Multiple Uterine Fibroids

Ease Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis Through Reflexology Massage Therapy At A Therapeutic Massage Spa

The various symptoms of multiple sclerosis cause its patients much discomfort and can even develop into disability. It is fortunate that reflexology massage therapy has been found to be effective in relieving these symptoms. If you are a resident of Suffolk County, Rocky Point, Manorville, Miller Place, Mount Sinai, Port Jefferson, Ridge, Yapank, Shoreham, Weeding River, Riverhead, Setauket, East Setauket, Port Jefferson Station, Coram, Seldon, Farmingville, Brookhaven, Middle Island, Medford or Sound Beach you can ask for reflexology massage therapy at therapeutic massage spas that also offer deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy in Rocky Point NY.

Sclerosis means scars, plaques and lesions. Patients with multiple sclerosis have such scars, plaques and lesions on the white matter of their brain and spinal cord. These are formed because their own bodys immune system attacks their central nervous system and destroys its protective insulating myelin. With multiple sclerosis, the brains ability to communicate with the spinal cord is compromised. The symptoms of the disease are largely neurological and lead to physical disability, cognitive disability and neuropsychiatric disorder. Depending on the individual, the various symptoms may appear gradually and progress in time, or they may appear as sudden intense attacks separated by periods when they are free from all symptoms.

Most common among the various symptoms of multiple sclerosis are paresthesia, spasticity and urinary problems. Paresthesia means experiencing sensations on the skin, including tingling, tickling, itching and burning, caused by peripheral nerve damage. Spasticity means undergoing spasms that affect the internal organs. In fact, urinary problems like hesitancy, urgency, frequency and incontinence can be traced to spasms in the bladder.

There is neither any known cause nor cure for multiple sclerosis. There is no effective medication either, with most of them producing undesirable side effects. There are palliative measures that may alleviate symptoms and their discomforts, though, as well as delay attacks and delay the onset of disability.

The Multiple Sclerosis journal of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Hashomer, Israel published a study in 2003 showing that reflexology massage therapy significantly improved the paresthesia, spasticity and urinary problems of patients with multiple sclerosis.

The study included 71 participants randomly assigned to either a reflexology massage therapy group or a non-specific massage group. For 11 weeks, the reflexology massage therapy group was given 45-minute reflexology massage therapy treatments once a week, concentrated on appropriate reflexology points on their feet and calves corresponding to their condition. For the same 11 weeks, the non-specific massage group was given 45-minute non-specific massage of the calves once a week.

Patient assessment was done before the 11 week treatment period, at the start of the treatment period, on the sixth week of the treatment, at the end of the 11 week treatment period and three months after the treatment period. The Visual Analogue Scale was used to assess paresthesia. The Ashworth scale was used to assess spasticity. The American Urological Association symptom score was used to assess urinary symptoms. The British Medical Research Council scale was used to assess the strength of the patients iliopsoas, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductor muscles.

The study established that reflexology massage therapy helped ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis while non-specific massage did not. Patients in the reflexology massage therapy group had significant improvements in terms of paresthesia, spasticity and urinary problems and some borderline improvement in muscle strength while the other group had no significant improvements at all.

Although reflexology massage therapy has been proven to be the best therapy for multiple sclerosis patients, there is still no reason why they may not also enjoy other massage therapy modalities such as deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy or Swedish massage therapy just as an additional form of relaxation. They can avail of all these from a therapeutic massage spa in Rocky Point NY.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the best proceedure to remove multiple uterine fibroids for someone that wants to get pregnant?

    • ANSWER:

    Endo, multiple uterine fibroids, fertility?
    Has anyone had these problems and had an easy time getting pregnant? Does having uterine fibroids affect the pregnancy? Any special precautions need to be taken?

    • ANSWER:

    My mom has multiple uterine fibroids someone help!?
    Alright so My mom has those damn fibroids and is in alot of pain…The doctor gave us pain killers and such however this is my issues….Is there any workouts that may help her? She hates laying in bed and doesn`t like sleeping duing the day….it makes her feel lazy…so anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, there’s a hysterectomy. I had multiple fibroids (nearly four pounds of them) and ended up having them all removed. It’s (the hysterectomy) not so bad; would certainly prefer it to what your poor mom’s going through just now. There are no workouts to eradicate them–they are growths in the uterus, I tried for months and months to get rid of mine that way. No exercises can get rid of something like that . There are several different types of fibroids and they can be very painful. I wish your mom the best.

    multiple small uterine fibroids?
    i am 30 yrs girl.have a daughter of 3.5yrs.
    last 2mths back i got detected with uterine fibroids small but multiple.
    i have a lot of pain during my menses but the flow is alternatively much and less.i mean 1 mth will have heavy flow and then another will have normal.but pain in both the cases is just unbearable.i just cannot afford to stand on my legs.i have big clots falling during my flow in menses.

    .i started with homoepathic treatment the pain is lil better.not fully but still better.
    i have heard that yoga cures this disease or say problem.

    due to this i have a lot of back ache.and am a lot anaemic too thats wat my blood report says.
    i even have a lot of emotional mood swings during periods due to the pain and irritability.

    now can anyone suggets me
    1.should i continue to take the homoepathic treatment.
    2.should i try with yoga,if yes than what asans are to b done esp 4 this.
    3.anything other suggestion to me though i am lil careful abt my being anaemic.

    • ANSWER:
      I also had this problem. I did not try yoga and I cannot see how that would cure them. I was done having children and had other GYN issues which kept me from having more children – so when they continue to multiply and grow, causing more pain and bleeding I had a partial hysterectomy. A piece of an ovary was left in order to allow me to experience a natural menopause. You are young and I assume you have the one child, therefore all avenues should be considered before going the route I did. See a GYN which deals in high risk situations.

    What are the available medicine that could dissolve fibroids?
    On May 1, 2006 my transvaginal scan result shows that i have thickened endometrium and multiple uterine fibroids such as Posterior subserosal – 2.8×3.2 cm, Fundal 3.8×2.5 cm, anterior subserosal 1.8×1.5 cm, posterior myometrial 2.1×1.9 cm. The endometrium is thickened & heterogeneous & measures 18 mm. Both ovaries are normal in size. There is no evidence of any adnexal mass lesion. There is no free fluid in the POD.

    43 years old asian with a 19 yr old son (normal delivery). Working as an office administrator. No history of any problems in my reproduction system and neither have I suffered from menstrual problems. I have had D&C in Feb. 17 because of menorrhagia. Had my period in March 25 then suffered from heavy bleeding again.

    Gyne advised hysterectomy but i would like to seek other alternative. I read about the medicine Vitalzym. Is is effective.Any side-effects? Any other medicine alternative that I could take. What are the side effects of hysterectomy?

    • ANSWER:

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