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Uterine fibroids are tumours or growths, made up of muscle cells and other tissues that grow within the wall of the uterus. These non-cancerous growths are made up of muscle fiber, and can develop as a single growth or in cluster. The exact cause of fibroids is not known, but they seem to be influenced by estrogen. This is probably why fibroids usually appear during a womans middle years when estrogen levels are at their peak. Because fibroids can be very troublesome, a lot of women experiencing from them try to find ways on how to shrink fibroids naturally.

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Women who are nearing menopause are advised to simply wait and see how it goes. This is because during menopause, estrogen levels drop, and so there is a probability that the uterine fibroids would just gradually shrink. Fibroids may not pose such a huge problem after the menopause is complete.

However, while waiting, these women may still use a number of natural and alternative therapies that can help ease the symptoms of uterine fibroids.

An example of these therapies is taking one to two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses a day, followed by one small glass of water. Another way would be to mix the blackstrap molasses with a small amount of warm water in a glass, or to mix it with a teaspoon of warm water and then fill your glass with milk. Molasses help by way of its rich potassium and iron content. Aside from molasses, taking one teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar everyday is known to be of help.

There are several other ways to shrink fibroids naturally. Also, there are ways by which you can manage its untoward symptoms such as excessive bleeding and bloating. All you have to have is some motivation, and you can be on your way towards a fibroid-free life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any natural treatments/supplements to help with uterine fibroids?
    Especially for shrinking them or eradicating them.

    • ANSWER:
      I talked with a friend of mine the other day in the store who was telling me the great success she has had in eradicating uterine fibroids. About a year ago she had surgery, but within a few months they were back with a vengence. Her chiropractor/ kinesiologist recommended she take 6 ounces of Gogi Juice a day for about two months. She is down to about an ounce twice a day and has reported that her fibroids are gone. I have not had experience with Gogi, but have had success with Mangosteen juices and Noni. Gogi is just a different plant with nutritional properties. It is a highly alkaline juice.

    Natural Treatments for Breast Fibroids?
    My dear friend (who’s 25 years old) had a breast exam last year and was told she has a breast fibroid about an inch long. As she refuses to get radical treatment like surgery, she’s hoping to at least reduce if not eliminate the growth through alternative means such as nutrition, herbs, energy treatments (qigong, reiki, etc.), and others.

    Maybe someone else out there has experience dealing with this condition?

    Where I live, in Eastern Europe, there’s not the best patient awareness (i.e. doctors helping patients know more) about alternatives, and the info on the web is confusing to me and my friend.

    Please, if you have information about this, let me know. We’re not looking for a prescription, simply helpful advice from others who’ve perhaps faced this themselves.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Natalie, I know 3 therapy for this disease: it is Surgery, Dietary Therapy, and Medicinal Therapy.

      For your friend I have consider dietary therapy – considered to be quite effective for the treatment of breast fibroids. Doctors recommend the following nutritional therapy plan to control breast fibroids:
      * Your friend need switch over to a low-fat, vegetarian diet because a high-fat diet not only causes obesity, but also results in imbalanced oestrogen levels, which is the primary cause of the development of breast fibroids.
      * Your friend need start taking lots of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, and high fiber foods like apples. All these increase oestrogen excretion.
      Vitamin-B rich foods such as brown rice, wheat germ and wheat germ oil, and nutritional yeast are also beneficial.
      * Your friend need avoid taking caffeine foods like chocolate, carbonated sodas, concentrated starches like pastries and fatty dairy foods, hormone-laden meats and refined sugars.
      * Also need avoid fried, sugary and salty foods, especially smoked or preserved meats during your menstrual period.
      * Your friend need eat diuretic foods, like cucumbers and watermelons, and dark green leafy vegetables to neutralize and flush out the toxins.
      * And drink plenty of water every day.
      These not complex change on diet can destroy problems your friend, Doctors also most often recommend oral contraceptives to decrease symptoms of breast fibroids.
      If this treatments is not work for your friend, when the breast fibroids fail to disappear even after several attempts at removing the fluid, so exists is only one choice – Surgery. Surgery will involve removing the fibroid lumps from the breast.
      Jason Homan

    what are the other natural options to get rid of fibroid aside from hysterectomy,embolization?
    have 1 big fibroid and 7 babies fibroids,what are the natural or inexpensive treatment or ways to shrink the bigger one and is pills good for a year to slow down my menstrual cycle?

    • ANSWER:
      The pill might help make them grow more slowly, but nothing will get rid of them except hysterectomy, embolization, or myomectomy (removal of just the fibroids). Or, well, I guess you could go on Lupron to shrink them. But that’s not natural or inexpensive. If I were you i’d go for embolization.

    fibroids at 25. i need your advise?

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, fibroids do not affect fertility. A fibroid that is close to the lining of the uterus (submucosal) or is big enough to alter the shape of the inside of the uterus may interfere with the ability of the fertilized egg to implant and grow. A woman with fibroids who is having problems getting pregnant should not immediately assume that the fibroids are the cause. Other reasons for infertility should be pursued. While fibroids can increase the risk of certain problems during pregnancy, the majority of women with fibroids have no problems.

      If your fibroids do require treatment, be clear with your doctor about your thoughts regarding future pregnancy, so that any treatment will attempt to preserve your fertility

      For women who want to have children, other options exist. At first, it may seem that having laparoscopic surgery, through small incisions, is a great option. But it is reserved for smaller fibroids. It is not well studied whether the suturing made through laparoscopic incisions is strong enough to endure pregnancy. Fibroids growing into the uterine cavity may be removed with a hysteroscope, an instrument passed through the vagina and cervix. These submucous fibroids are removed by cautery so suturing is not required. Removal of fibroids, myomectomy, through the standard abdominal surgical incision has a low rate of uterine rupture (when the uterus tears open) during pregnancy. Therefore, for many women of childbearing age, standard myomectomy may be recommended if the fibroid is large enough or causing a lot of symptoms. The only downside to surgery to remove just the fibroid(s) is that fibroids may grow back in another area, requiring a repeat surgery if they continue to cause symptoms.

      I hope this helps.

    Fertility boost..Homeopathic natural remedies?
    A friend of mine is trying to conceive after having treatment for fibroids. Which (specific) natural or homeopathic remedies can she take to boost her chances of conception?

    Any (relevant) tips would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Agnus Castus, I ordered them online and they were reasonably priced. They imrove the quality of your uterus and help with heavy/painful periods. I suffer from Endometriosis and diet makes a difference too. I have cut out white bread and cut down on starchy foods which has helped me, Good luck to you friend. P.S i read somewhere that women who drink lots of tea conceive better! Who knows why but im drinking a gallon of the stuff!!!

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