Fibroid Prolapse

Plan a Successful Prolapse Repair in India

There is a great news for the patients who are seeking a successful prolapse repair surgery at low cost in the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, they can have the ut 00004000 erine prolapse repair in India with the higher success rate and that too at very low cost. Uterine prolapse is a major health concern for women. Approximately 11% of all women will undergo some type of surgical procedure during their lifetime to correct or repair prolapsed pelvic organs. Uterine prolapse is also a frequent cause for hysterectomy. However, treatment options for women’s problems like uterine prolapse repair and hysterectomy are available in India. The large numbers of hysterectomies done for fibroids, uterine prolapse, menorrhagia, and other conditions that can be symptomatic but are benign has increased interest in new approaches to treat these gynecologic disorders. These new procedures are less invasive and offer reduced risk and faster recovery. India is providing the best medical healthcare facilities available in the field.
Surgical Options for Prolapse repair

Prolapse surgery is used to repair and reconstruct the support of the vagina and its neighboring organs when there is a prolapsed uterus. The surgeon’s goal is to restore normal anatomy, sexual function and human physiologic function (urinating and defecating). Since uterine prolapse is not life threatening, surgery is indicated only if the patient feels that her condition is severe enough that it warrants correction. Mild prolapse need not be surgically corrected for it is rarely symptomatic.

Uterine prolapse is the indication for hysterectomy in approximately 15% of cases in the United States. It is rare for a patient to have a prolapse of the uterus without at least one other type of vaginal prolapse (i.e. Cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, and urethrocele). Therefore it is very important that the physician carefully inspect the vagina for other prolapses. All forms of vaginal relaxation should be treated at the same time as the hysterectomy or uterine suspension. It is possible to have vaginal prolapse surgery without the need for hysterectomy or uterine suspension if there is no prolapsed uterus. Surgery to correct uterine prolapse requires great experience and expertise. Meticulous attention to preoperative evaluation as well as intraoperative technique is essential in repairing all defects present. Failure to do so may result in a second or third surgery for the patient.

Medical tourism helps abroad patients who wish to have their prolapse repair surgery in India at very low cost and keeping their convenience in consideration. Medical Tourism is a combination of wellness and healthcare coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating a person mentally, physically and emotionally, drawing away from his daily routine to a relaxed environment in an exotic location. Medical Tourism in India facilitate the abroad patients to receive superior medical, and cosmetic care by highly skilled surgeons at some of the most modern and state-of-the-art medical facilities in the world. This means that those who choose medical tourism of India for their prolapse repair surgery will be able to utilize the services of some of the top surgeons in the world, all while enjoying exotic locales and accommodations. Patients can put the money they are saving on the procedure into turning their journey into a magnificent, world-class retreat. For millions of patients, it is the only way to get the needed or desired medical treatment, without wiping out their entire life-savings. For more concern about prolapse repair surgery in India visit and

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Fibroid Tumor including prolased uterusbladder and rectum?
    Went to the ob today she was awesome, I am still in a grey area as to this fibroid tumor I have and the prolapses.. I had a colposcopy 15 mths ago are there stages of the results that come back from them as far as you would get like in stages of precancer 0 1 2 3 or 4 being the worst? Another thing the ob siad the cervex looked healthy whew good thing.. I do have intermittent bleeding inbetween periods lower back pain burning and pain dwn my right leg.. The other day I found a swollen gland I believe that is painful the size of a large pea on the back upper left thigh..I do also have lympomas and it may b one. I had recently been sick with a cold and what I thought to be a kidney infection and had also taken antibiotics about 2 weeks ago… Could there be infection still…My main concern though right now is if this fibroid was so urgent and a hysterectomy recommended in feb why would they schedule a hysterectomy in late April? I havent been sick or ill in 16 mths

    • ANSWER:
      If you are concerned, get a second opinion even if you are happy with your current one. It sounds like you need a lot of support right now. I stronly suggest that you visit a web site made just for this. It is called Hyster Sisters. There are lots of women there who have been or are currently in your shoes.
      I would never have gotten thru my hyst (at 35 for endo cancer) with out that kind of support. Good luck to you.

    I have 6 fibroids one in the lower uterine segment. My MD scheduled me for a TAh I’m alarmed by this cause he ?
    didn’t ask me if I just wanted a Partial hysterectomy. I don;t want to loose my cervix or ovaries. I have read the benefits to keeping them out weigh the cons. Worried to death.Taking the cervix weakens the pelvic floor which could later lead to vaginal prolapse. Loosing my ovaries would leave me 3 times prone to heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. What should I do? Do U think that having a fibroid in the lower uterine will cause the lost of my cervix.I have negative pap smear and uterine biospy.

