Pain From Uterine Fibroids

Ovarian Pain Before Menstruation Causes And Treatment

Before one or two weeks of the menses, a corpus luteun cystic gland will be formed on one of the ovaries from which the egg would have released. Primarily progesterone is produced from this hormonally efficient gland. The gland will make the ovary to grow big and also heavy for sometime till the cystic area goes out when the menses commence.

The other important change in the pelvic prior to one or two weeks of the menses is that the swelling of veins of the pelvis under the pressure of progesterone. They will also turn like varicose veins of the pelvis and occasionally it gives a burning pain, that will remain completely and mostly till the last week of the menstrual cycle.

When the pain remains only for three days and does not commence before 14 days of the menstrual time and starts only 7-10 days earlier, the best assumption for the pain is enlargement of the ovary situated on the right side. The pain on the alternate sides can be expected if there is due for the corpus luteum gland since the ovulation generally alters 1 month from one ovary and from the other the next month. However, there are many cases where the ovulation happens very recurrently from one ovary even though there is no illness found on the other ovary. Pain will happen for the woman when the ovary pulls on the adhesions during its enlargement to the nearby tissues or when the expansion of the ovarian capsule occurs. When the X-ray or ultra sound test is taken, adhesions will not be visible. But when the ultrasound for the pelvic is taken during the days of pain, then the small cystic spot on the right ovary where the pain is can be seen.

During the menstrual days, the level of hormone goes down and lining of the uterine skin sloughs. This gives the tissue of bloody menstrual termed as menses till the time of tissue lying in the body. When there is any block for the egress, the resultant will be the pain. Various kinds of conditions will block the menstrual door and thus will result in the painful menstrual period.

The cervical gap will not be big enough for the quantity of menstrual tissue in the given time limit and hence the pressure on the uterine goes up in developing cramps till such time the tissue slowly comes out.

The tissue of endometriosis would have entrenched in the cavity of the abdomen and during the finish of the month, when the tissue is sloughed it may not find the route to proceed and thus stays and creates irritation in the pelvic lining and gives pain.

Hereditary anomalies in the reproductive tract may also be the reason for the blockage of the menses outflow.

At the mid cycle, prior or after 2 week of the menses, the important physiologic occasion is the ovulation. Many of the women are not conscious about ovulation and some of them will have it regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    has any lady had nerve pain in the back or legs caused by pressure from uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      although i didnt have a fibriod i had nerve pain going down my thigh which was caused by my ovary being stuck which caused a trapped nerve and low pelvic pain so try not to worry but yes if you have a large fibroid your uterus could adhere to a nerve and cause pain down your leg and the only way to free it i would think would be surgery and may think about a hysterectomy if the fibroid is to large, hope all goes well for you x

    Im 39, i’m having no children! I’m suffering from uterine fibroids, sever heavy bleeding during period.I have?
    anemia from my heavy period. I have pain in my pelvic region! I can’t bear the pain during my long 10 day cycle. I am usually laying on the bed for 4 days doubled over in pain! I’m getting an endometrial biopsy next week. They say i have options & were talking aboyt surgery. What does the surgery through my symptoms look like i should do? thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    Do you have or use to have Uterine fibroids?
    My mother was diagnosed with having several uterine fibroids.
    The diagnosis was about three-four months ago. The emergency doctor said that he could not do anything about it until she met with her doctor.
    My mother saw a gynecologist and she did nothing about the uterine fibroids. She disregraded the fact that my mom has several UF and prescribed her Elmiron to treat what she believes to be Interstitial Cystitis. According to the doctor my mother’s pain(s) and aches are due to IC and not the uterine fibroids. Yet, she did not test my mom for IC. She guessed and prescribed her Elmiron. How unethical, right?
    My mom still has pain and aches from God knows what. We believe that her pain is due to the uterine fibroids that she has not been trated for and she is going back to the doctor very soon to make sure.

    Her symptoms are severe pain in her lower back and abdominal area. She emphasizes her lower back pain as to being similar to the pain experinced during labor. Also, severe pain in her legs (she can hardly walk at times). In other words, severe pain from her waist down. When she urinates it hurts and burns. She urinates frequently. Her skin tissue feels extremely sore and hurts to the touch and her bones ache too. My mom says she is going crazy and I feel like doing something but I don’t know what. Doctors don’t treat her correctly nor pay any attention to her symptoms.
    What should we do?

