Fibroids Growing After Menopause

Signs of Fibroids After Menopause

< 00004000 p>Have you ever heard of growth of fibroids after menopause? In fact fibroid tumors are known to shrink and eventually disappear when a woman attains menopause. In some women however, the uterine tumors actually start growing after menopause. A fibroid which grows real fast is basically an indication of the uterine tumor turning cancerous. Although most uterine fibroids are normally benign, in case of women whose tumors start growing rapidly after menopause, the risk for developing cancer increases substantially. It goes up from 1 in a 1,000 to 1 in a hundred.
The purpose of this article is to share with you information on some of the common symptoms which will indicate the growth of fibroids after menopause. These symptoms should put you on alert. Please consult a doctor immediately upon noticing any of the following symptoms. Please do not be under the impression that since you are in the post-menopausal stage the chance of your suffering from fibroids is remote.
a) Pain: The pain which you’ll experience will be something similar to menstrual cramps. It will be particularly noticeable during sexual intercourse. Lower back pain and constipation are some of the other things which may occur depending upon where the uterine tumor is located and which organ it is pressing down on.
b) Pelvic Pressure: As the uterine fibroid grows in size it can cause immense pressure your pelvic region. Some of you may even be able to feel a hard spot through the skin when you examine the area. Fibroids which are large in size can even distort the shape of the uterus and press on the organs near the uterus.
c) Pass urine frequently or Difficulty in Urination: Large sized tumors can press the urinary bladder and cause problems related to urination.
d) Abdominal Bloat: you will experience a feeling of your abdomen being bloated almost all the time. This too would be very similar to the bloating which most of us would have experienced just before the onset of our menstrual cycle.
Excess estrogen is one of the common causes known to trigger the growth of uterine tumors. With the onset of menopause there is a decrease in the estrogen naturally produced by the body. With a decrease in estrogen production the uterine tumors shrink in size and disappear over a period of time. When this does not happen and there is growth of fibroids after menopause it is a cause of concern which must be attended to immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    can your tubes grow back together after being burned in a tubaligation? and can you become pregnant?
    it’s been almost 10yrs since i had my tubaligation. have 2 kids one conceived naturally the other by ivf. i haven’t had a period in almost three months. have some lightheadiness and nausea and i’m getting very bloated around the waistline.haven’t taken a test or gone to doctor. i really don’t think i’m pregnant but theres a little something telling me theres a possibility. i’m 34yrs old. could this be pre-menopause or fibroids maybe. please help me with an answer. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      i had what you did..tubes cauterized…i was told NO WAY….you can have menopause symptoms as early as 40…….go to walmart and get a test to ease your mind…open 24 hrs.

    Is there any unsurgical solution to menopause problems?
    My wife is 49. She has menopause problem. The periods are very abnormal. She loses blood and grow tired. Scan shows big and small fibroids in uterus. Doctor has given tablet MENOPACE for one month. The doctor says most fibroids shrink and come out. If they do not shrink or instead if they grow, she suggests D&C after a couple of months, to start with. Some suggest surgical removal of uterus to ward of any recurrence. But, as you all know, post-surgical health problems may surface. Friends with similar experience may share advices.

    • ANSWER:
      hormone therapy

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