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Early Miscarriage Symptoms

Miscarriages are not the result of a single event, but more of a process. To understand the process of pregnancy, understand the early development of the fetus that takes place in the first trimester.

It is sometimes a little difficult to guess a miscarriage. Every woman’s experience of miscarriage is different for the other woman.

In case you experience any of the following symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately and get yourself evaluated as you could be suffering from a miscarriage. Here are some early miscarriage symptoms:

Weight loss, severe vomiting and dizziness

Severe or mild back pain, a little worse than what you experience when you are in your month.

Discharge of whitish-pink mucus

Painful contractions occurring at an interval of 5 – 20 minutes

Clots of tissue passing through the vagina

Bright red or brown bleeding accompanied or unaccompanied by cramps – bleeding occurs in 30 % of pregnancies, out of which 50 % turn out to be normal.

Not feeling pregnant – you will not experience nausea, tenderness of the breast, morning sickness and other signs of pregnancy when you suffer a miscarriage. Bleeding in some cases could be in the form of spotting.

Frequent urination, experiencing a burning sensation while urinating

All these are indications of early miscarriage symptoms.

There is no such treatment that can stop the early miscarriage symptoms; the main aim of doctors after or during a miscarriage is to avert an infection and hemorrhage. Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy are more likely to expel the fetus tissues without any medical procedures. In case the body does not then D & C is performed on them. The woman may be put on certain medications after performing D & C to stop bleeding.

However if the baby and the uterus are in a normal state you doctor will provide you with appropriate treatment.

Once at home the patients must monitor the bleeding closely. Any signs of shivering, fever or increase in bleeding must be brought to the notice of the doctor immediately.

Most of the time miscarriages take place due to chromosomal abnormalities; therefore there is nothing that one can do to prevent them. The only way to prevent them is to get healthy before conceiving. This can be done by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, managing stress, keeping your weight under control, taking folic acid and giving up vices.

Many of the miscarriage occur when the fetus and the placenta separate from the uterus wall. In most cases women do not exhibit early miscarriage symptoms if pregnancy is in its first ten weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    19 year old with possible uterus fibroids?
    My sister is 19 and has been having a hard time with her period. She has terrible symptoms like nausea, vomitting, chills, the works and recently went to a gynecologist and was told that she could possibly have fibroids. Is this bad? and if so, can she still have children in the future?

    • ANSWER:

    pregnancy symptoms…negative results….?
    Just a recap on my symptoms: constant nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness.
    negative test results, period last week, but wondering if there is still a chance?!
    ive been pregnant once before and felt this way. had a miscarraige at 10 wks….but i have 1 fibroid, a very tiny one…can fibroids cause these symptoms?
    any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a period, most def. not pregnant.

      Unfortunately, those symptoms could be anything, including just getting sick. If I had to place a bet, I think you’re catching the flu.

      Fibroids wouldn’t cause all of those symptoms though.

    What do these symptoms mean?
    For about 3 weeks now, I have had these symptoms:

    – Light headed/mild dizziness
    – Nausea and stomach cramps, the nausea and feeling sick is getting more frequent
    – Bloating
    – Mood swings
    – Mild fatigue/tiredness

    Some facts about me
    * I am 21, female
    * I have IBS
    * I have unprotected sex with my partner, BUT it is only because he is classed as 65% infertile and I have haven’t had a proper period for 9 months and they are irregular. This is just due to been overweight, I have been tested for everything like pcos, fibroids… all negative
    * I suffer from Non-allergic rhinitis and I suffer with my sinuses alot, but no infections
    * I tested for a urinary infection, all clear…. I also have no temperature/fever.. but I have been feeling more warmer and I am not sleeping very well at night.

    What does anyone think it could be? I thought pregnancy but it seems so unlikely.

    • ANSWER:
      why not just take a pregnancy test cos there still is that 35% that your partner is fertile
      it will put your mind at ease also

    no appetite, nausea, and fatigue?
    So last week i really had no appetite and couldnt eat, food made me sick most of the time. So i basically ate popsicles and sometimes toast. (and drank alot of fluid).
    Then this week i got hungry again, so i have been trying to eat, but my body is “rejecting” most foods. I have been having alot of nausea. this morning, i was just walking and i smelled someones perfume and almost threw up on the spot.
    I have been extremely tired. I take naps when i get home, which is very unusual for me.
    My boobs hurt, but i have fibroids so that could be the cause.

    I was just wondering if this could be pregnancy related, because my boyfriends sister asked me if i could be pregnant, and maybe thats causing it. But i think its unlikely because i am on nuva ring.
    I did miss my period last month, but i do have irregular cycles, so thats why i wasnt alarmed by it until now.

    Are those symptoms common during pregnancy?
    I know nausea is…but loss of appetite?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds to me like there is a good chance you are pregnant. In pregnancy you can have a loss or gain of appetite.

    Early pregnancy symptoms, but negative hpt tests. Could I still be pregnant?
    Last period March 12, sex on March 22, should have ovulated around March 25-27 (period is every 29 days).

    A few days after I started feeling very tired alot, and like I was having hot flashes and heart racing sometimes.

    April 1, woke up with the worst period like cramps, swore I was gonna get my period, started spotting but nothing more than spotting, getting nausea (no vomiting), and pain in lower back, hips and in legs. It is still happening. I am not due for my period until April 9th. My period is always on time, and I have never had any pre-period cramping, nausea, back pain, etc. before. I only ever get bad cramping the first day or two of my period.

    Today out of frustration from the symptoms and cramping not easing up I went to my nearest urgent care clinic. The doctor looked at my symptoms and said he would do a urine pregnancy test. I told him I had already done one yesterday and it had come out negative and asked if he could do a blood test, since I have been reading that is more accurate. He said he didn’t see the point. He never even asked me when my last period was or calculated when I might have ovulated. I did the urine pregnancy test and it came back negative. He went on to tell me I probably have PCOS or Fibroids and that I could have problems getting pregnant???? I’m not sure how he came to this conclusion. I just had a physical in February and was told all was ok there based on my pap results. But I feel completed stressed out and frustrated by everything from today.

    What I am wondering, is if my period is not due until April 9th (this coming Friday) is it possible that I might actually be pregnant and the HCG hormone just isn’t showing up yet? Or is there no chance of me being pregnant at all?
    Thanks so much for all the quick responses.

    I should’ve mentioned before, because I was so shocked to get what I thought was my period so early, I had googled “early period” to see why I would be getting my period so early because I was worried it was there was something wrong with me – the only thing that came up was “early pregnancy symptoms – implantation bleeding”.

    Sorry, I should have clarified before that the doctor I had today was not my primary care doctor, he was the on-call doctor at the urgent care clinic.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible you are pregnant and HcG isn’t strong enough. However, you don’t typically get symptoms 9 days after sex.
      Your best bet is to wait until you actually miss your period; if you miss it.
      Stress will delay your period so until then, just don’t even think about it.

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