Fibroids And Polyps In Uterus

Uterus Infertility – Did You Know That You Can Still Get Pregnant?

There are various causes for a woman not being able to conceive and one of the most common is uterus infertility where there is abnormal formation of the uterus or some anomalous growths.

Uterus infertility counts for a large percentage of infertility in women and this article will explore the five conditions that lead to uterus infertility.

1. Uterine Polyps: The formation of polyps can cause infertility as they prevent the fetus to develop. Even if there is fertilization, there is subsequent miscarriage because of the lack of space for the fetus to develop.

2. Myomas: The myomas are space occupying lesions inside the uterus. They are also called fibroids as they are a fibrous mass of tissue that is present in the uterus wall. Though myomas are not malignant, they cab be surgically removed.

3. Endometrial Lining: If the lining of the uterus is too thick or too thin this may lead to infertility.

4. Intrauterine Adhesions or Asherman’s Syndrome: This is a syndrome where scar tissues form inside the uterus. The scar could be a result of bleeding inside the uterus or the presence of tissue that has not been emitted.

5. Malformations: Bicornuate uterus and a T shaped uterus are the common malformations. The change in the shape can lead to decreased chances of fertilization and furthermore the fetus may not have enough space to grow.

The diagnosis of uterus infertility starts with physical examination where the physician investigates the presence of abnormalities and also collects the history. Furthermore a scan is done using an ultrasound probe which captures the image of the internal uterine walls.

Abnormal conditions of the uterus affect a large percentage of women, fibroids impinging on 50% of females, but the good news is that uterus infertility can be treated in most cases and a woman can still get pregnant and have a child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    fibroids in uterus?
    yesterday i found out i had fibroids in my uterus actually a year ago i was diagnosed thru ultra sound then six months ago another ultrasound came back showing no more,now again i have them do they cause infertility?my DR. says no but i really don’t like him i’m looking for a female periods are very long and heavy with lots of pain he says fibroids do not cause pain well what does he know he’s a man.test also showed polyps in to parts of my colon and are alot scattered he says that’s what’s most likely causing my pain and i think it’s a female problem that’s causing my pain is he just trying to throw me back to my regular DR. or do you think that he’s wright that i should be worried about my polps then anything else wright now,he says i’m fine in the female dept why can’t i believe it?buy the way i’m 35 and it just seems impossible to have so may polyps in my colon.

    • ANSWER:
      I had Fibroid removal surgery in April and it took care of a lot of the problems. I have always had them but pregnancy made them get bigger.

      I was also in the process of being a Surrogate and found out that Estrogen makes them get bigger. Mine got so big that the doctor said that if I was to get pregnant that there would not be enough room for me to carry a baby to full term. Subsequently I had a miscarriage with my couple because of their size.

      Go to another doctor because yours does not seem to know his A$$ from his hand (excuse the lang.)! They cause heavy bleeding, clotting and bad cramping. They, YES, can cause infertility unless taken care of.

      My doctor now (whom is male) is a second opinion doctor that I went to because my original doctor (a female) said that I should get a complete hysterectomy at the age of 31. NO WAY! I AM TOO YOUNG! My new doctor said that I would be better off having a hysteroscopy and that my uterus was the size of a womans whom would be 8-10 weeks pregnant. They ended up taking out one that was 6mm by 6 1/2mm and becoming neucrotic along with 2 medium sized ones and 5 smaller ones. Now I am completely healed and feel better than ever! I look thinner now too!

      A lot of women have them but they usually don’t cause any problems. My doctor said that by menopause most women have them but don’t feel them because menstration has stopped. Also by that time some are getting hysterectomys and they go away at that time.

      Please if you only remember one thing about my letter, is that above all else, get a second opinion. And a third if you are not satisfied with what you are hearing.

      Good luck to you! 🙂

      P.S. I looked on to get info on fibroids and their treatment. Maybe it will help you in making an informed decision.

    The lining of my uterus is 9mm. I had to have a biopsy. The normal lining is 5mm & under.?
    Anyone had this problem before. I ave polyps and fibroids in my uterus.

