Ovarian Fibroid Tumor

Holistic Treatment Of Ovarian Cysts

Having an ovarian cyst can be a very scary time in a woman’s life. To know you have something growing that could become cancerous is obviously going to worry you. Well the good news is that most ovarian cysts are harmless and the majority tend to disappear of their own accord without any treatment. However, there are some cysts that will grow and cause considerable pain and naturally women need help to manage this pain whilst they make decisions as to their treatment options. Traditionally women suffering with pain from ovarian cysts have been led to believe that medication and surgery are their only options but women are becoming disillusioned with these options and are turning to natural or holistic treatment of ovarian cysts instead.

So why is a holistic approach a better option? Conventional medicine only serves to treat any current symptoms whilst surgery will remove cysts that are on the ovaries but will not guarantee that that they do not come back again. Painkillers just mask the symptoms and are not safe to take in the long term, so it is better to look at holistic forms of treatment that actually work with the body and get to the core of the problem. Because cysts are thought to be caused from hormonal imbalances and possibly emotional problems such as stress or even guilt, the holistic approach to healing will need to include measures to balance and improve physical, emotional and mental health. Additional preventative measures include dietary changes, herbal supplements, hot and cold compresses and daily exercise and stress management. Treatment for existing cysts can include Chinese medicine and homeopathy and naturopathic medicine.

Compresses are a very effective treatment of ovarian cysts because they stimulate circulation and healing in the ovaries. One way of making a hot compress is to cover a hot water bottle with a towel that has been soaked in castor and essential oils and apply it to the lower abdomen near to the ovaries. Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or chamomile are recommended. Bags of ice covered with towels can be alternated to increase the circulation in that area.

You can work at reducing your stress levels through yoga, meditation, exercise and even breathing exercises.

The key to getting rid of your cysts forever and not having to suffer another painful day, is by getting to the core of the problem and this can be done by balancing the body through holistic practices. Living a healthier lifestyle and making a few simple dietary changes can make a world of difference.

So many women are led to believe that medication or surgery are their only options but believe me when I tell you that a holistic treatment of ovarian cysts can and does work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do the symptoms differ between an ovarian cyst and a fibroid tumor?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had both and had no symptoms with either. I believe a cyst can go away on its own and fibroids must be surgically removed. I currently have 4 small fibroids, I had no clue. When I was younger I used to get really bad stomach pains, the doctor said I had an ovarian cyst and the only way to get rid of it would be to go on the pill or get pregnant. Well, at 16 I wasn’t really prepared to do either. I eventually quit having the pains luckily. These are just my personal experiences. My mom had a fibroid tumor removed at age 30 by hysterectomy. Luckily it was noncancerous. You can do some more medically correct research here…

    Non ovarian Fibroid Tumors?
    Inhave two fibriod tumors about the size of an orange. Very annoying as one is on my right hip and causes me a great deal of discomfort sleeping. Are these removable and how can I find a doctor to remove them. This one particular tumor seemed to develop in a matter of 4 days to a week.

    • ANSWER:
      They can be removed easily. Any good surgeon would do it. Fibroid tumors are one of the most common tumors in people especially women. Do you have a primary care DR? If so, she/he can direct you and especially if it hurts so much. On the hip, wow, that’s really got to hurt. I hope you get it taken care of soon. Be blessed.

    ovarian cancer, fibroid tumors, sickle cell?
    Hello, I have a friend who has ovarian cancer, cancerous fibroid tumors that are huge and sickle cell. I have been trying to help her through this very rough time. She is not saying much but she has had this for over a year and new cancer cells are growing. They have not operated, Am I too assume that they are too far gone and that they cannot? Her blood is always a factor but I am confused. Why wouldnt the doctors take out what should not be in there?
    She takes morphine shots once in a while which signals to me they are just treating the pain.
    Please help me understand. And one more thing, she did have it in her colon also but states it is gone?
    Thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      most of the time when you have ovarian cancer, when you find out you have it , its already advanced. my motherin law had it, she had no symptonsat all, so she was just treated for the pain also, be there for your friend

    can they tell the differance between a fibroid tumor and cancer with a pelvic ultrasound?
    same with ovarian cysts….can they tell whether it is a cyst or cancer with the ultrasound?

    what tests am I facing next?

    • ANSWER:
      they can’t really tell whether you have Cancer or not just from the ultrasound. they have to do a biopsy. when I had uterine fibroids, my OB had a biopsy done to send to the lab to see if they were cancerous. what they do is they take a sample of cells and tissue from the uterus, (they scrape a small sample of that from your uterus) then send it to the lab and get the results. then they take it from there. when I had mine done, I took a couple of ibuprofen to take the edge off of the pain before the procedure. Good luck and I hope things go well with you. you can e-mail me if you have questions.

    Are polycystic ovarian nodes similar to the ones found in fibroid tumors?

    • ANSWER:
      NO – read below about PCOS

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