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Fibroid Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Do you know about your own body ? And how many do you know? Following me please, women friends. There are uterine fibroids whose growth are affected by the hormones and estrogen on our uterine walls. Most women suffer from them, but they are unware of that. Unfortunately, they are more common as thay age. Though they are benign tumors, they can trigger many discomfort.Stop Fibroid Method Click here

Pain and heavy menstruation is one of the apparent results. About 33% women are affected to blood loss as well as anemia. Freguent need to urinate is another symptom. Large fibriods which give a press on the bladder to reduce its capacity make you have a feeling to urinate more and more often. And with the utrine fibriods are bloating, they can make women looks pregnant. What a horrible thing for the women who want to be slim! If you have a fibroid near the cervix, you will suffer pain while having sex. Most severely, there are many difficulties for you to have children if you have the fibriods within the wall of the uterus. Certainly, there are many other discomfort such as bleeding in between periods, digestive complaints, pelvic pain and so on.

Of course, there are many corresponding ways to deal with the fibriods problem. If you want to none of your own children any more, you will choose the surgery to have a hysterectomy and the fibriods can’t affect you for ever. Another surgery is to have a fibriod embolization and this kind of ways can also make you conceive difficultly. Well, you had better think about some natural cures. Most importantly, you should avoid taking birth control pills and choose a proper weight loss plan. Otherwise, there are many diet changes to help you to control the fibriods. Keep yourself from eating red meat , white bread, flour and so on. Keep yourself from agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, soft plastics and so on. If possible, you had better quit milk. And the organic or goat milk maybe the best choice for you. Besides above ways, a unique, 7 steps plan which are developed by an alternative practitioner is a useful tactic. It has been proved by many thousands of women worldwide and play an important role in the healing. Are you interested in having a try now? Stop Fibroid Secrets Click here

Make effort to stop fibriods. Please pay more attention to your health and treat yourself well. Grab A Copy Click here


Frequently Asked Questions

    how do you get help when you have a very large fibroid tumor ,no insuranceand can’t get surgery for relief
    i have a large fibroid tumor, about the size of a term baby . i don’t have insurance and i don’t have the cash to pay for a hysterectomy what can i do

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a community clinic that charges reduced rates or on a sliding scale. They may be able to help you. This sounds serious. You may qualify for state assistance (i.e. Medicaid).
    Anyone here under 30 and have fibroid tumors?
    I was diagnosed with them when I was 21 and still suffering from them…I just needed some advice on what your doing to help with the tumors… surgery yes is a good option but I don’t have medical insurance and its so hard to find someone who’ll perform the surgery for me not to mention its always been said I need a hysterectomy.. I am only 25.. I want to have a child..I thought about myomectomy they all sound good.. I want relief but..I can’t afford it..just wanted some advice!

    • ANSWER:
      I feel your pain…I just had a myomectomy last Thursday. I put the surgery off for a long time because I was scared and didn’t like the idea of having surgery, but I was living my life around my fibroids..I know that it is frustrating but sometimes some doctors are too quick to use a hysterectomy as a solution. Please try to get as many opinions as you possibly can.. It is your body!….I’m not sure how this works but usually city hospitals have programs that can help. Wishing all the best… Good Luck!!!
    no relief after urination?
    I have a constant feeling of having to urinate. It never goes away. It is actually worse after I void. My doctor isn’t even the least bit concerned, since I do not have any infections. During an annual gynecological exam she said “I think I saw some yeast under the microscope” and she gave me something for a yeast infection. I have never had a yeast infection in my life; I had no symptoms…and frequent urination is not a sign/symptom of a yeast infection. Needless to say, it didn’t work. I thought maybe I had a cyst or a fibroid that as putting pressure on my bladder. She simply said “I didn’t feel anything during the exam.” And she blew me off.

