Fibroids On The Uterus

Easily Shrink Uterus Fibroids

I’m here to talk to you about how you can easily shrink uterus fibroids. A fibroid is just a medical term for a non-cancerous tumor that grows around the reproductive organs of a female, most noticeably the uterus. The good news is that these fibroids aren’t a problem in themselves. The problem is that their existence causes various complications that will make you want to remove them. That make pregnancy a very difficult thing to achieve. Also as they grow in size they can cause pain and even bleeding. It is important to learn how to easily shrink uterus fibroids, so you can avoid these pains and give yourself a chance at pregnancy.

Doctors really don’t have a solution for this problem and that is unfortunate. They don’t have the first clue why some women get them, while others are perfectly fine. The solution they currently offer for this is major surgery. They’ll go in and literally cut them out of the organs. Often these fibroids are deep inside of your reproductive organs and the only thing a doctor can do is remove the organs themselves. This will solve the problem of painful cramps and bleeding, but if you’re looking to get pregnant, than this isn’t a solution you want.

You can easily shrink uterus fibroids as another method. If you shrink the size of them than they are less likely to create complication and things like pregnancy maybe possible. Doctors know one thing about fibroids and that is the size of them is tied to your estrogen levels. If you can lower your estrogen, the fibroids will shrink in size. There are some methods of doing this through changing your diet and exercising differently, but you can also work with a doctor on a more aggressive type of hormone therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Have any possibilities for surgical removal of the uterine?
    Have any possibilities for surgical removal of the uterine
    fibroids uterus on labor period?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

    uterus/ fibroids?
    I had a large uterine fibroid removed on April 22. The fibroid was large 10.5 cm, so they did it by an incision cut (from my belly button down to the top of my vagina). The first week and 1/2 were painful, but now I’m up, walking around doing pretty normal activities. Went to my post-op visit, and the pathology was normal/benign (orig. they were worried it was cancer because the tumor grew so big so fast). But I’m ok, and the stitches had dissolved. The Dr. performed and internal exam and said everything looked fine and that for the next two to three months it’s normal to feel a little “off” down there.
    Well other than the scar healing and the skin being a bit bruised and tightened I was feeling fine. Now I constantly feel bloated. I feel like my colon is always filled with pressure and gas. I don’t know if this is what she means by “off” and it’s normal after major abdominal surgery or if I should call and make another appt?

    • ANSWER:
      your colon might feel funny because poking around in the abdomen can disturb it (and colons are sensitive!) call & ask just to be sure, but unless you are suddenly in pain or severely constipated you should be fine.
      I had a fibroid & some ovarian cysts removed & I was a little bloated for a month or so afterwards as well. I think it’s a combo of inflammation in the area & retaining some excess fluids from the IV.

    laporoscopy for fibroids and uterus?
    Well they said I need the uterus out I guess a hysterectomy to get rid of the over 6cm and over 2 cm fibroids which just grew a cm in each direction in a year. I’m close to menopause but the verdict sounds so ominous. any advise? they hurt me when I try to lie down to sleep and i feel pressure on my stomach in snug clothes. Its time but Im scared.
    I’ve had ultrasounsd every 6-12 mo for 10 yrs and they were stable or slow small growth until now. they are leaving the ovaries. I’m close to 50 and done with kids. I’m a surgery and drug and anesthesia phobic.

    • ANSWER:
      I was singing that same song one year ago this month. I’m 31 and had to have a partial and I fought it tooth and nail. but in hindsight, i’m so glad i did it. i’ve gotten major relief from the pain and discomfort. sex is enjoyable again and i can move around more than before. i dont have to wrap rope around paper towel rolls and shove up my bottom to control the bleeding (lol). it’s been worth it in the long run. don’t be scared of the verdict (easier said than done, I know) but instead, look at the pros. if they take out with lap surgery, the recovery is about 3-4 weeks all total. i know it sounds ominous but you’ll be fine.

    What is happening? Fibroids on Uterus?
    A couple of months ago, I had an especially painful period and I had to go to the emergency room. They did an ultrasound and they said i had fibroids on my uterus and asked if I had kids. I said “no”.

    4 years ago I also had a cyst on my ovary explode (very painful)

    I am only 20 years old. Why is this happening, what are treatments, and i think this is effecting my fertility. I am not on birth control and me and my fiancee have unprotected sex almost everyday for 2 years and I have never gotten pregnant. My doctor is unconcerned about this.

    • ANSWER:
      Some young women can get a fibroid and it is not known why. A friend of mine has dealt with one before.

      There are several things that they can do for fibroids. I am including the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at:

      I would also recommend finding another doctor who can help you take care of this.

    Should I get secod opinion to find out if I have fibroids of the uterus-can that stop me from having a child?
    I am 37 and would like to have a one more child. My doctor said that fiboids on my uterus is no big deal to get pregnet – just harder to concieve and I will be bigger because of the fibroid. Is all this ok or should I get a second opinion? Also my periods are all over the place (spoting) I want to pull my hair out – should I just get a Hysterectomy or keep trying. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      i think you should get the fibroid removed and try to have another child. there are other treatments out there than just having a hysterectomy. you will regret it if you don’t follow your dreams.

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