    • ANSWER:
      Gwendolyn, You need to talk with another gynecology physician who will take some more time to answer your questions. Some of your information is not accurate. Fibroids (leiomyomas) are usually benign muscle tumors that can range from one to many inches in size. Rarely does one turn malignant. Cancer of the cervix is still a killer of many women. The removal of a cervix does NOT weaken the pelvic floor, will not lead to a prolapse of the vagina, and can still be followed by an active, satisfying sex life. If you are under 35 years old, you could request that your ovaries not be removed, though many women would like to have them out so as to avoid any ovarian cancer in the future. It’s your call, but you should discuss this more with a gynecologist who will answer all your questions.

    Besides pregnancy, what will cause an enlarged uterus?
    My Doctor said that mine is 4 times as large as it should be. I had a bunch of diagostic tests done last week and go back for the results this week. I’m definately not pregnant (I think you actually have to DO something to get in that condition, don’t you? LOL) I’m not sure if I might have a fibroid causing the problem or not. I had an endometrial biopsy and it showed nothing out of the ordinary.
    If nothing is found, I wonder if steroids would shrink it’s size? It is causing some issues being this large, and I’d love to avoid surgery, especially a histerectomy if I can, Can taking prednisone shrink the uterus? Any other suggestions? (the main issues I have seem to have to do with prolapse problems.)

    • ANSWER:
      An enlarged uterus is usually due to fibroids, infection, or endometriosis.Sometimes this can be normal, as it could just be sitting high, but since you have other symptoms, this most likely isn’t normal. Your doctor would need to do further evaluation, to determine the exact cause. You can read more about fibroids here

    Really worried…..?????
    I’m 34+5 weeks pregnant. My baby has always measured above the top lines for growth, and was 4lb 5oz at 30 weeks – I also had raised amniotic fluid levels of 23.4. I had my glucose tolerance test at 30 weeks and it came back normal.

    Yesterday I had another scan. The baby is now measuring 7lb 2oz at 34 weeks! And I’ve been diagnosed with polyhyramnios as the fluid levels are now 30. The sonographer said that everything looks fine with the baby – but I’ll be uncomfortable due to having a big baby and high fluid levels.

    The Dr didn’t seem concerned. She just gave me a blood test to check for viruses and told me to go back in 2 weeks… but I’ve searched google and terrified myself. I am also struggling to breathe & my asthma is getting worse…. I can’t even walk two steps without struggling for breath & my feet and hands are very swollen (low blood pressure so they’re not worried).

    The baby is also breech, and they said if it still is in 2 weeks they’ll have to consider a caesarean – as they can’t turn it due to the fluid volume – also if my waters break or I go into labour I have to go to hospital immediately due to risk of cord prolapse.

    I’m really worried about everything. The fluid levels, the baby being big etc. I have eaten chocolate (especially when I had morning sickness) and am wracked with guilt – & wondering if the gtt was wrong. I also have a large fibroid low down & having an emergency caesarean worries me as I know they can haemmorhage if cut.

    I had a son 19 yrs ago – who was small for dates & the placenta was deteriorated, so I don’t have a history of large babies?
    My son weighed 6lb 5oz and he was full-term

    • ANSWER:
      I had polyhydramnios too. I had weekly growth scans as baby’s growth kept stopping and starting and I was told it was a whopper of a baby. I can completely sympathise about some of your probs. I too terrified myself when I googled polyhydramnios but please remember what you’re reading about are the worst case scenarios. The most common cause/effects of it are NOTHING! It’s only a very small percentage that result in problems from the excess fluid. My doctor planned to put a tube with a camera on it down baby’s throat when he was born to check his digestion. Maybe you could speak to them about this if you were to find it reassuring? Luckily my polyhydramios disappeared at 38 weeks preg and I went on to have a healthy 9lb boy naturally. Remeber also, the weight predictions are rarely accurrate and sometimes they can be waaaay off! Really the only thing you can do is try your hardest not to worry. What will happen will happen, there’s no predicting exactly how the birth will be. You and your baby are in very good hands – the docs are aware of your complications and have dealt with worse! Best of luck! x

    Are these illnesses or symptoms???
    These are NOT Illnesses, but only symptoms that you must learn to ask yourself—“from which of the five causes does it come from???”

    These are the symptoms that were once known as real illnesses; that YOU can now learn to reverse or prevent, and/or improved by yourself with my self-healing methods.

    There are two words that will make this possible to do or impossible to do:
    These two words have a magic all their own –they are magical because they remind me of “Open Sesame” — once you use these words they open a new life for you if you apply them or close the door to it, they are called: Discipline and Dedication. With out these magical words nothing is possible—I will give you the path to a new life, but you must walk it and never get off of it — until the day that your real cause-point is found and eliminated.

    Which one do you have and from which cause–point did it come from???

    1. Over-acidity??? 2. The Chemical World??? 3. The Living World??? 4. The Nutritional World??? 5. The Viral and Bacterial World or Microscopic World???


