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For many years, traditional Chinese doctors have used herbal medicines to shrink fibroids and this is now incorporated in many more mainstream alternative treatments. It is crucial to understand that in isolation, although herbal medicine can be useful, it is unlikely to have the dramatic effect which most women crave.

As fibroids are thought to be caused by a number of factors which subtly interact within a woman’s body, then any treatment to shrink fibroids naturally must be multifaceted. There is no doubt at all that herbs for fibroids play an important part, but only one part. For example, Yam, Nettles, Ginger, Willow and Cinnamon are all very useful in helping to relieve some of the symptoms of fibroids, such as bloating and heavy periods.

Other herbs with medicinal use for fibroids, which are often made into compounds include Milk Thistle, Artichokes Extract and Dandelion Root. Herbal preparations which include these herbs are beneficial for one particular aspect of fibroid treatment which is liver detoxing. For some women, a comprehensive liver detox program is an integral part of their overall treatment. This is because for some women, it is believed that estrogen mimicking substances originating from environmental toxins and pollutants become “locked” in the liver and are very difficult to eradicate.

However, it has been shown that the aforementioned herbs can cleanse the liver and that once these toxins are removed, further fibroid growth is prevented in some women. It is important to realize that although using herbal medicines to shrink fibroids is a natural approach, herbs can still be dangerous if taken in inappropriate circumstances and in incorrect quantities which is why it is advisable to buy ready made preparations rather than sets of individual herbs to use in isolation.

Such preparations are finely balanced and have usually gone through rigorous testing procedures to ensure they are safe if taken in the recommended quantities. There is a 7 Step Plan which incorporates using herbs for fibroids which is completely guaranteed to work. It has been used very successfully by many thousands of women worldwide.

You can find further details at Shrink Fibroids Naturally Please bear in mind that it requires you actively participate by making lifestyle and dietary changes. It also details exactly which herbs are recommended for the various symptoms and types of fibroids and what the recommended dosages are. You can also find further information about alternative fibroid treatment options and this includes methods where herbal medicines to shrink fibroids plays an integral part.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    vitamins & herbs for uterine fibroids?
    has anyone had any luck on reducing their uterine fibroids via herbs and vitamins

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are estrogen driven.
      Dr. John Lee had great success in treating them with bioidentical progesterone. It opposes the estrogen, and balances out the effects.

      You can read more at his website

      More recommendations for healing fibroids by Dr. John Lee:

      WHAT TO DO:
      * Use natural progesterone cream.
      * Eat a plant-based, fiber rich diet (at least 20-30g fiber per day)
      * Take a liver-supporting and detoxifying herbal formula that includes the following herbs: Bupleurum, milk thistle (silybum marianum), barberry or goldenseal, burdock root, yellow dock, dandelion root.
      * Take a uterus-healing herbal formula that includes some or all of the following herbs: myrrh, red raspberry, cayenne, Bupleurum, yarrow, vitex and lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis)
      * Use a castor oil pack 2-4 times a week (many books on herbal healing have instructions on how to make and use a castor oil pack.)

      * Unopposed estrogen
      * Dairy products
      * Feed-lot meats (eat only range-fed, organic meats free of drugs and pestiside residue)
      * Coffee (heavily sprayed with DDT)

    How to treat Uterine Fibroids by herbal ways?
    Has anyone treated their Uterine Fibroids with Herbs? I’ve stumbled upon this product called Hysteromyoma Plaster that is all natural created by traditional Chinese herbalist. Have you or someone you know tried this?

    • ANSWER:
      My cousin had uterine fibroids and she has used a Chinese black plaster called Hysteromyoma Plaster for about half a year. You can find it on Apply it everyday and apparently they dissolve. Hope this helps!

    How to treat uterine fibroids?
    Does anyone have uterine fibroids and been told they need a hysterectomy? I don’t want to cure my disease by hysterectomy. Has anyone had any luck on reducing their uterine fibroids via herbs?

    • ANSWER:
      I think a Chinese black plaster called Hysteromyoma Plaster is useful. After using it for half a year, my uterine fibroids are gone. It is made by traditional Chinese herbal medicine and has no side effects. So you can use it securely. You can visit for more details and buy it for a try. Wish you better soon!

    How to Treat Uterine Fibroids?
    How to treat Uterine Fibroids? Has anyone had any luck on reducing their uterine fibroids with herbs? If so, can you tell me the name of the medicine which you use?

    • ANSWER:
      I had used a Chinese herbal medicine called Hysteromyoma Plaster to cure my uterine fibroids. Now my fibroids had been gone without surgery. The plaster is made by traditional Chinese medicine and has no side effects, so you can use it securely. For moer details, you can visit or contact with me. Wish you better soon!

    how can one treat Fibroids through the right diet, herbs.?
    without surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I don’t think that’s possible… but there are plenty of people who would disagree.
      Googling ‘fibroids herbs’ results in a whole lot of information, I’ll post one of those links below.

      Good luck!

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