Fibroid Stops Period


Fibroid stopped my period !!!!!! I was so worried I thought I was getting ill because of the headache but when I asked in the doctor’s office they said I had a breakthrough Period. I had T pain, loss of Period, intense bloating, cramps with each pee. I immediately went to the doctor but the doctor said he could not diagnose what was wrong cause I wasn’t even bleeding. So I went home and waited about 8 weeks for my period to come back. I went and looked online and found out that its called “Fibroid”. When I asked them what is Fibroid cause I was told it was ‘late phase infertility’. I started seeing a new specialist where I got a diagnosis of FIBroid. After going

Fibroid stopped my period !!!!!! Before this this was just monthly bleeding in my right ovary 🙁 Now it’s all menstrual bleeding!!! Also my body feels heavy and my body aches a lot… -26 girls

I’ve been taking Cipro for over a year, and I’ve noticed that I’ve really had worse cramps. Usually my period has been every 6-8 weeks, but lately my period has been worse than twice a week. I know that my reproductive system isn’t functioning as it should and am just wondering if it’s caused by taking this medication? -Tiffany

I don’t know about all of you, but I think I’m having a stomach ache!! I get really bad

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