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Nhs Should Start Using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy To Help Fight Against Obesity

Leading UK Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert Claire Hegarty says the NHS should introduce Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy to help patients to lose weight.

Gastric Band Operations cost the NHS a great deal of money each year but is the NHS wasting the public money by using surgery to help people with their weight loss dreams. A leading UK Weight Loss Hypnosis expert called Claire Hegarty feels the NHS are wasting millions each year on gastric band operations when they could offer a more cost effective and safer solution in the form of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy which would help more people each year than the NHS are currently helping.

Gastric band operations, which are also called Gastric Bypass Surgery, became well known after former This Morning presenter Fern Brittan finally admitted that her drastic reduction in weight was down to the surgery.

Although its true the operations have become successful in helping people to lose weight it has also come under fire for the complications that can be involved in the surgery. That is why leading health experts from around the world have said that the gastric bypass surgery should be a last resort when it comes to losing weight.

Complications involved in the gastric bypass surgery can affect up to 80% of people who go under the knife to lose weight and the complications have become so serious that it has even resulted in the death of patients.

Claire Hegarty who offers free advice and free consultations on how weight loss hypnotherapy can help people to lose weight feels the NHS could save a great deal of money if they started offering their patients who wish to reduce their body weight, weight loss hypnotherapy which is more cost effective than the gastric bypass surgery and is 100% safe.

At the moment there are strict guidelines on who and who cannot have the gastric band operation to lose weight, meaning millions of people each year are missing out on their dreams of having a healthier body.

The gastric band bypass operation costs the NHS on average 8,500 and this does not include the costs involved if the patients suffer from complications. If the NHS used weight loss hypnotherapy, which is also called Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, then they would be able to treat far more patients than they already do.

It is a well known and documented fact that the UK has a serious obesity problem and this obesity problem does not only result in the shortness of life it also results in a huge burden on the NHS with health related problems such as heart diseases and asthma.

Claire Hegarty who offers a 100% success rate with her weight loss hypnotherapy technique called Transband which comes with a full guarantee for long lasting weight loss results would like to see the NHS replace Gastric Band Operations and instead introduce weight loss hypnotherapy in all hospitals around the UK to make the UK a healthier and better society.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert feels by replacing Gastric Band Operations with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy that it would not only allow the NHS to reduce the cost on the NHS when it comes to helping overweight people to lose weight, but it would also save the NHS millions of pounds in the long run with less people needing treatment which is caused by being overweight.

Claire Hegarty can be contacted on 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 or for more details visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

    ilive in the uk i have a boy an a girl an i now have fibroids, can i have fertility treatment on the nhs?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Laura,

      What is nhs? Are you wondering if you will need to have the fibriods removed?

      There are natural ways to reduce, prevent and dissolve fibroids. Learn about the risks of medical procedures to remove fibriods and natural options to get rid of them at the link below.

    Has anyone gotten pregnant after having 4 or more fibroids on the inside lining of their womb?
    I am in my late 30’s and have never tried to conceive before, but now am worried, as the NHS will not fund any treatment until I try to conceive for a year.

    • ANSWER:
      My sister does and she is pregnant- only took her 4 months.
      Just keep trying on your own- get the ovulation kit so you know exactly when to try- leave less room for mistake.
      She is at high risk, but so far everything is ok. Most likely a c-section is in store for a woman with fibroids, having a baby by vag. birth can cause the fibroids to burst.
      Keep trying and good luck!

    Do fibroids show up on a ultrasound?
    I have the symptoms for fibroids. I was admitted to hospital in november with abdominal pain which my gp thought was a grumbling appendix. I had an ultrasound scan two days later. The scan was totally fine. A month on i am still having the same symptoms. I went to my gp and she is puzzled. i have now been referred to surgeon who originally saw me in hospital and also a gynecoligist. Has anyone had thes problems before please help. I am on nhs waiting list which could take ages. I am 16 years old. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Generally fibroids can be seen on ultrasound. Sometimes their appearance makes them more difficult to detect, but for the most part they are easily identifiable. While not completely impossible, fibroids are uncommon in someone your age. It is possible that when they did the ultrasound to check the appendix that they only evaluated the abdominal organs, and not the pelvic organs (uterus/ovaries). Check with your doctor and if you feel you may have fibroids, request a pelvic ultrasound. Best of luck.

    Does anyone else think NHS maternity care is crap?
    I’m only 12 weeks but found out I pregnant very early. I made an appoinment with doctor a week after I found out. He acted like I was wasting his time, told me how high the miscarriage rate is and send a urine sample away to be tested. I tried to arrange to see midwife for my booking in appointment and had to wait 5 weeks to see her and guess what she did’nt turn up at the dr surgury. I waited 30 minutes before asking why the wait was so long. The receptionist hadn’t realised no midwife was there even though I had told her I has appointment with her.
    They arranged another appoinment the following week, she did turn up but I had to wait over an hour to see her then she rushed through my booking in app in 10 mins, I didn’t get to ask questions she never checked my bp, or weight or anything. I burst in to tears when I came out. I changes doctors so I could have another midwife, she was kinder but again no time to ask any questions. I had my 1st scan yesterday, thet printed 3 pics and gave me worst one. He told me I have got fibroids and when I asked how that will affect the baby he said, ask your midwife. I’m really worried that I’m not going to get proper care, its my first baby and I just feel like no one is responsible for my maternity care, I don’t know anything about being pregnant or having a baby and no one seems to want to help. I’ve still got a lot of questions and no one to ask. I’m considering going private as the NHS staff don’t seem to think they work for the british public despite our NI contributions. Has anyone else been treated like this, is it normal?
    Thanks everyone who took time to respond, some of your answers and advice have really helped me feel better.

    Those of you who who say the NHS is free are wrong – unless you are unemployed and have never payed National Insurance. I do pay by the way, between myself and my husband we pay over £250 EVERY MONTH. Bupa costs far less than this.

    As for ‘dumpling’ the nurse I found your comments very angry and immature – you say you are a nurse, which confirms some of my fears about the NHS. You haven’t done the NHS or yourself any favours.

    • ANSWER:
      be thankful you’re getting it for free..

      Why all the thumbs down.. All im saying is that in other countries you have to pay for your pre natal care and you still get the same bad treatment… It is free on the NHS you cant expect to be spoilt for choice etc when it is a free service…

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