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Treatment For Ovarian Cysts Are You Considering Surgery Or Prescription Medication As Your Best

Are you presently suffering from ovarian cysts?  Is this the first time, or have the cysts re-appeared after a previous encounter with them?  Do you seek a solution to help get rid of the pain and discomfort?  You need to be aware of the following fact.  As far as treatment for ovarian cysts, some remedies work much better than others.  If you are considering surgery or prescription medication as possible remedies, I urge you to think twice about these options.

When you believe that cysts have formed on your ovaries, you first need to consult your physician.   Only through an examination can your doctor confirm the presence of a cyst(s).  Your doctor will be able to diagnose the type of cyst present, (either benign or malignant) through a blood test.   The good news is that most cysts statistically are benign, (or non-cancerous).   The other positive medical fact is that many confirmed cysts will eventually dissolve on their own.   The problem for many women is getting through the discomfort associated with the cyst.   The individual who simply believes that the pain that she is enduring has become unbearable seeks treatment to immediately get rid of the cyst(s).

A well-meaning physician may attempt to persuade his/her patient by suggesting traditional form of treatment plans.  If your doctor suggests either surgery or prescription medication, please be advised of the following:  Surgery or prescription medications, (usually in the form of pills) have proven to be less reliable in getting rid of ovarian cysts permanently. While these traditional remedies may help get rid of the cyst currently present on your ovaries, there can be no guarantee that this condition will recur in the future.

Surgery in the form of what is called a laparoscopy involves the surgeon drilling a small incision into the individual’s abdomen.  From there, the medical doctor will insert a small instrument to help remove the cyst.  This type of surgery is invasive.  Frankly, it is not good for any person to go through this type of procedure a number of times.  As stated above, with surgery there can be no guarantee that cysts will not re-appear in the future.  Would you want to put your body through this type of surgery over and over, again?

Prescription medication is also not a solution as a permanent treatment for ovarian cysts.  I have a relative who was in the medical profession for over 40 years.  She knows one fact about medication in the form of pills.  Prescription medication often produces side effects.  While pills may help dissolve your cysts formed currently on your ovaries, it could lead to other medical problems.   Like surgical procedures, prescription medication also cannot prevent cysts from re-developing down the road.  Besides, would you want to be the person who ends up taking prescription medication for a long period of time?  Taking pills for a number of years would be something that you would always want to avoid doing.   I hope that any ethical doctor would inform you of this fact.

So, if surgery or other medications are not the best options, then what else is available?  Many women are turning to natural or holistic methods for getting rid of ovarian cysts.   One of the best treatment plans involves a change in one’s diet.  Eliminate or greatly reduce the daily intake of salt and sugar found in most processed foods.  Eat more fresh fish and skinless chicken, (organic if possible) instead of beef and pork.  In the grocery aisle, walk past the frozen foods section without making a purchase.  Sodium, (salt) is one of the major ingredients included in frozen foods as it acts as a preservative to help prevent the product from spoiling.   Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.

Two other extremely important changes to your diet would include; one a dramatic increase in your daily water intake.  The second is to eat more foods containing high quantities of fiber.  You should drink at least 8 glasses of purified, filtered, or bottled water daily.  Water helps flush out the toxins, (bad chemicals) found in your body.  The intake of water would also help ease the pain that might be present in your abdomen; the result of the cyst pressing up against this area of your body.  Fiber aids in the digestive process.  Fiber is found in most quality breakfast foods, granola bars, beans, other vegetables, and in certain fruits.  A change to a more healthy diet is probably the best way in both eliminating and preventing cysts from re-appearing in your future.    

To relieve the discomfort associated with cysts present on your ovaries, apply a warm heating pad twice/day directly on your abdomen.  Consider taking a long, warm, soothing bath daily as well.  As stress also does damage to the body, consider getting involved in yoga or meditation as relaxation exercises.

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Permanent treatment for ovarian cysts involves practical solutions other than surgery or popping pills into your mouth daily.  If you want to rid your body of cysts, never having them re-appear, you need to consider natural methods.  There is a site that provides much more information than I possibly could have included in this article.  If you want more solutions, than I highly urge that you visit this site:   

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the medication for shrinking fibroids?
    i was told by a gynocologist that i will have to do surgery because i have fibroids but i dont want to do that i am not yet in my menopause i have one child and would like to have another somw one send me an answer saying that i dont realy have to do surgery there are medication that could shrink it i would love to know what those medication are .ps and as for me saying i am not there yet i was talking about menopause

    • ANSWER:
      Shaklee’s Vita-E has helped others deal with this condition.

      Here’s what one lady said: “My cousin’s doctor recommended vitamin E for fibroid tumors. She took 6 Vita-E daily for three weeks. When re-examined, she was pleased to find the tumors were practically gone. The doctor asked her what brand of vitamin E she was taking. He told her Shaklee was the very best.”

      Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.

    What’s The Most Effective Medication For Period Pains?
    I take medications for my fibroids. The medications cure my period pains. When I have my fibroids removed, I will no longer take medications. Nurofen, paracetamol and ibuprofen are not effective medications.

    • ANSWER:
      If you suffer from period pains a hot water bottle against your lower abdomen, or a hot bath may help you. The pain often does not last long, and this may be all that you need.

      i have VIVINC which is an italian medicine- like aspiring dissolve in water. doesnt taste great but certainly does the job

      Also feminax works well too

    Prescribed medication for severe painful fibroids?
    I’ve recently had an IUD place and in hope that it would seize the painful feeling that I get in my lower adomen and back. Well it hasn’t and there’s days that I can hardly walk. Is there any prescibed meds that I can suggest to my doctor, and of course will be taken ONLY when needed.
    Thank you!
    Would a muscle relaxant be better than pain medication? If so, what do you suggest?
    Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      I am not a Gynecologist, but am an RN The only solution I know is have the fibroid (s) removed. Unfortunately, the usually takes the uterus with it. Have a down to earth, heart to heart talk with your doctor. Get ALL of your options and the effects of each including pregnancy. Then consider the best result for you. Do call your doctor to let him/her know about your pain.

    uterine fibroids–is oral contraception (birth control) medication prescribed for this diagnosis?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes just because it reduces the flow. Heavy periods are often associated ith fibroids.

    What Is the Best Treatment for Uterine Fibroids?
    So what exactly is the best treatment for uterine fibroids? I have been suffering from the symptoms caused by uterine fibroids for some while now and would really like to find the best treatment to cure this problem! Are Hysterectomy or medications any good for treating fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      My sister used to have uterine fibroids few years ago and she tried the medications, but they didn’t work very well for her. Then she was recommended to try natural uterine fibroid treatments and that worked really well for her. So I suppose I could say that it ended up being the best treatment for her, because it cured her fibroids and she hasn’t have any recurrent fibroids ever since..

      – William

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