Natural Remedy For Fibroids

Is a Natural Remedy For Fibroids the Key to Success?

Fibroids are rarely dangerous and this leads many doctors to recommend that they are best left alone as they will shrink naturally during the menopause. The truth is that there are no satisfactory conventional treatments to offer which will ensure that fibroids do not return. Even surgical removal is no guarantee as unless the root cause of fibroids is treated, they will simply regrow. However, many women worldwide have found extraordinary success when using a natural remedy for fibroids but there are no guarantees of success unless you are prepared to put the effort in.

Determining the root cause of fibroids can be a problem. It is known that fibroids grow in response to various factors which happen to coincide in a woman’s body in such a way that fibroid growth is triggered. For example, this could include estrogen excess, a poor diet, hereditary factors, exposure to environmental toxins, lack of exercise….and the list goes on. This perhaps gives you a clue as to why fibroids can be difficult to treat!

There are various treatment strategies which can be used to give symptomatic relief . However, when used in isolation, they are unlikely to provide a complete cure. There is only one way which that can be achieved and that is by using a natural remedy for fibroids which takes into account each and every possible known cause of fibroids-without exception-and systematically eliminates each and every one.

There is no way of knowing exactly what has caused your fibroids, so this strategy is a kind of “no stone unturned” method which leaves absolutely no room for error. You are required to make lifestyle and dietary changes, eliminate toxins, take both herbal and dietary supplements, and increase your exercise. If you are the type of person who likes to simply take a pill, forget about it and be cured, then this will not be for you. However, if you like to take charge of your own healing and feel that you could make changes, if it meant that you would be free of the symptoms of your fibroids, then there is no reason whatsoever why using a natural remedy for fibroids would not work.

The other options are quite stark-you either leave things as they are and live with what might be terrible symptoms, undergo surgery with no guarantee of success, or try a natural remedy for fibroids which could be the key to your success.

In reality, only you know how hard you are prepared to work at this!

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects. Frustrated with the lack of time she had to treat individuals due to the huge demand, an alternative practitioner has developed a complete system which guarantees to completely eliminate fibroids and their symptoms naturally. To see details, please visit my website to see details of a Natural Remedy For Fibroids


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a natural remedy for uterine fibroids?
    I don’t have bothersome symptoms, but I have 6 large fibroids. I want to get pregnant in the future. My doctor said I’ll have no trouble getting pregnant, but I’m likely to have trouble during pregnancy. I keep myomectomy as a last resourt. Cause there are so many possible complications like adhesions and having to have a C-section. I want my body to get rid of them naturally. Any advise? Like exercise or fasting? I know that fibroids a hormone-dependent. I also know that girls lose their period if they fast long enough. Will that do anything?

    • ANSWER:
      I answered your other question and seeing this makes me feel for you as it must be awful fearing you may not be able to have kids.

      I couldn’t find too much but I did search and found this

      The great Dr John R Christopher said burdock helps fibroids..if taking use an organic tincture..the usual dose is two dropperfuls (60 drops)..3-5 times a day..I would use 5 times a day. a dropperful is what remains in the eyedropper of a tincture bottle when you squeeze the bulb, inset into the herbal tincture formula, release eyedropper top..what remains in the drop is called a dropperful and looks about half full..this eliminates the need to count drops. a few off will not hurt on herbs.

      A good brand is herbpharm..they have a good burdock blend. Burdock is not is a blood cleanser and sold in some places as a food,.

      I once read his woman’s herbal years ago but can’t remember if he addressed fibroids there but it may be worth a shot..I got it from interlibrary loan.

      it is also sold here–

      Also curezone has a lot of excellent health is some of the things on fibroid there.

      so I would revcommend this book and the ons by linda page and balche in the other questions for hormone balancing and the burdock and further research on curezone and elsewhere to trying to dissolve the fibroids.

      Also maybe Dr Richard schulze’s incurables formula may help..(push enter and go to the incurables program..he is the one with the female herbal formula and said he never failed to help infertile woman or women with female problems who wanted to have a child fail..I bet he used his incurables formula with his female herbs..also see his index in the catalog found at

    Are there any natural remedies for uterine fibroids? Are they successful?

    I ask this question because my doctor has recommended a hysterectomy. I’d like to explore other options.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldnt experiment with natural remedies for this particular problem. Please see your gynecologist.

    Any one have natural remedies for reducing large uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      After menopause they often disappear. If you are taking estrogen supplements that can make them worse.
      Ibuprophen is good for pain. Be sure to be checked frequently.

    Fertility boost..Homeopathic natural remedies?
    A friend of mine is trying to conceive after having treatment for fibroids. Which (specific) natural or homeopathic remedies can she take to boost her chances of conception?

    Any (relevant) tips would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Agnus Castus, I ordered them online and they were reasonably priced. They imrove the quality of your uterus and help with heavy/painful periods. I suffer from Endometriosis and diet makes a difference too. I have cut out white bread and cut down on starchy foods which has helped me, Good luck to you friend. P.S i read somewhere that women who drink lots of tea conceive better! Who knows why but im drinking a gallon of the stuff!!!

    Information or personal advice about uterine fibroids.?
    There pretty common so I hope I get a little help. I have them and I am pretty sure that whats causes me to bleed for months at a time when I have my menstrual cycle instead of one week. I’d really like to know if there are any natural remedies anyone has tried that reduces the symptoms. I don’t have insurance right now but this bleeding is driving me crazy! As far as child bearing, has anyone had trouble because of the fibroids? It’s my dream to have kids so I’d like to know if I’m in for a long road to pregnancy or if it “may” not be a huge problem….If you have them and have gotten a medical procedure done, I’d like to know your expierience. Anything at all you’d like to say on the issue, please do. So far I’ve only talked to a doctor and looked up things on the internet. I have yet to talk to a person who has these fibroids. Thank you very much.

    • ANSWER:
      I had huge multiple fibroids even before i got pregnant. I’m 28.
      I had my first surgery when i was 24, doctor removed 28 of them. But my bleeding didn’t improve. I was so weak and anemic. Doctor told me try to get pregnant after 6 months of that surgery, but within these 6 months fibroids grew again. Doctor said i need another surgery but this time they may not be able to save the uterus.
      I was lucky and got pregnant just before the surgery.
      The fibroids grew even bigger during my pregnancy. My tummy was huge
      The pregnancy was so painful.
      I couldn’t hold the baby after 30 weeks. I had c section and the baby was born.
      The baby was tiny, the operation took long time to find the baby under so many fibroids.
      At last doctor removed the whole uterus, there was no other option.
      My baby is fine now, I’m relieved cause i don’t have that bleeding which kept me away from work for days.

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