Fibroid Treatment Without Surgery


Natural Treatment of Fibroid Symptoms-Shrink Fibroids Without Surgery

Most women who have fibroids may only have mild symptoms which require no treatment whatsoever. When the menopause happens, most women will find that their fibroids shrink anyway. However, if your symptoms are severe and you are a few years away from the menopause, you may wish to explore using natural treatment of fibroid symptoms.

Fibroids are caused by the interaction of a number of factors which happen to be present in a woman’s body. It is almost impossible to determine the exact causes in individuals, as even women with very similar sets of circumstances and lifestyles can have very different experiences-with some having large fibroids and others, none at all. Although surgery is available, this does not treat the root causes and fibroids are very likely to regrow. The only way to successfully eliminate fibroids for good is to use natural methods which eliminate the root causes.

If you would like some relief from the difficulties your fibroids are causing, why not try natural treatment of fibroid symptoms. Fibroids are an ideal condition to treat naturally as they are very rarely dangerous or life-threatening.

One common factor in many cases of fibroid growth is excess estrogen. Now that’s not to say that all women with excess estrogen will have fibroid symptoms, but this is a common theme. Therefore, reducing the level of estrogen in the body can help. Estrogen is usually in the body in two forms-naturally occurring estrogen and estrogen mimicking compounds which are derived from pesticides and additives.

Naturally occurring estrogen is stored in and manufactured by fat cells, so keeping your weight at a healthy level can have a huge impact on the amount on estrogen in the body. Estrogen mimicking compounds can be stored in the liver and be notoriously difficult to eliminate. The best way to ensure that these are not contributing to your fibroid symptoms is to undergo a liver detox.

Simply eating a good healthy diet should not be overlooked by women wanting to use natural treatment of fibroid symptoms. We already know that limiting the amount of saturated fat we eat is beneficial for our health, but sticking to organic produce can help if you have fibroids as it minimizes the level of pesticides you might unwittingly ingest which can contribute to your fibroid symptoms.

Another simple treatment is to use heat therapy to help with cramps during your periods. Try taking a deep, warm bath or using a heat pad or hot water bottle on your abdomen. Gentle massage has also been shown to help and is a good natural treatment of fibroid symptoms as it helps to relieve congestion.

The lack of comprehensive “real” help for women led an alternative practitioner to develop a complete system for shrinking fibroids which mirrored what she taught women in her busy clinic. Her unique, 7 Step Plan has been successfully used by many thousands of women worldwide and for those who are willing to take charge of their own treatment and recognize that they will have to play an active role in their own healing, then this is simply ideal.

If, however, you are the type of person who will simply expect to take a pill and be cured, then this is maybe not the right system for you.

Please visit my website to see further comprehensive information about fibroids. You can find full details of the 7 Step Plan for the natural treatment of fibroid symptoms at Natural Cures For Fibroids


About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Abdominal Myomectomy for Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
    I have done my research, so I am really looking for answers based on the personal experience of other women. PLEASE, serious responses only.

    Background: I’m 34 and I have uterine fibroid tumors, diagnosed by internal ultrasound. 2 of the 3 are quite large. 1 is pedunculated. I know that small, asymptomatic fibroids are commonly left untreated, but in my case, my doctor recommends removal because of the size and my symptoms. My symptoms include pain, enlarged abdomen, bladder/urinary issues, pain during intercourse and even tampon use, dysfunctional vaginal bleeding (like a period, but for 2+ wks of the month, in addition to my week-long, heavy period), etc. My doctor also recommends surgery because removal will increase my chances (from my current state) of being able to conceive later.

    In my case, my doctor determined that the only surgery available to me is abdominal myomectomy. (There are less evasive treatments including medications and laparoscopy, but I do not qualify for them.) This surgery involves a 4-5″ horizontal incision in my abdomen and an incision in the uterine wall once the uterus is lifted out through the incision. If I am later able to conceive, and if I successfully carry a child near term, I will have to have a planned C-section birth a few weeks early due to the weakening of the uterine wall.

    I know there are risks as with any surgery (blood loss, anesthesia issues, etc.). The possible complications for this specific surgery include infertilization, unexpected hysterectomy, excessive scar tissue, recurrence of the fibroids, etc. For me, my desire for a normal quality of life and my hope of having children both outweigh the risks.

    My questions are:

    (1) How long will this surgery take to recover (i.e., when may I walk and sleep without excruciating pain, return to the desk part of my job, exercise – cardio, situps)? My research says it takes 2-6 weeks to return to work, varying from person to person. I am healthy, relatively active, and have a fairly high tolerance of pain. Can anyone similar to me describe the approximate recovery time?

    (2) What other personal experience can you share (i.e., post-surgery pregnancy, infertilization, surgery complications, recurrence, pregnancy complications/miscarriage, etc.)?

    (3) If you did experience infertilization (not caused by unexpected hysterectomy), is In Vitro still an option?


    • ANSWER:

      I am not qualify to answer your question as I do not have personal experience with Fibroids. I recently did a research about fibroids for a friend of mine and found website, which is about personal experience. Perhaps you may find useful information.

    I have 2x 7cm Fibroid tumors and no insurance. What assistance is available in SC?
    I have 2x 7cm Fibroid tumors and no insurance. What assistance is available?
    I am 48 years old and peri-menopausal. I have 2x 7cm uterine fibroid tumors and 4x smaller tumors (I don’t think the doctor even told me the size of those). I was put on Provera to stop the immediate bleeding as my hemoglobin was 6. The doctor ideally recommends a hysterectomy. I agree! I would LOVE to have this procedure and begin to live and once again enjoy life without this pain and bleeding! My quality of life is terrible, and I KNOW it is causing depression that I NEVER had before. I used to be healthy, active and even gregarious! This has been going on for about 3 years now. My problem is– I haven’t any health insurance. My sister just recently had her hysterectomy and said that both the hospital she went to and her doctor gave her a substantial discount if one doesn’t have insurance and they prepay, up-front, before surgery. She paid about ,000.00 and put it all on a credit card. Still, I don’t have that. What opportunities in South Carolina are available for a divorced working woman making ,000. a year. Hopefully, someone will have the answer for me.

    PS– I do realize that there are “alternate” and homeopathic treatments, and I am appreciative those who would like to offer these treatments. However, I sincerely want a hysterectomy. Sometimes homeopathy can cost financially more in the long run.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and offering your advice.

    • ANSWER:

    Why are Fibroids so common in women yet doctors do not know what cause them?
    Fibroids supposidely affect 30% of women (don’t quote me on that stat but I know the number is very high) (as many as 50 percent of African American women over the age of 35 have fibroids source: ) and doctors know what they are, they know the symptoms, they have some treatment options but doctors DO NOT understand WHY FIBROIDS OCCUR! This is very alarming and frustrating. I think more research should be dedicated to fibroids and their cause. If it was a male problem I suspect so many years would not go by without more research into understanding this fibroid issue which can cause anguish for many woman. Not sure if other countries have a better understanding of fibroids but living in the USA we should have more insight into this very common female problem. Please post any good links or resources found on people doing fibroid research around the world or any helpful links on treatment options especially robotic assisted surgery (da vinci process) for fibroids. Thank you in advance. Happy Women’s History Month! Please share some good information.

    • ANSWER:

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