    She did a urinalysis, but not a urine culture. I see her again on Tuesday. Should I ask for a urine culture or should I go to the urologist? My insurance plan doesn’t require a referral.
    I have had several UTI tests: one from her, two home tests and one from my primary care doctor. I have not, however, had a urine culture.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I would ask for a urine culture. If she won’t do it than go see a urologist. I also suggest that you may want to find another doctor if possible. Your doctor is not suppose to blow you off. They are suppose to help find out what is wrong with you. It is not normal to have to feel like you have to urinate all the time. You could have kidney stones or an over active bladder as wells as other things that you need to get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. You know your body and you know when something is wrong and your doctor should respect that. Good luck and I hope that you get better.
    Pregnancy questions–reposting because it didn’t post before
    When did you start to do every 2 week visits? (I am in my 28th week) What was your experience with the epidural? What other pain relief if any did you receive? When your contractions are close together like 4-5 minutes is their time to take a shower? Also, I am Due Nov 5th but the dr seems to think the baby will come anytime after the 15th of October based on a fibroid I have. Did any of you get to have a vaginal birth with a fibroid? What did you do to prepare yourself for child birth.Any tips on becoming a new mom? Secrets you couldnt live without that you wish you knew from day one? Sorry for all the questions at once but I know the time is getting nearer and nearer as each day passes 🙂 thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I was high risk with mine so I started going every 2 weeks at 20 weeks but I believe usually you start going every 2 weeks at 30 weeks and then every week at 36 weeks. Let me first say……epiderals are great! I had to have my first born natural…(only medication through the iv) all it did was make you sleep until you had a contraction then you felt everything. I hated that because I was so groggy I couldn’t enjoy the experience..I just remember the pain. The second one my epideral took and it was much more relaxing. I was able to get the best sleep I had in months before the big “finally”. Unfortunately, I did have to have a ceasarian. If your contractions are that close together 4-5 minutes you won’t worry about a shower. you’ll be to anxious I would be on the way to the hospital by then. When in labor, don’t worry about being grippey (to hubby or nurses). You need to concentrate on yourself and ask for whatever will make you comfortable…it might be a good idea to pack a box and close it till the big back massager music wash cloth to wet something to focus on ect. Also, don’t get your heart set on one a vaginal or ceasarean. They really aren’t as bad as people say they are. I have had both and I am sure you will do just fine with either. Also, don’t worry about the baby coming early my first came at 34 weeks. He or she will do fine.. Good luck to you and just be prepared for the unexpected!
    Will the doctor be able to give me anything to relax me before my c-section?
    He expects to do a c-section due to me having a fibroid removed in March 2009. That was some what of a relief to me because I am terrified of having a vaginal birth, on the other hand, I can’t see myself having a c-section either. I have read lots of information on it, and have heard that it feels extremely weird that you can’t feel the lower half of your body. I have also read that you can’t feel yourself breathing.

    I am a very high strung person and I am scared of EVERYTHING from bugs to needles. I can barely get my blood drawn. They usually have a hard time getting it to flow because I am so tense and not breathing regularly. I have had two major surgeries before (appendectomy and fibroid removal). With the appendectomy they did a full cut down the middle of the stomach. When I woke up after surgery I thought I was going to die. I was in so much pain. I didn’t realize they had tubes running down my throat and I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. I was trying to sit up while they were pushing me on the hospital bed.

    I guess the problem is I don’t like being out of control. It makes me extremely nervous when I realize I am not in control of myself. I don’t take medication because it doesn’t affect my every day life, but I am certain that once they drape that sheet in front of me and begin to do the epidural, etc. I am going to pass out. I can’t stand it.

    I want to bring this up to my doctor when it gets closer to delivery time. My due date is 02/14/09, but he said he will schedule the c-section around 36-37 weeks, so I’m assuming that’s the end of January or beginning of February. Do you think he will offer any options, or am I am stuck?

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest doing some research on c-sections and asking some friends about their c-sections (if any have had). I think they should be able to give you a little something to help. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen some episodes of the birthing shows where they have to completely sedate the mother.


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