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Homeopathic Remedies For Fibroids

Many women are dissatisfied with the conventional treatment options offered to them for their fibroids and this leads many to look at natural alternatives. Homeopathic remedies for fibroids is an option you may be considering.

I am always very wary when claims are made about single-dimensional treatments which claim to be able to cure fibroids as the very nature of fibroids means that to have a significant impact, successful treatment needs to be multifacted.

Fibroids form due to a number of primary and secondary factors which subtly interact within the body. These might include dietary issues, lifestyle choices, toxicity, hereditary factors, stress levels and lack of exercise-amongst others. To have any significant effect on fibroids, it is my firm belief that treatment must address each and every one of these issues and effectively eliminate the undesirable elements from the body. This is why even something as significant as altering your diet to a completely fibroid-friendly one cannot shrink your fibroids completely-it may well give you some temporary symptomatic relief but as the other factors are still there, the relief cannot really be that significant.

My issue with homeopathic remedies for fibroids used in isolation is that they do not address the lifestyle or dietary issues which are often found to be significant contributory factors and whilst some women do report successes, it is my belief that these cannot be permanent unless the underlying issues are addressed.

This said, there may well be some scope for including homeopathic remedies for fibroids as part of a good natural system for shrinking fibroids providing this addresses the other necessary protocols, such as dietary modifications, internal cleansing, lifestyle changes, stress management and exercise.

Three homeopathic remedies for fibroids which are sometimes recommended include:-

* Silicea-Believed to help separate fibroids from the uterine wall

* Thuja-Believed to stop the growth of tumors

* Aurum Muriaticum Metallicum-Believed to specifically help uterine problems

Of course, it is wise to consult a qualified practitioner before taking homeopathic remedies for fibroids and my recommendation would be that you consider using a natural system for fibroids which also addresses the root causes as these will remain, even following homeopathic treatment.

If you would like further information on my recommended natural treatment for fibroids, please visit my website, Shrink Fibroids Naturally.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will finally feel that you have found something that will work for you. You can then compare the benefits of using a holistic method against those of homeopathic remedies for fibroids.

Fibroids Miracle also comes with 3 months free one-to-one counseling from an expert, to give you the best possible chance of success.

About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Can uterine fibroids b cured with homeopathy?
    how effective is homeopathy is curing uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      No idea, but I have found these websites for products to treat fibroids. Also a 55yrs old friend told me she had one that gave her heavy periods and some trouble and she took the birth control pill like for a year and now she says fibroid is gone. No idea what pill she took.

    if there is fibroids in breasts during pregnancy. can it be cured by homeopathy?
    without little pain.

    • ANSWER:
      why not , it can be done. There are many medicines for this . Conium; Lac.caninum; Scrof to name few. Consult a homeopathy doctor near by for your condition.

    can uterine fibroids b cured with homeopathy?

    • ANSWER:
      homeopathy is mind over matter. its not approved by the fda. if a doctor cant cure it, homeopathy cant. homeopathy make relieve symptoms, but it is not a cure.

      ask my dad who has cancer, and the homeopathic nuts took his money and his tumor is still there. he had to suck it up, face his fear and do chemo and rads.

    best homeopathy treatment in hyderabad to cure FIBROIDS.?

    • ANSWER:
      you may try homeopathy but fibroid ultimately needs surgery. do not afraid as this is simple procedure. fibroid removal is myomectomy and the whole uterus removal is hysterectomy. it is done by open surgery, laproscopic surgery or vaginally. for addition detail may mail

    What are the best treatments available for treating Utrine fibroids?
    Currently,my wife suffers from severe pelvic paindue to fibriods which was already diagonesed.But ,we dont want to go for any surgery?
    I would like to know what are the treatments available for treating fibroids without removing uterus?make sure that particular treatment is 100% proven and avlable in chennai,India?
    Is there any methods to treat it naturally with the help of diet?
    Any best alternative system like siddha,homeopathy,which was proven medicine for fibroids?
    We prefer to have oral medicines from any type of medical system for complete cure of Fibroids?
    Suggest us….

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathy is very effective.

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