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Welcome to the “Natural Way to Help Fibroids” Description and examination site. For alot of women Uterine Fibroids can form on the smooth m 00004000 uscle of our Uterus and still not cause ANY aggravations. Without any symptoms the Uterine Fibroids exist without ever having an influence on a females life – they’re slight, benign tumors that will co-exist within a womens body without any cause for trepidation.

Natural Way Help Fibroids

Sometimes if these Uterine Fibroids end up in need of remedy – there is no option but to take some kind of recourse.

The real amount of women that commonly end up having to remedy Uterine Fibroids is about 25% for White women and up to 50% for African-American women – this is normally due to mass effect. And the several types of medicine can vary – and many of these Uterine Fibroid Treatments are certainly NOT enjoyable or sought after. Especially the surgical procedures and any other types of invasive procedures.

These numerous Uterine Fibroid treatments regularly call for surgery or certain kind of medication and therapy/intervention, like hormonal therapy and such. Most women DO NOT want these – and as of now women have other and greater forms of treatment. And these different forms of treatment – or option – is the natural Uterine Fibroid healing option, and the whole natural remedy process will be found within the “How to Treat Fibroids Naturally” medical guidebook. And alot of different women have had their lives altered – and now and again they have been saved from dangerous surgeries and treatments too – merely from making this decision to stick to the advice of a very special woman, named Shola Oslo.

Shola Oslo is a kinesiologist. Not to mention – she studies and works in womens alternative health, and the endocrine system, which governs the production of hormones, affecting fertility, weight, and other conditions that affect women such as Uterine Fibroids. Not to mention – she had first hand information -and experience -with the Uterine Fibroids, Shola has made her lifes drive to assist other Uterine Fibroid patients to overcome the symptoms of Uterine Fibroids safely and easily.

Many women have described this guide as being very good at discussing the difficult questions and giving in-depth info of symptoms and treatments , the “How to Treat Fibroids Naturally” remedy guidebook has been like the preeminent companion to many , many women throughout the battle with Uterine Fibroids. And Shola’s reasons for treating Uterine Fibroids organically – and why she has wanted to provide women with their own Natural remedy guidebook are the base of this Natural remedy manual –

1. Many different women are provided Uterine Fibroid Treatments that hide there aggravations – as an alternative off caring for the source cause of Uterine Fibroids. 2. Once women ARE presented with treatments that perform – women are charged 0’s of dollars and more!

The “How to Treat Fibroids Naturally” guidebook is ALL About caring for the basic cause of Uterine Fibroids. From the VERY techniques and methods that women need to employ to diminish the Uterine Fibroids to Lifestyle Changes that will keep you healthy and joyful -as well as keeping Uterine Fibroids at bay.

The Natural Way to Help Fibroids guide shows you which natural remedies are most powerful for Uterine Fibroids, and how to take advantage of herbal remedies to take care of the root cause of uterine fibroids.It’s a straightforward 7 step treatment strategy made to assist everyone with Uterine Fibroids to alleviate their discomfort quickly, and get back their quality of living.

It doesnt matter if you are pregnant or if your fibroids are pressing next to your bladder – and regardless if your periods have become more than usual – the Natural Uterine Fibroid healing manual will assist you to get back your life. You will conquer this obstacle with dignity – and come out of this process healthier – Not to mention – with the finest possible mind-set and dedication to yourself and staying healthy.

I could never advise any other healing strategy – NO surgeries or any other persistent treatments or medicines that have caused women side effects and have changed lives forever. If you would like more information concerning this How to Treat Fibroids Naturally remedy guidebook through this following link:

About the author: Natural Way Help Fibroids – Naturally Treat Your Uterine Fibroids -and STOP heavy periods and Pelvic discomfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a natural remedy for uterine fibroids?
    I don’t have bothersome symptoms, but I have 6 large fibroids. I want to get pregnant in the future. My doctor said I’ll have no trouble getting pregnant, but I’m likely to have trouble during pregnancy. I keep myomectomy as a last resourt. Cause there are so many possible complications like adhesions and having to have a C-section. I want my body to get rid of them naturally. Any advise? Like exercise or fasting? I know that fibroids a hormone-dependent. I also know that girls lose their period if they fast long enough. Will that do anything?

    • ANSWER:
      I answered your other question and seeing this makes me feel for you as it must be awful fearing you may not be able to have kids.

      I couldn’t find too much but I did search and found this

      The great Dr John R Christopher said burdock helps fibroids..if taking use an organic tincture..the usual dose is two dropperfuls (60 drops)..3-5 times a day..I would use 5 times a day. a dropperful is what remains in the eyedropper of a tincture bottle when you squeeze the bulb, inset into the herbal tincture formula, release eyedropper top..what remains in the drop is called a dropperful and looks about half full..this eliminates the need to count drops. a few off will not hurt on herbs.

      A good brand is herbpharm..they have a good burdock blend. Burdock is not is a blood cleanser and sold in some places as a food,.

      I once read his woman’s herbal years ago but can’t remember if he addressed fibroids there but it may be worth a shot..I got it from interlibrary loan.

      it is also sold here–

      Also curezone has a lot of excellent health is some of the things on fibroid there.

      so I would revcommend this book and the ons by linda page and balche in the other questions for hormone balancing and the burdock and further research on curezone and elsewhere to trying to dissolve the fibroids.

      Also maybe Dr Richard schulze’s incurables formula may help..(push enter and go to the incurables program..he is the one with the female herbal formula and said he never failed to help infertile woman or women with female problems who wanted to have a child fail..I bet he used his incurables formula with his female herbs..also see his index in the catalog found at

    Any one have natural remedies for reducing large uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      After menopause they often disappear. If you are taking estrogen supplements that can make them worse.
      Ibuprophen is good for pain. Be sure to be checked frequently.

    Are there any natural remedies for uterine fibroids? Are they successful?

    I ask this question because my doctor has recommended a hysterectomy. I’d like to explore other options.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldnt experiment with natural remedies for this particular problem. Please see your gynecologist.

    Are there any natural remedies that help reduce/shrink uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      Using USP grade progesterone cream may help. I included a link on the subject below. It states “What most doctors don’t know is that the application of natural progesterone cream is highly effective in shrinking a fibroid enough to minimize or eliminate symptoms long enough to get to menopause, or when it will normally shrink significantly enough to cease being a problem. The key is to apply natural, and not synthetic, progesterone”

    Are fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia or polyps a precursor to cancer?
    I’m 44 and had heavy menstrual bleeding. Ultrasounds and MRI showed three small fibroids, focal complex hyperplasia and polyps. I’ve been trying natural remedies which have improved menses dramatically, no longer heavy, nor as painful. Should I still have hysteroscopy or other procedure done, or does the resolution of symptoms mean I’m OK?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a precursor to cancer. Chances are the pain and bleeding will return. Interuterine scraping is another option, but I hear it is painful and not always effective. Hysterectomy may be another option for you if you just want to be done all together.

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