Fibroids And Cancer

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Pathogenesis of uterine fibroids

So far, the cause of uterine fibroids is not yet clear. According to a large number of clinical observations and experimental results show that fibroids are estrogen dependent growth of a tumor. Such as clinical common in women of childbearing age, 30 to 50 years of age, especially in the high-estrogen environment, such as pregnancy, high estrogen and other exogenous growth was the case, while gradually shrinking fibroids after menopause. Fibroid patients and often accompanied by ovarian congestion, swelling, excessive endometrial growth, which revealed excessive estrogen stimulation.

uterine fibroids with a substantial relationship between endocrine disorders. Application of exogenous hormone and clomiphene increases uterine fibroids after, inhibition of sex hormones can prevent or reduce the growth of fibroids, shrinking fibroids and improve clinical symptoms.

We want to play much role in the prevention of uterine fibroids

View from the tissue, uterine fibroids from the uterine muscle cells, vascular smooth muscle cells without wall into mature muscle cells, but the latter not yet clear on the concept of organizational learning. The occurrence of human uterine fibroids may come from undifferentiated mesenchymal cells to smooth muscle cell differentiation process. Multiple origins of uterine leiomyoma cells may be due to multiple foci in the myometrium potential. Into sexual maturity, remaining in the undifferentiated mesenchymal muscle cells and mature smooth muscle cells in estrogen and progesterone appear under their own continuous cycle proliferation, differentiation and hypertrophy, repeated over time, the final form tumors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Fibroids/ Cancer?
    I need help please, my mom had an vaginal ultrasound done the other day because the Dr. felt something hard in her stomach. He called back and said she definetly had fibroids. But he also said there was some kind of fluid or something and can be bad. I am soooo scared it’s cancer. I live in a different state so my sister told me this. Could it be anything else? She still hasn’t been to the gynocologist but they’re making an appt. please help!! I need some hope.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not a doctor or nurse, but I did have a LOT of ovarian cysts. When they saw fluid in my ultrasound, it was because of ruptured cysts. Stay calm. Even if it is cancer, your mom will probably be fine.

    Can uterine fibroids progress to cancer?
    I was said to have uterine fibroids 3 months ago the doctor said that it was non cancerous and that they could try to give me something to reduce the size, and that I wouldn’t have to have surgery unless I was in pain which I am. Can anyone confirm this?

    • ANSWER:
      Uterine fibroids are indeed benign. They are harmless but they can cause some pain just by being there. Rest easy, your dr. is right.

    Are fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia or polyps a precursor to cancer?
    I’m 44 and had heavy menstrual bleeding. Ultrasounds and MRI showed three small fibroids, focal complex hyperplasia and polyps. I’ve been trying natural remedies which have improved menses dramatically, no longer heavy, nor as painful. Should I still have hysteroscopy or other procedure done, or does the resolution of symptoms mean I’m OK?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a precursor to cancer. Chances are the pain and bleeding will return. Interuterine scraping is another option, but I hear it is painful and not always effective. Hysterectomy may be another option for you if you just want to be done all together.

    could you please tell me if a CA125 blood test is carried out on a patient does taht mean a cancer for definit?
    the px has an ova cyst and thickened wall and asked to go through TAH-BSO… and also was asked to do a test on CA 125 ,,,does taht mean a cancer or fibroids

    • ANSWER:
      Having a test doesn’t mean anything. This isn’t even a diagnostic test.

    My mom was diagnosed with an enlarged uterus, and fibroids. her endometrial biopsy was negative for cancer but
    her gyn told her to cycle on progestrone or schedule a hysterectomy she left us with just two choices that was really hard for us my mom does not want her uterus removed. can anybody give me advise on what to do like anything natural she could take to help get ride of her fibroids.???

    Can a enlarged uterus cause cancer if my mom doe not get a hysterectomy???????????

    • ANSWER:
      I had a hysterectomy several years ago.

      Today I regret that I did not seek alternative medicine before I had the surgery. I even think my OB made my situation worse but that is a whole other story. I would start with a good experienced acupuncturist. Here is a dependable site.

      My younger sister used an acupuncturist when she began having issues and avoided a hysterectomy.

      With all that said I have to admit that once I overcame the healing after the surgery I felt as good a new. That took several months.The only thing is that menopause does come earlier, on average 5 years earlier (in the event the ovaries are left in place)

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