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Herbal Uterine Fibroid Treatment- Herbs Commonly Used For Fibroids Cure

Even before modern medicine could offer a solution for uterine fibroid treatment, herbal remedies were successfully used to cure fibroids. In the recent past the number of women resorting to herbal and other natural treatment for uterine fibroids has increased.

Natural remedies for fibroids are less harmful, do not have any side effects, and are cost effective too. This method of treatment for uterine fibroids works on the principle that it is essential to remove the cause of an ailment from the body to get rid of it completely. Hence this type of fibroids treatment attempts to eliminate the probable causes of fibroids from the body thus ensuring that the fibroid tumors do not reappear.

Fibroids are usually harmless tumors which grow in and around a woman’s womb. The chances of fibroids tumor turning cancerous is less than 0.1 %. Although harmless, fibroids can cause a lot of discomfort and unpleasant symptoms which can interfere with a woman’s daily life.

Common symptoms of fibroids include:

  1. Painful mensuration
  2. Indigestion and bloating of the abdomen
  3. Frequent urge to pass urine
  4. Excessive bleeding during periods which may cause anemia.
  5. Pain occurring suddenly due to a pendunculated fibroid twisting.

If you leave fibroids untreated for a long time you will have to bear these symptoms which will keep getting severe as the size of the fibroids increases.

For herbal uterine fibroid treatment to be successful the treatment method and herbs used may vary from individual to individual. Since fibroids often result from multiple causes a mixture of herbs may have to be used in combination to cure fibroids completely.

Herbs commonly used for fibroids cure:

  1. Spica Prunellae
  2. Fructus Corni
  3. Rhizoma Sparganii
  4. Semen Litchi
  5. Rhizoma Zedoariae
  6. Herba Dendrobii

These herbs are normally safe to use. However in your own best interest I would recommend that you make use of these only upon being prescribed by an authorized practitioner of herbal medicines. There are a number of quacks who claim to be experts in uterine fibroid treatment. Beware of such people and ensure that your fibroids treatment is done under the supervision of a reliable doctor who is qualified to do so.

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About the author: I am an alternate medicine practitioner specializing in natural treatment for women’s health problems. Since I am over 40, my body too is undergoing a number of changes and it is a challenge to find a natural cure for these typical women’s issues. I strongly believe in nature cure and see no reason why it cannot solve most of our problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of symptoms of uterine fibroids?
    I had a late miscarriage in January. I lost the baby because some sort of tissue has wrapped around the umbilical cord and cut it off. Since the miscarriage I have had light periods, been constantly looking and feeling bloated, and I am very sensitive to touch around where my uterus is. I know I sound crazy but I have been ignoring how I feel for a long time and I just want to know if I have any cause for concern. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      heavy or painful periods, abominal discomfort, bloating, painful defecation, backache, and frequent urination.

    Is it possible for fibroids to recur within 2 years of surgery to remove them?
    I know new fibroids can develop after a myomectomy. But so soon? I’m having similar symptoms as I did when I was first diagnosed: bloating that doesn’t seem entirely due to GI problems, a lump in my lower abdomen, sharp abdominal pains and heavy periods. I assume it’s fibroids again. But what else could those symptoms be from?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is. You should go get checked to make sure that is all it is.

    after a ulrasound showing ovarian cysts and fibroids,my GP didn’t give much info,do i just leave it?
    my symptoms are unexplained weight gain,bloating,heavy painfull periods,frequent urination and constipation.the weight gain bothers me the most and my gp seemed to think i was just another women wanting to eat lots and be slim!i diet and exersise!please help im so fedup!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a gynecologist. Fibroids will cause all those problems, and are easily removed. There is nothing you can do to lose the weight gained through large fibroids except have them removed. And all the other problems should go away after they are removed. The cysts are less likely to be causing the symptoms, but should also be monitored by a gyno. They will often go away all on their own, but sometimes do need to be removed by the doctor. But it sounds like your GP is just brushing you off, and you should find someone who is going to give your problems more time and understanding.

    I need a doctors help with this question……is it PID, Endo, Pregnancy, or Fibroids?
    Age: 20 Symptoms: Bloating CONSTANTLY….Use to have REGULAR periods, but it’s almost two months late (felt like I was going to have it, but did not)….(took preg test. said negative) Feels like knife stabbing me about where my uterus is, so bad, I have to sit down….. and I am Married, with NO children. Him and I both have no children, so……..please tell me, do YOU know what’s up? I am going to the docs soon, but I am eager to hear what you’s will say. Thanks in Advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are similar. The signs can be:

      General abdominal discomfort and/or pain (gas, indigestion, pressure, swelling, bloating, cramps)

      Nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or frequent urination

      Loss of appetite

      Feeling of fullness even after a light meal

      Weight gain or loss with no known reason

      Abnormal Bleeding

      Feeling of like a mass in your lower abdomin.

      If any of these symptoms are also a problem, have your Dr. you’ll be seeing check your blood with a test called CA-125… it’s a marker for Ovarian tumors. It could be elevated by other things as well, but you need to be seen by your OBGYN for the symptoms you’ve indicated above.

    Early Pregnancy symptoms?
    Details: Had a normal period on Feb 13th (was on mini pill) stopped taking pill 3 weeks later around 6th Mar (due to bad side effects). Had unprotected sex with partner around 13th March then had a light 4 day period from 17th Mar. Practiced withdrawal method since…however the last two weeks I have not felt good at all. Really tired, sex has been very painful deep inside,sore lower abdomen, I have been getting headaches, having nightmares, peeing a lot, moody, spotty, bloated, windy, heavy boobs…and the last two days I have woke up with lower back ache and constipation. Did a test (neg) been looking on net at what else can cause symptoms…fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer etc…got myself really worried. Can’t get to docs till tuesday. I know it could be period due but the symptoms I usually get are moody and loose bowels only. Could it be symptoms of coming off pill? I am really worrying that it is something more sinister. Has anyone else been like this before period was due?
    Thank you Eddy…I had wonderd if it could be an infection…although I shower each day and usually after sex also…I am probaby over hygenic..using wet wipes etc…

    • ANSWER:

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