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Can Fibroids Cause A Miscarriage?

If you are contemplating starting a family and know you have fibroids, you are bound to feel very concerned that your baby will be sharing its space with a fibroid or perhaps multiple fibroids. The question you will no doubt want answering is “Can fibroids cause miscarriage?”

In the vast majority of cases, fibroids are innocent bystanders and having them does not adversely affect your chances of conception to a great degree and nor do fibroids cause a great number of problems during pregnancy or birth. However, there are certain circumstances where fibroids can have an unwelcome impact and because of this, it makes complete sense to minimize any possible impact.

Can Fibroids Cause Miscarriage?

Many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy before a women even knows she is pregnant. As far as fibroids are concerned, in a very small number of cases, implantation of a fertilized ovum can be disrupted by the presence of a submucosal fibroid, that is one which forms just under the lining of the womb. Sometimes a submucosal fibroid can distort the natural shape of the uterine cavity, making implantation fail. Indeed, in some women, this is eventually found to be the cause of “unexplained infertility”.

What About Fibroids During Pregnancy?

Fortunately, fibroids do not usually enlarge significantly during a pregnancy although larger fibroids will sometimes cause discomfort as the baby grows. The location of the fibroids can sometimes have an impact on delivery if, for example, one is located close to, or over the cervix. In these cases, it is wise to monitor a woman during pregnancy and sometimes a cesarean might be recommended. Occasionally, larger fibroids might bring about an earlier labor, but mostly this will not be so early that it adversely affects the baby.

How Can I Minimize The Impact Of Fibroids?

The very best action you can take is to do something about your fibroids prior to conception. There are some excellent natural strategies which can help you to shrink your fibroids harmlessly in preparation. Even if you are already pregnant, it is worth taking measures to minimize any potential impact.

If you would like to see further details about the impact of fibroids on pregnancy, you may like to visit my website, detailed below. Here you can find further information about a tried and tested system to help women to shrink fibroids.

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The answer to the question “Can fibroids cause miscarriage?” is “Rarely”, but naturally it is very sensible to eliminate any possibilities by shrinking fibroids before pregnancy occurs wherever possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Uteran Fibroids cause a miscarriage or infertility?
    I have 3 small fibroids in my uterus and I was told that they would not affect getting pregnant by my doctor. I recently had a miscarriage and then D&C and was wondering if the fibroids had anything to do with this?

    • ANSWER:
      They can. It depends on the size, number, and location of the fibroids.

      You might want to have an ultrasound done by a fertility specialist, who could give you a better idea of whether or not yours are likely to cause problems for you.

      I am so sorry for your loss–I’ve been there too.

    Can uterine fibroids cause miscarriages?
    I have had 2 miscarriages in the past year. 🙁 One in October of 2006 and just been treated for another. I have had 2 pregnancies resulting with no complications and healthy babies. During my pregnancy with my son who was born in July 2004, I found out I had uterine fibroids which caused lots of pain during the pregnancy, especially as my tummy expanded! I have had no symptoms ever since but am wondering if this could be related to the previous miscarriages? The doctor wants to remove them surgically but I want more children. I have 4 fibroids on the outter part of the utereus about the size of key limes as he described. Any one ever had this problem who went ahead with the surgery and then had successful births? And is it possible that they are causing the miscarriages? Thanks in advance for you help!

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids are normally benign in nature. However they usually tend to increase in size during your period and during pregnancies because of hormones. It is possible that if your fibroid get large enough for the fetus not to be able to grown and breathe leading to miscarriages. I am pretty sure that the whole uterus doesnt have to be removed with the fibroid surgery, they can just remove the fibroids, so in theory you should still be able to have more children.

    can fibroids cause you to have a miscarriage i have several fibroids and one is very large?

    i heard if the fibroid large could put pressure on the baby and stop the baby growth

    • ANSWER:
      I have fibroids as well, and my dr said it’s completely normal for women over 30 to have them. They are not harmful to your unborn baby, and won’t cause a miscarriage. The only issue is when you give birth.. if they are low near your cervix they can block the baby trying to come down the birth canal! Talk to your dr about it.

    Fibroids and heavy periods after miscarriage. Need to worry?
    16 weeks ago sadly I had a missed miscarriage (was 12 wks). I bled for a few weeks and had a couple of internal scans. The last one showed that there was still something inside my uterus and also that I have fibroids. My gp assured me on more than one occasion that there’s nothing to worry about, but of course as I do as I am 38 and that was my first pregnancy. My bf split up a few weeks after the miscarriage so I’m not on the pills. My periods seem normal now timing- wise (well, varying between 26 – 28 days), but they are coming so heavy, with just a few clots, and I’ve been having headaches (which I did before I started with the pills years ago) and feeling drained, emotionally and physically. Is it normal to have heavy periods after a miscarriage? And are fibroids something I should worry about?

    • ANSWER:

    Was this a miscarriage???
    hello i am 21 yrs old and have been tryin to conceive for over 2 yrs now in july 2008 i saw a doc n was sent to to several tests i got a HSG test done which showed both of my tubes were blocked all other test were good, so in dec 2008 i decided 2 do anther hsg test being the 1st 1 could have unblocked my tubes to my surprise it did i thought i was clear to become pregnant but i still didnt month after month so i thought i wasnt ovulation so i used an ovulation predictor and after about 11 test i believe i got a positive last month but this month(oct 2009) my period came a week early and unlike the normal 5 to 6 days it has lasted 16 days and now im concerned i took a pregnancy test on the 16th day and it was negative i am wondering was could cause this per-longed bleeding could it have been a miscarriage,fibroids, my tubes are blocked again or something else i should be concerned about???? PLEASE HELP *P.S* I HAVE BEEN CONSTIPATED AND I NOW HAV REALLY BAD ACID REFLUX, AND I TOOK BIRTH CONTROL FROM MARCH 2009-MAY 29,2009.

    • ANSWER:

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