Pelvic Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids Pelvic Pain – Techniques to Relieve the Discomfort

Uterine fibroids pelvic pain can be almost as severe as labor pains and it is only when you have suffered from the condition yourself that you can really understand just how excruciating the pain can be. It’s not surprising when you consider that the presence of fibroids in the uterus can cause contractions as the uterus tries to expel the foreign body.

Very often the pain can be so debilitating that it can leave a woman unable to function normally during her period, causing missed working days and periods of genuine disability.

Although normally worse during the menstrual period, uterine fibroids pelvic pain can be felt at any time during the monthly cycle with almost a third of fibroid sufferers reporting mild to severe pain caused directly by the condition.

Try the following suggestions to alleviate the pelvic pain caused by uterine fibroids:-

* Lie on your side and bend your knees, pulling them up to your chest as far as possible. Some women also find that lying on their backs with their knees bent, supported with a pillow can help

* Use heat therapy-a warm bath, hot water bottle or heat pad can be useful to help relieve congestion in the pelvic area

* Some women find that the anti-inflammatory, Ibuprofin, can help calm down some of the inflammation, thus taking the edge off the pain

The best way to manage uterine fibroids pelvic pain is to use a system which shrinks your fibroids altogether, thus removing all associated symptoms including pain, heavy bleeding, bloating, back pain, urinary problems, constipation, hemorrhoids and pregnancy disorders.

If you would like to see further information on how using a natural treatment could transform your life, please visit How To Get Rid Of Fibroids.

Written by a medical researcher and former fibroid sufferer, the system you are about to see is, quite simply, groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will feel relief that you have finally found something that will genuinely help you not only to quickly eliminate uterine fibroids pelvic pain but to shrink your fibroids for good.

The outstanding feature of this comprehensive system is the 3 months one-to-one free email support offered by the author.

About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it okay to get pregnant while dealing with uterine fibroids and chronic pelvic pain?

    • ANSWER:
      This is definitely something you should talk to your doctor about.


    I need a hysterectomy due to pelvic pain, fibroids, etc?
    I am 45, and my doc thinks I should have the ovaries taken out so that my pelvic pain is resolved, and so that no future surgeries are needed. I am concerned about taking HRT but he assures me that it’s safe. Anyone have any advice for me? I am having this done laparscopically and robotically so my recovery time is cut in half. Instread of an 8 week recovery, it’s 4. Thanks,
    Sorry if I didn’t state facts clearly enough. No the uterus and ovaries are to go.
    My uterus has a big fibroid in it with other fibroids

    • ANSWER:
      Well your surgery sounds much less complicated then the traditional abdominal hysterectomy I’d had done a few years ago. You mention that only your ovaries are going to be removed? Do they have a cyst or adhesion’s on them? Do you have Endometriosis? I”ve had that, and the pain is very severe. I think you’ll fly through the surgery and be happier afterward since your pain level will lesson dramatically. I take Estradiol for my HRT and I’m 42. This is a natural hormone that is way safer to use than a lot of the traditional hormones like Prevarin which is made from a Mare’s urine. Good luck with your surgery!

    Pelvic Pain, Enlarged Ovary: Not Cyst or Fibroids?
    I am 22 years old and I have nearly chornic pelvic pain on my right side directly by my hip bone. It gets worse during my period, during and just after sex, and when I cough, laugh, or go to the bathroom.

    When it first started hurting I had a small egg shaped bump in that area. I went to the emergency room and they basically patted me on the head, and said it was probably just lymph nodes.

    During my next pelvic exame, I brougt this up. My doctor discovered my right ovary is enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound. It found nothing. So they gave me an internal ultrasound.

    They still couldn’t find anything. They have ruled out fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis. I was basically told I am fine and to stop worrying, but it has been two years! I am especially concerned about fertility.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

    • ANSWER:
      if you are still worried, why don’t you go see another doctor? if ultrasound can’t find it, how about CT or MRI? it is very likely that something is wrong with your right ovary.

      you still have your left one, so your fertility should not be affected

      and you may have hypochondria

      The persistent conviction that one is or is likely to become ill, often involving symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. Also called hypochondriasis.

    i recently had a pelvic scan which detected i had fibroids?
    during the scan my right ovary could not be seen i was told it could not been seen during my last scan i am 47 years old is this normal i had a cyst removed from my right ovary five years ago so i had one then is it possible that it has shrunken or can it just be hiding somewhere, the nurse who scanned me wasn’t very helpfull she said it was unusual for it not to be detected at all

    • ANSWER:
      My wife has those but it can be mild or you need a histerectomy,it can be quite life threatening if left a long time.Take care girl and follow up on the gyno.

    fibroids discovered during pelvic exam. enlarged uterus and ovaries, what does this mean for my mom?
    My mom has fibroids (just found out yesterday, and went in for ultrasound today) Her dr. said her uterus and ovaries are enlarged and she has a lot of fibroids. She doesn’t know much else yet because she is waiting for the results, but my mom’s side of the family have all (pretty much) had ovarian cancer and survived. Do you think my mom has it? I know we have to wait for her results, but I am nervous and want to know what you think. Also how do you remove fibroids? How long will she have to be out of work and how painful is it for her?
    She found out about the fibroids because she has had excessive menstrual bleeding and they did an exam because of the amount of bleeding.
    What can she expect? Should she be ok? She has pap smears every year or two and they have been fine so far.
    Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      your moms condition of having multiple fibroids involving for sure the uterus and may be the adjacent tissues like the ovaries or the ligaments is so far not dangerous as u r thinking, but yes it can if its left untreated as there are many many changes happen in the fibroids and one of it is can undergo cancerous changes. the answer to ur second question is the treatment , the OB/GYN will take care of that after her thorough tests feedback and her personal examination. the treatment is surgical removal of the uterus along with the adnexal tissues like the tubes and ovaries etc etc. regarding her work she should rest for 6 to 8 weeks and can be assessed by her doctor if she needs more or not. as for the pain any surgery there will be pain for 2 to 3 days which is taken care by analgesia and sedation .she need to have rest and may be physiotherapy . so do not worry as ur mom will be absolutely alright but definately she has to undergo surgical removal.

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