Pregnancy With Fibroids

30 year old female of 15 weeks gestation G1P0 with fibroid discovered ...

Navigating The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Attempting to conceive and hoping for the happy and healthful pregnancy are generally what plague girls when they want to have a very infant and very first uncover out that they’re pregnant. That, along with morning sickness and fatigue, may perhaps be all that a woman can focus on. Once the initial trimester has passed, the mom to become usually feels significantly far better, isn’t so worried about miscarriage, which enable it to then begin to feel a lot superior concerning the pregnancy. She may perhaps also feel ahead of time on the challenges that appear from the third trimester of being pregnant. It could be a trying time for numerous women.

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy could be the last ahead of infant comes, and can sense like the longest stretch from the being pregnant, particularly when the lady goes above 40 days. You will find really a few factors for your feeling of forever throughout the last three months of any pregnancy. The main explanation why this ladies feel by doing this is because they are able to not wait to fulfill the baby also it feels as if the time will not pass fast enough. If she is in any discomfort or discomfort, she may be in a hurry for that component on the encounter to be above as well.

Some women are wildly not comfortable during the 3rd trimester of being pregnant. This really is when the infant gains loads of weight. When that happens, that fat pulls forward within the spine leading to back again pain and ache. If a woman has had back again issues inside the previous, this is usually downright unpleasant. She may perhaps be restricted in what she can do. Lying down may perhaps be the only issue to alleviate this pain in any expecting woman, and numerous uncover that this is not an option. They may well have work or they might have other children to care for.

Some girls discover inflammation to become a massive issue for them later on in pregnancy. A little swelling in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is standard, but loads of swelling can imply that something is incorrect. A lady with moderate to little inflammation can place her feet up for some relief and relaxation as often as she can. A lady with significant swelling need to see her doctor correct away. It is usually a sign of a quite critical pregnancy complication that needs medical attention and intervention.

To come across some ease and comfort in this part of being pregnant, females can find elements to accomplish to support pass the time. She can ensure the nursery is set with each other, and may go through a nesting phase where they clear the whole home. She may possibly make blankets or other items if that is her cup of tea, or perhaps she can bake and freeze food and desserts to ensure that she doesn’t need to be concerned about cooking to the 1st few months following the infant comes. This may possibly not support with some pains and annoyances, but it may take her thoughts off points and guide time pass previous to the baby arrives as well as the pains from the third trimester of pregnancy are forgotten.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Pregnancy, fibroids and bleeding. Anyone else?
    I am 14 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid tumor at 9 weeks, after some light spotting. Last Saturday evening while making dinner i started bleeding.. heavily. Hubby and I rushed to ER to basically be told “it happens to some women with fibroids. Go home and come back if it continues for too long”. At my regular doctors that Monday he called the bleeding “worrysome” and and told me to take it easy and that the bleeding means the baby my be trying to miscarry. My question is: I heard women say they had the periods throughout there whole pregnany, but technically it can not have been a real period… so were you bleeding from a fibroid? How often did you bleed? And did the baby live full term? How about delivery? C-section? Please keep in mind I have a uterine fibriod.. one near my cervix.

    • ANSWER:
      I was recently diagnoised as having a fibroid tumor about a month ago but I am not pregnant. During my first pregnancy I did start bleeding. It was heavy like a regular period and even some clotting. I went to the er convinced that I had miscarried but the baby’s heartbeat was fine. I bled for the first 3 months of that pregnancy and I did carry to full term and have a healthy 16 year old son now. So don’t worry especially if there is no cramping. Just stay off of your feet as much as possible during the bleeding. Oh, and congratulations.
    Chances of pregnancy with fibroids?
    Is there any chance of pregnancy?

    I’m 22 years old, a little over weight and I have fibroids. My doctor has told me they were nothing to worry about right now. (I have a really bad doctor im in the process of finding a new one)

    Also, could someone tell me more about fibroids, like I said I have a bad doctor who pretty much was just like you have fibroids have a great day! lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are non-cancerous lumps that grow on the uterus. Approximately 20% of women in their twenties get fibroids. Fibroids often cause no problems, but may occasionally be associated with infertility, miscarriage and premature labour. But depending on their size and location, fibroids can cause bleeding, vaginal discharge, and frequent urination.Other possible problems include heavy, lengthy and painful periods. Treatment depends on the size, number and location of the fibroids, but may include drugs, procedures performed under local anaesthetic and surgery. I suggest you see a specalist if you have any of these symptoms.
      I have a friend who had a 7cm fibroid growing and she fell pregnant with no problems. Whilst she was pregnant the fibroid grew to 11cm and caused no problems. She has given birth to a healthy boy. The key is to be monitored by a specialist. Good luck
    Uterine Fibroids & pregnancy?
    Has anyone gotten pregnant and successfully given birth with a large fibroid? (4cm or larger)? Also, did the fibroid grow with the pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi – I had 3 (biggest was approx 3cm dia. at my first scan) and they do tend to fluctuate with hormonal changes and can disappear with the menopause apparently. Mine grew a bit while I was carrying, but not significantly and they were never mentioned again.
      It does depend on where yours are and if they are interfering with anything (like the fallopian tube) and if the location can interfere with conception. Your specialist may recommend removal (its quite a standard procedure) to give you the best chance of conceiving.
      Mine are still there somewhere, but I’ve had 3 successful pregnancies with them. Talk to your doctor/specialist until you are happy you know what your options are. All the best!
    Pregnancy and fibroids?
    I found out at about 10 weeks pregnant that I have a uterine fibroid the size of a walnut on my uterus,

    I am now 16 weeks pregnant and having some sharp but non consistent pains in the left side of my abdomen.

    My questions is I’m scared that this fibroid is going to harm my baby, what is the likelyness of it hurting the baby?
    Has anyone else had experience with fibroids and pregnancy?

    I go to a new doctor on thursday so i’ll be sure to ask him about it because my old one wasnt helpful at all, but I just wanted other experiences to be shared.

    Thanks you.

    (P.s. I also have a dermoid cyst on my ovary, which could be the cause of the pain, i just dont know)

    • ANSWER:
      A walnut sized fibroid is highly unlikely to cause any issue with your pregnancy. Sometimes fibroids may grow during pregnancy, they are just as likely to shrink btw, and if it grows too large (this is very unlikely) it can mean earlier labor, slowing of growth and/or a c-section.

      Probably the dermoid cyst is causing the pain but it also can be the fetus poking you as well as round ligament pain.

    Uterine fibroids during pregnancy?
    I just had my 20 week scan that showed we’re having a healthy baby girl! However besides seeing girl parts, the ultrasound also showed that I have 3 uterine fibroids. The ultrasound tech had the personality of a rock and just said -“they’re benign and they’re small so it’s fine”, and then moved on to the next part of the exam. After I got home I googled it and got scared after reading about an increased risk of still birth and c-section. My next dr. appt isn’t til Tuesday. Any of you ladies out there with any experience with these?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing will happen at 20 weeks, so don’t worry. You’ll be fine, absolutely normal till your next exam.

      Discuss it with the doctor. They (all people involved) will be monitoring this closely, so don’t worry about still birth either, but relax.

      Worse case scenario if you remain healthy and positive, will be C-section and really, that’s not so bad.

      Anytime after 32 weeks, now I’m guessing, but especially with the baby’s size at 34 – 37 wks. you could have a great, successful, and rewarding c-section with no complications.

      Or you could go to full term. Who knows, wait it out with as much hope and faith as possible, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

      BTW, both you and baby are healthy.


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