Fibroids And Periods

Uterine Fibroids and Heavy Periods

Uterine fibroids and heavy periods often go hand in hand as this condition causes havoc with your normal monthly cycles. Very often, the bleeding is not only heavy, but may last for longer than a normal period (more than 8 days) or might happen in between cycles.

Not only is the bleeding inconvenient. Heavy periods caused by uterine fibroids can be very painful and if left unchecked, can leave a woman dangerously anemic.

There are a number of simple steps you can take to help alleviate both the pain and the volume of blood lost.

* Anti-inflammatories are helpful to some women (such as Ibruprofen)

* Lie down with your legs elevated

* Try using heat therapy-either a heat pad/hot water bottle or warm bath. Any of these will help with pain relief and to improve the blood flow around the pelvic region

* Do not use tampons as these can cause further cramping

* Gentle exercise will help relieve cramps and improve the blood flow

* Nutritional supplements such as Vitamins A, C & E together with Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 will help.

Your uterine fibroids and heavy periods may well have left you anemic. If this is the case, you should take an iron supplement to replenish the lost red blood cells. Iron rich foods such as lean organic red meat, leafy green vegetables, cereals and bread fortified with iron are all good natural sources.

As your fibroids enlarge, you will probably find that your symptoms worsen. Rather than leaving matters unchecked, you have nothing to lose by trying out a natural treatment to reduce the size of your fibroids.

If you would like to see further information on how this could be your best option, please visit How To Get Rid Of Fibroids.

Written by a medical researcher and former fibroid sufferer, the system you are about to see is, quite simply, groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will feel relief that you have finally found something that will genuinely help with your uterine fibroids and heavy periods.

The outstanding feature of this comprehensive system is the 3 months free one-to-one email support offered by the author.

About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Can uterine fibroids cause late periods and infertility?
    I just discovered I have fibroids through a sonogram (not pregnant) but have not seen my doctor. Has anyone had difficulty getting pregnant and having late periods? I just turned 30. I have had 2 miscarriages recently and have been told there is nothing wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! Fibroids do cause trouble with both your periods an conception. Speak to a gynecologist about having them removed.

    I have no more fibroids or periods, Thank God!!?
    For all women who have very heavy periods. I had days where my periods were SO bad. My doctor said I had large fibroids and I told her I did not want a hysterectomy. I was only 53. She said she would try depro provera shots…4 in one year and try to stop my period, and then the fibroids would shrink. That is what she tries first w/her patients. After two shots I gained some weight, but my periods stopped. For five months I did not get my period. I then got one, but it was not bad. Then, I never got one again and my fibroids are now gone. It only took two shots for me. I’m 54 now and it was the best advice. Besides weight gain, I had no side effects. I lost the weight and am happy my periods are gone! Try it first before anything else. My male gyno wanted to do a hysterectomy.
    This is not a question. I did not put the question mark at end, they automatically do it, but it’s advice for anyone out there who is going through fibroid problems.
    No, blood does not go somewhere else, but it throws us older women into menopause, which is better than hysterectomy.

    • ANSWER:
      Excellent! Thank God, indeed!

      As far as recommendations for birth control pills: CAREFUL! because most pills are combination pills, combining estrogen and progesterone… ESTROGEN GROWS FIBROIDS… There are also estrogen sources in your diet (hormone-overgrown poultry, soy, etc.) that you need to be aware of…

      There are ambivalent reports about caffeine being related to fibroid growth, also… Worth letting go!

      They tried to treat mine with BCPs… All it did was grow larger! Someone had advised me not to do this, based on the estrogen content + her experience; I chose to follow doctor’s orders and it got me a bigger fibroid!…that ultimately had to be removed surgically!
      And in fact, they wanted to put me on Seasonale to make me have less periods (because with the change in pills I had started to get menstrual migraines; they thought, less periods, less migraines)… Yeah, but because you don’t take that 1 week break in there every month you essentially get something like 9 more weeks of estrogen doses per year… ESTROGEN GROWS FIBROIDS!

      (You gotta do your homework because some of these people will prescribe or recommend treatments that are counterproductive or that address a secondary issue but not the primary issue!)

      Not sure if Depo-provera is combination or progesterone, only…? I understood that Lupron can throw you into menopause and also shrink fibroids, but I had not heard this about the Depo shot yet…

      Did you have a follow-up ultrasound to confirm that you had zero fibroids? Please let us know! I’m glad you shared this!

    can fibroids stop periods?
    and can you give me more info about these?

    • ANSWER:
      My wife had fibroids the size of tennis balls and that never stopped her periods. But as with any medical question, I think it is best if you consult your doctor! These things can become dangerous if not treated. Good Luckl!

    Has anyone tried any natural cures for Uterine Fibroids? & Did it really work?
    I am concerned that I may have uterine fibroids. My period has changed signifcantly from my norm of 3 days of light bleeding to 1 day of spotting, 2 days of very heavy bleeding (leaking through super plus tampon ever 2 hours), 2 days of regular bleeding and another 2 days of spotting for a total of 7 days now. My period has also changed from every 28 days to every 26 days. Each month my period has gotten longer and heavier. My mother had fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It is my understanding fibroids are hereditary. I would like to know about natural obtainable cures that actually work.

    • ANSWER:
      i suffer from uterine fibroids, as did my mother, older sister, and 4 of my 1st cousins. one natural cure that i saw and only used once was Cheyenne pepper. one teaspoon at nite in a full glass of water. it is a very hot nasty taste. i battled fibroids for maybe 10 yrs. before i ended up in the er with hemorrhage. i didn’t have a hysterectomy. i had a myomectomy. they cut the fibroid off the outside of my uterus. i have a cut from my naval down, i was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work for 6 wks. the 1st 2 periods were bad and then the were great, but that only can last 6 yrs, its been 8 for me, I’m now starting to have problems again. I’m 48 now and if i have to be cut again i will just have the hysterectomy. a co-worker had a myomectomy, and she went on to have 2 full-term healthy babies. i considered my age at the time. you can get a book of home remedies at a major book store, try some of what you may find in them. good luck! in short do what’s best for you and your lifestyle. you have to live with the results.

    Fibroids and heavy periods after miscarriage. Need to worry?
    16 weeks ago sadly I had a missed miscarriage (was 12 wks). I bled for a few weeks and had a couple of internal scans. The last one showed that there was still something inside my uterus and also that I have fibroids. My gp assured me on more than one occasion that there’s nothing to worry about, but of course as I do as I am 38 and that was my first pregnancy. My bf split up a few weeks after the miscarriage so I’m not on the pills. My periods seem normal now timing- wise (well, varying between 26 – 28 days), but they are coming so heavy, with just a few clots, and I’ve been having headaches (which I did before I started with the pills years ago) and feeling drained, emotionally and physically. Is it normal to have heavy periods after a miscarriage? And are fibroids something I should worry about?

    • ANSWER:

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