    • ANSWER:

    Can you get SSI for a combination of these health problems?
    Head to toe, not in order of severity as this varies: Migraines, chemical sensitivity, allergies, other headaches, degenerative discs and spurs in neck, osteoarthritis in most joints, GERD, back problems, severe adhesions including endometriosis including unusual places, large and multiple fibroids making uterus the size of a 5 month pg woman, bp problems because of neck and enlarged uterus, cramps in neck, abdomen, legs, chronic pain, heavy irregular periods, polyps and tumors, anxiety, depression, and pstd/personality problems. And who can I contact in Calif. to get SSI problems worked out. Although I applied for reconsideration, I’m not in the system.
    I’m in the East Bay Area, California

    • ANSWER:
      No you will be denied. Get an ssi lawyer.

    polyps in colon?
    yesterday mornig i went to the er with pain in my lower left side,i assumed it was ovary pain an ultrasound was done and they found 2 fibroids in my uterus,however the er dr. said that fibroids would not cause my pain so he ordered a catscan w/dye and the results came back that i had scattered polyps in my sigmoid&descending colon is this a sign of colon cancer?I have an apt with my regular DR.tomorrow i’m just wandering now since cancer does run in my immediate family.since i don’t just have 1 polyp and have scattered ones in to different parts of my colon does this increase my chance of cancer?i’m also only 35 has any one that young ever had colon cancer or polyps?i’ve also been getting diarrea alot the past 2 months does that have anything to do with it.thank you serious answers only please.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve had a colon polyp at age 32, and they are the leading cause of colon cancer if not removed. I had 2 checkups since they found that polyp and thankfully they didn’t find any more. I’ve always had bad problems with my digestive system. I guess it’s from having irritable bowel syndrome and never forgoing chocolate or milk products. It’s something i can deal with. I am not sure if IBS will cause polyps, or how they form. I just know they don’t hurt. They did cause some impaction, but not that bad. That’s how i knew i had the one i did.

      They wil remove your polyps by putting you under sedation, and snipping them. Then you’ll do what i do, go in for an exam two or three times to make sure no more have grown. Your condition is not that serious, providing that you get rid of them. Of course they will take them to the lab after they snip them, to make sure none are cancerous. Sometimes they will be called “pre-cancerous”. I’m not really sure what that means, but i guess it means that they could turn into cancer if not taken out. All colon polyps can, so that’s kind of a redundant thing for the medical profession to say.

      Be thankful that your doctor found them early! Godspeed!!!

    can we flush water inside vagina to clear possible blocks in the tubes etc?
    I found the below text at

    it says “Occasionally the dye used during a hysterosalpingogram will push through and open a blocked tube”. Does this mean flushing a clean stream of water in side the vagina/uterus can help clearing blocks in fallopian tubes. Sorry if I sound very stupid. Is such a treatment ever exist? I know a girl personally who conceived immediately after this diagnosis.

    A hysterosalpingogram is done to:

    Find a blocked fallopian tube. The test often is done for a woman who is having a hard time becoming pregnant. An infection may cause severe scarring of the fallopian tubes and block the tubes, preventing pregnancy. Occasionally the dye used during a hysterosalpingogram will push through and open a blocked tube.
    Find problems in the uterus, such as an abnormal shape or structure, an injury, polyps, fibroids, adhesions, or a foreign object in the uterus. These types of problems may cause painful menstrual periods or repeated miscarriages.
    See whether surgery to reverse a tubal ligation has been successful.

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t get enough fluid into the uterus by putting water into the vagina. Getting a tube into the cervix is very difficult and a very high risk for injuring the cervix which could scar it and ruin your cm and sperm storing channels within the cervix.

      Even if you got a large amount into the uterus, that doesn’t mean it will flow down the tubes and with enough force. A saline sonohysterogram doesn’t even reach the tubes. It’s only occasionally when an HSG will flush out MINOR blockage (not moderate or severe blockage or scarring).

      If someone is thinking of doing that without a medical license they are risking a lot of problems such as those above and these–

      Inducing germs into the uterus (which puts high risk of bloodpoisoningg). In fact, before getting an HSG, you’re given anantibioticc which you start the day before and continue for days after.

      Regular water contains chemicals & things in it (it’s not sterile) and it’s not ph balanced to your body so if you managed to get fluid up to the tubes, it will go into your abdominal cavity and cause problems like cramping.

      You could damage the lining and your tubes.

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