Polyps Or Fibroids

Clots in periods or heavy Menstruation

Heavy menstrual bleeding and clotting are common problems for many women. When women need to change three pads or tampons every hour, then they may be losing too much blood and they urgently need to be checked by their gynecologist. A complete pelvic exam and ultrasound will be performed. This may be the indication of some serious problem as well. It may be just a hormonal change that has occurred after a major surgery like a hysterectomy, or a minor surgery such as a cystectomy or tubal reversal.

It could be due to polyps in the lining of the uterus or fibroids within uterus or condition where the walls of the uterus become thick because of gland growth from the lining. This is called adenomyosis.

Fibroids in the uterus are tumors. These tumors are by far the most common kind tumor of the uterus. The symptoms of fibroids are pelvic pain, increased menstrual cramps, increased menstrual flow, blood clots, irregular or painful periods, urinary frequency, constipation, and bloating

If your periods are on the heavy side but repeat in a regular pattern on a cyclical basis, that would be considered normal for you. Or, if you have some irregularities in your flow that dissipate the following month, there is probably nothing too serious going on.

Often bleeding can be reduced by either the birth control pill, the Mirena IUS (a progestin IUD) or, if necessary, surgery to remove the polyp or fibroid. There are also procedures in which the lining of the uterus is destroyed with heat freezing or laser (endometrial ablation) that can decrease or stop bleeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Anyone had uterine polyps/fibroids? Symptoms?
    Has anyone had uterine polyps or fibroids. My doctor is thinking this is what I might have. I am just waiting to go have an ultrasound done in early January. What were your symptoms? I have spotting a week after my period, slight, slight cramping, frequent urination and a feeling of fullness in my abdomen. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I had huge uterine fibroids. My symptoms were
      heavy bleeding during period, period stayed for 10-12 days
      I got pregnant with the fibroids and in last July doctors removed my uterus while doing my Cesarean.

    Do polyps or fibroids bleed after the menopause, I noticed some blood on the tissue after I had a wee.Help
    please I am so scared, had my smear test done two weeks ago, not had the result yet.

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids tend to regress at the menopause. Polyps can be traumatised and bleed. I am afraid however that you really have to wait for your results.

    Are fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia or polyps a precursor to cancer?
    I’m 44 and had heavy menstrual bleeding. Ultrasounds and MRI showed three small fibroids, focal complex hyperplasia and polyps. I’ve been trying natural remedies which have improved menses dramatically, no longer heavy, nor as painful. Should I still have hysteroscopy or other procedure done, or does the resolution of symptoms mean I’m OK?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a precursor to cancer. Chances are the pain and bleeding will return. Interuterine scraping is another option, but I hear it is painful and not always effective. Hysterectomy may be another option for you if you just want to be done all together.

    Do Polyps or Fibroids?
    cause severe bleeding?

    I have 3 periods a month, and am in bed the whole month and can hardly get out of bed. I go to emergency 2 twice a month for bleeding and anemia. The doctors did tests like biopsies, colposcopy and I had 4 D and C’s done in the past and pap smears and ultrasounds, and they show nothing. So why the heck am I bleeding and cramping almost every day????? if there is nothing wrong.

    Something is really wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, polyps and fibroids can both be causes of heavy bleeding. I would ask your doctor about a Sonohysterogram which will show any abnormalities within the actual uterine cavity. If there is a fibroid or polyp within the endometrium, it can be difficult to pick up on regular ultrasound. With a sonohysterogram, they will fill your uterine cavity with a saline solution and then perform the ultrasound. This causes any abnormalities to be delineated with the fluid and therefore easier to see.

    Anyone with Fibroids or Polyps???
    Hi, I wonder what are the symptoms when you have fibroids or polyps? Is brown watery discharge after your period one of the symptoms? I’ve been having this weird watery dishcarge constantly for the last two or three months. Especially when I stand or walk, this brown liquid would come out. I already had an ultrasound, blood test and pelvic exams, all came back normal. Can polyps or fabroids found by pelvic exam or regular ultrasound?
    I’m not pregnant or on any type of BC pills. My last normall period was on 9/1 – 9/5. On 9/10, I start having this watery brown liquid discharge and it won’t go away

    • ANSWER:
      I just had surgery last month to remove 6 polyps from my uterus. I never had discharge like you’re describing but I read that it does happen. They didn’t find them via pelvic exam or regular ultrasound. I am going to a fertility specialist. She did a test where they fill your uterus with saline and use the ultrasound wand inside you. Or, sometimes they use a little camera. I don’t think these kinds of things would show up in blood work though.

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