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Information On Pre Menopause Symptoms – You Can Stay In Control – Find 0ut How

Even if it is just pre menopause, no one wants to actually admit they are moving into the transition stage. It is kind of crazy to think your moving towards menopause when you are probably have young children at home, and you have haven’t even reached middle age yet. Keep in mind you may be having 34 menopause symptoms at this stage, BUT this could last for a period of 10 – 15 years before you actually hit menopause. So let us go over what you will expect to happen to your body in the coming years.

Being aware of what is starting to happen to your body is the most important defense you will have for keeping your sanity, and knowing how to deal with each, and every pre menopause symptom as it pops up.

Has this been happening to you lately and you are unsure why?

Weight gain – pre menopause symptoms.
You have all of a sudden started to pack on the kilo’s, the crazy thing is you have not changed anything in your diet, it is the same as you have always consumed?

Tender breast – Pre menopause symptoms.
Your breast are starting to feel tender even way after a period, which probably never happened before?

Irregular periods – Pre menopause symptoms.
Have you found that your periods have either slowed down or they are much heavier than normal?

Dry Skin – Pre menopause symptoms.
Has your skin started to become dry and uncomfortable, even though you are still using the same creams you always have applied?

Non existing sex drive.
Wow this is scary, all of a sudden you can not be bothered to become intimate, this has been something that has never been a problem. Now it is causing stress for you and your partner, does this sound familiar

Mood swings – Pre menopause symptoms
Are you tired, irritable, cranky having regular headaches.

Your probably wondering what the deal is?

Pre menopause is something that all women have either heard about, or thought about on the odd occasion, BUT it is definitely not something that any one wants to think about when there in there 30’s. Most pre menopause symptoms are the same as menopause symptoms,eg

Tender sore breasts
Memory loss
head aches
Light or heavy periods
Spotting between a period
Cold hands/feet

Keep in mind this short list out of the most common of the 34 menopause symptoms, and this does not mean you will get them all. This is a guide line to let you know what to expect.

So why do you get pre menopause symptoms?

Hormone imbalance causes these symptoms, by having too much estrogen, and not enough progesterone. NOW this is not just something that happens to each, and every body because they are coming of age, YOU have a lot to do with the out come and extent of the side effects. Most women that are out of touch with there body have more stress in there lives, there for have the worst experience going into menopause.

Now at this stage your probable feeling a little up tight, and wondering what you should do about treatment. There are 2 real options here, and this is absolutely your choice, it is your body and you need to make the decision on what is right for you. Being informed about the pros, and cons is the best way to make that decision.

What about prescription drugs for pre menopause symptoms.
Usually the DR will prescribe estrogen supplements, BUT unfortunately when this doesn’t work they will then opt to perform a hysterectomy, or give you drugs for your depression such as:


VERY unnecessary, that WILL create addition problems that unfortunately I can not go into in this article.
For more information on that topic you can find it at, there is other ways to attack this and stay on top and in control of menopause that is by:

1/ Being informed
2/ Healthy diet
3/ Exercises

These are just a few of the things you can change to control pre menopause symptoms. Pre menopause symptoms are like a dress rehearsal for the Last final show .Be prepared NOW, and breeze through that final journey with Ease and Dignity.

About the Author:
So if you want to be 2 foot in front of pre menopause symptoms, and know exactly what to do when your time comes. Click on either of the links to discover natural methods for pre menopause symptoms The way nature intended it to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

    can anyone help with information about fibroids?
    I have been told I have a 1.7cm fibroid on my uterus. I am just wondering if this is big? will it stand in my way of TTC? should i be concerned about it?

    • ANSWER:

    Why there is so little information on uterine fibroids?
    Do you have good links?
    I can’t believe it, 30% of women have them, and there is no good info.
    I was diagnozed with a large one, and suggested a surgery, and I’m panicking and freaking out.

    • ANSWER:
      My dear, don’t freak out. I was diagnosed with them too. had the surgery, and found it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would be. And believe me, I felt much better after the dr. removed four pounds of fibroids. There are different types of surgery for them, but you’re right–there’s not enough info about fibroids.

    Uterine fibroids. Needing information. Warning – description of problem is rather graphic.?
    I have two large unterine fibroids. This weekend I experienced what I would equate to hemorraging. I was on a road trip and we stopped so I could go to the bathroom to change. As I was walking to the bathroom to change pads, a large clot passed and blood began running down my legs. I was too humilated to go into the bathroom, so I told my husband we needed to stay in a hotel so I could clean up. The amount of blood was unimaginable. I am currently waiting on my insurance company to approve a surgery MRI guided ultrasound surgery a non invasive procedure- to alleviate the fibroids. What I want to know is whether there are any incidences where women have bleed to death from uterine hemorraging due to fibroids. I am getting ready to write to the CEO of my insurance because as I wait, this situation does not get any better, it only gets worse. I do not want to end up bleeding to death. I have done a google search and have not found anything conclusive about mortality rates related to this
    Fibroid size answer – I have 4 1 is 6 cm, 1 is 4 cm, 1 is 3 cm and the last one is 2.5 cm

    • ANSWER:
      There are reported cases- I know a person who was admitted to hospital unconcoius becasue she had bleed so much from her fibroids.
      If your fiobriods are this bad, i doubt that non-ivaseive ultrasound treatment is going to work or at least be enough talk to your doctor about how bad these are getting and talk to them about your best option.
      A lot of the MRI/ultrasound non-ivasive surgical treatments, which are more experimental, are less likely to be covered by your insurance company.
      If you are taking anti-inflammatories for any pain, I suggest you stop taking them (after phoning your doctor), because these can increase bleeding.
      If the insurance company wont operate, next time the bleeding gets so bad go straight to the ER.

      BTW- I’ve always found phoning is better than writing- they have to give you an answer and you dont have to wait weeks for them to get to your letter in the mail pile

      contact the national uterine fibroids foundation for mortality stats

    information on breast fibroids?

    • ANSWER:

    Information or personal advice about uterine fibroids.?
    There pretty common so I hope I get a little help. I have them and I am pretty sure that whats causes me to bleed for months at a time when I have my menstrual cycle instead of one week. I’d really like to know if there are any natural remedies anyone has tried that reduces the symptoms. I don’t have insurance right now but this bleeding is driving me crazy! As far as child bearing, has anyone had trouble because of the fibroids? It’s my dream to have kids so I’d like to know if I’m in for a long road to pregnancy or if it “may” not be a huge problem….If you have them and have gotten a medical procedure done, I’d like to know your expierience. Anything at all you’d like to say on the issue, please do. So far I’ve only talked to a doctor and looked up things on the internet. I have yet to talk to a person who has these fibroids. Thank you very much.

    • ANSWER:
      I had huge multiple fibroids even before i got pregnant. I’m 28.
      I had my first surgery when i was 24, doctor removed 28 of them. But my bleeding didn’t improve. I was so weak and anemic. Doctor told me try to get pregnant after 6 months of that surgery, but within these 6 months fibroids grew again. Doctor said i need another surgery but this time they may not be able to save the uterus.
      I was lucky and got pregnant just before the surgery.
      The fibroids grew even bigger during my pregnancy. My tummy was huge
      The pregnancy was so painful.
      I couldn’t hold the baby after 30 weeks. I had c section and the baby was born.
      The baby was tiny, the operation took long time to find the baby under so many fibroids.
      At last doctor removed the whole uterus, there was no other option.
      My baby is fine now, I’m relieved cause i don’t have that bleeding which kept me away from work for days.

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