its own set of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include heavy bleeding, pelvic pain etc. Heavy bleeding occurs in the form of intense menstrual periods. It can lead to acute shortage of blood in the body. This condition is known as anemia. It should be treated seriously otherwise it can prove to be lethal. The patient should be given iron supplements so that there remains no deficiency of blood. Eating fibrous foods in this condition also increases the level of iron in the blood.

Should you take progesterone cream for fibroid?

There are various treatments for fibroids such as surgical methods, herbal methods, hormonal therapy etc. Hormonal methods involve a mechanism which counters the level of estrogen. Progesterone cream for fibroids has proven to be very effective. It decreases the level of estrogen and shrinks the fibroids.

Progesterone is hormone that is produced by ovaries in females and adrenal glands in males. In females, it is responsible for a number of events. It plays an important part in developing the sexual characteristics of females.

Progesterone cream and fibroids are closely related with each other. If truth is to be told, nearly each and every natural progesterone cream is effective in shrinking fibroids. It yields desired results, when applied to the skin. It isn’t toxic and has no side-effects. As mentioned above, progesterone plays a significant role in maintaining hormonal balance.  It keeps a balanced estrogen and progesterone ratio.

Estrogen dominance is a phenomenon in which either too much estrogen is produced or there is inadequate secretion of progesterone. Natural progesterone cream effectively combats this scenario and yields desired results. Keep one thing in your mind that you should be using natural progesterone cream as various synthetic progesterone cream are also available in the market.



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