Intra Uterine Fibroids

In Vitro Fertilization

Infertility can seem like a massive obstacle to overcome, but there are options to overcome it, including in vitro fertilization IVF. Infertility has a number of causes from health issues such as diabetes to environmental impact in the form of toxins from pesticides. Couples who find themselves in such a situation have a number of different options to overcome infertility. These options include fertility medication, medical devices, surgery or some combination, e.g., in vitro fertilization.

Some methods seek to increase chances of pregnancy by increasing the chance of fertilization. Fertility medications, either taken orally or by injection, work by triggering or regulating ovulation and making fertilization easier. A conception device is another way of addressing the issue. One such device, the cervical cap, can be used by the patient at home to help arrive at a pregnancy. These methods involve fertilization inside of the body.

If methods like these continue to fail to achieve full term pregnancy, a couple may consider assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). In addition to increased chance of successful pregnancy, IVF offers patients the chance of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics (PGD) and gender selection. IVF with PGD serves the purpose of family balancing.

In IVF, the patient receives medication to produce more eggs. The more eggs produced helps in improving the success rate 0f pregnancy. These eggs are removed from from patients and fertilized outside of the body. The eggs are allowed to develop for several days after fertilization.

The fertilized eggs are examined and determinations are made as to which eggs are the most likely to result in a pregnancy. Additionally, doctors can perform a PGD prior to transfer to screen for inheritable diseases and determine the sex of each egg through Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), if the couple has a preference. Once the eggs are picked, they are transferred to the uterus where they should establish a successful pregnancy. All fertility treatment option should be carefully evaluated by doctors with years of experience in the field and a success rate that must be higher than the national average. IVF offers hope to many couples who would not otherwise be able to have baby of their dream. But, one of the biggest concern that many couples have which can affect the success of in vitro fertilization is the cost. Lately with the kind of improvement and advancement seen in the field of technology has directly improved the medical field and hence couple can afford to finally have a baby of their dream with Micro IVF.

Micro IVF is innovation to IVF and is more cost effective. With Micro IVF less medication is required as compared to traditional IVF procedure. There are many other option complementing IVF procedure i.e. IVF with egg donor, surrogacy and more. Women who are unable to produce egg have an option to get pregnant using egg donor or a surrogate mother. Egg donor cycle helps to retrieve eggs from women producing eggs and transfer them to women intended to get pregnant.

It is then fertilized with partner’s sperm to form an embryo. These are various process to help couple achieve parenthood. Other procedures like IUI, Artificial Insemination, gamete intra fallopian transfer (G.I.F.T), tubal embryo transfer (T.E.T), zygote intra fallopian transfer (Z.I.F.T) and various other important procedure are used to help you have family.

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