    • ANSWER:
      Bad MD, switch MD’s. Sometimes in this day and age it is hard to find a good one. Ask for a consultation appt. Most MD’s know what that is but their minimum wage office staff may not. You meet the MD in their office and talk. You can judge whether they will listen to you before your in the uncomfortable position of naked in stirrups. It let’s you keep the power in the relationship. I mean we interview employees, bands and many other things but not the MD’s who control our health? It is just like everything, there are good and bad. Some like to throw meds at you, I go for the ones who want to run tests to confirm diagnosis. The fibroid may be causing her uterus to swell, mine was the size of 6months pregnant when I had it removed. It shouldn’t hurt to urinate, could be a sign of something else, but not IC. You sound like you know what’s right, can you go with your mom. I mean it is sometimes overwhelming and you tend to forget things said. I don’t think throwing meds at her was the right thing to do. I don’t like her other symptoms like the bone pain. I think I would ask about an abdominal or pelvic ultrasound and or CT. Maybe even a MRI, talk to the new MD and ask how they intend to diagnosis what is wrong. Definitely a pelvic and some blood and urine workup. So sorry she’s sick, hope she gets better soon. Good luck and stick to your guns.

    What could be wrong with my mom? Cystitis and/or uterine fibroids?
    My mom is in excruciating pain every day.
    She was diagnosed with having Cystitis the first time she went to the emergency room at our local hospital, but the second time we went back, after a few days because the pain was unbearable, she was diagnosed with having uterine fibroids. She was told by the emergency room doctors to make an appointment with her doctor so that she could recommend her with a gynecologist.
    After an unsuccessful week of trying to make an appointment with the gynecologist, she finally made one and was charged 5.
    My mom was positive that the uterine fibroids was the cause of her pain/symptoms, but the gynecologist had another answer to her symptoms. According to the doctor uterine fibroids don’t cause so much pain/aren’t that painful. She, the doctor, believes that my mom suffers from Cystitis too. She prescribed my mother Elmiron. The gynecologist says she should see results in about 1-2 months.
    Should my mom wait 1 or 2 months to see if Elmiron really works…..what if it doesn’t? What if the uterine fibroids are the ones causing the pain. My mother is so confused and cries constantly because the pain she feels is too much.

    Her symptoms are the following:
    Excruciating pain from the knee down, both legs.
    Her toes ache a lot.
    Her lower abdomen aches, specially the sides (where the thigh and lower abdomen meet).
    She also has back pain.
    She feels the need to pee frequently but sometimes the pee doesn’t come out.
    When the pee does come out it hurts like hell….does not burn… hurts! Her lower abdomen also hurts.

    Do you have or had Cystitis or uterine fibroids? If yes, are my mother’s symptoms normal?

    I’m so scared and concerned for her. I feel so bad for her because it breaks my heart to see her cry.
    FYI: My mom has diabetes and she is 52 yrs old.

    • ANSWER:
      I would get a second opinion from another gynecologist. I don’t know if the gynecologist is being forth coming with your mom. You should go to a couple more of them to get some more information. Your mom’s doctor should also send her for an pelvoabdominal ultrasound or a transvaginal ultrasound. This will help detect if there are any uterine fibroids.

      I hope that this helps.

    Anyone who has or has had Uterine Fibroids?
    Would like to hear from anyone who has or has had uterine fibroids. What symptoms did they cause for you? Were you and/or your doctor actually able to feel them from pressing on the stomach and what did it feel like? I am off to the doctor in 2 days, ive had lots of pain in lower abdomen and back as well as very painful periods and very irregular periods when ive never had problems before and 2 early miscarriages i the past year, i have 3 healthy children that i fell pregnant with very quickly.Ive had an ovarian cyst that was removed before and im pretty sure i have another one but i have 3 very hard masses in the lower left abdomen just next to my hip and i never felt my other cyst so im a bit concerned it could be something else. The masses have gotten bigger in the last month and i have no bowel problems so im sure its not that.Im not looking for a diagnosis, i’d just like to hear first hand experience please. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Read my story in

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