    Acid Indigestion

    Acid Reflux



    Allergies — Intolerance To Certain Foods

    Allergies – Skin

    ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

    Agent Orange



    Alcoholic Tremors And Addiction

    Anemia, Low Hemoglobin, Low Blood Volume, Little Or Thin Veins

    Anxiety Disorders



    Athlete’s Foot Itch That Just Won’t Go Away

    Back Pain — Body Aches And Lower Back Pain

    Bed Wetting — Adult
    Birth Defects
    Bleeding Gums

    Blood — Poor Circulation—Cold Hands And Feet

    Blood Clots

    Blood — Toxic Due To Overload Of Worm Toxins Or Over-Acidity Or Chemical Toxins

    Bloody Stools Or Rectal Prolapse, Or Blockages In The Intestinal Tract

    Blood Volume – Low — Causing The Heart Stress

    Body Odor

    Brittle Nails

    Breath — Bad Breath That Does Not Go Away, And Foul Smelling Gas And Stools

    Bruxism — Teeth Grinding while you sleep


    Candida Infection

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Cholesterol (Elevated)

    Chronic Fatigue


    Colds — Frequent Colds, Congestion

    Cold Sores

    Dark Circles Under The Eyes



    Drowsy, Or Tired After Meals





    Digestion — Impaired

    Dizziness — Light Headed-Ness

    Emotional — Excitable Or Un-Controllable Emotional State Or Seizures

    Emotional — Frequent Or Un-Controllable, Or Un-Explainable Or Un-Justifiable Rage, Anger Or Extreme Aggression

    Eye Twitches

    Erectile Dysfunction — Inability To Maintain An Erection Due To Low Blood Volume

    Fatigue — Frequently Fatigued Or Fatigued For Un-Explained Or Un-Known Reason


    Fever — Low-Grade

    Fibroid Tumors

    Fingernails (White Spots, Brittle, Ridges)

    Food — Intolerance To Fatty Foods

    Fractures–Fast Recovery Time Of Broken Bones

    Gall Bladder – Pain Or Infection


    Genital Herpes


    Headaches– Migraine — Chronic Or Headache For No Apparent Reason

    Heart Palpitations

    Heal Wounds– Fast Recovery Or Fast Healing Time


    Heart Palpitations

    Heart –Abnormal Rhythms

    Hemorrhaging – Internal — Unexplained Or Unknown

    Hemorrhoids And Diverticular Disease And Colitis

    High Blood Pressure

    High Cholesterol

    High Blood Pressure

    High Cholesterol

    Hungry All The Time


    Hypotension — abnormally low blood pressure

    Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

    Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)


    Infections — Lowered Resistance To Infections


    Intestinal — Frequent Intestinal Disorders, Or Intestinal Bleeding, Frequent Gas & Bloating

    Intestinal — Irregular Bowel Movements, Chronic Constipation, Sluggish Elimination Or Chronic Diarrhea

    Insomnia And Restless Sleep

    Irregular Heartbeats

    Iron– Increases Iron Absorption

    Iron Deficiency Anemia


    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    Itching — Painful itching in or around anus, skin, penis, vaginal


    Joint Pain — Or Joint Stiffness And Pain

    Kidney Stones

    Leg Tightening


    Liver — Pain In Your Liver

    Loss Of Appetite

    Loss Of Smell

    Lymph Nodes — Swelling

    Malaise — A General Sick Feeling

    Menstrual Cramps

    Mental — Difficulty Concentrating, Insanity, Disorientation


    Mucus — Excessive

    Muscle Cramps
    Muscle Pains
    Muscle Tremors
    Muscle Twitching

    Muscles — Sore
    Muscle Weakness
    Muscle Wasting

    Nerve Disorders

    Neuromuscular irritability
    Nose Bleeding

    Numbness In Arms And Legs



    Pain — General Aches And Pains That Migrate From One Place To Another.

    Pain – Universal

    Panic Attacks

    Pica — Craving To Eat Soil, Paint, Eating Foul Tasting Or Obnoxious Things

    Plaque — On Heart And Arteries

    Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Breast Soreness, Vaginal: Itch, Bleeding, Pain Or Infections

    Protein Deficiency
    Restless Leg Syndrome
    Seizure Disorders

    Sensitivity To Light, Or Day Blindness

    Skin Problems That Just Won’t Cure Or Resolve Such As: Rashes, Boils, Pimples, Acne, Sores Etc.
    Sonophobia — Fear of loud sounds that irritate your nerves

    Stiffness — Back, Neck



    Sleep — Needing To Sleep A Long Time, Or Inability To Stay Asleep

    Stomach Pains

    Stomach — Protruding Belly Caused By Infestation Of Parasites

    Stunted Growth Or Delayed Puberty

    Swollen Legs




    Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears)


    Twitching Eyelid


    Vision — Partial Loss Of Vision, Or Total Blindness, Or Pain In Eyes


    Weakness — General — Or low energy level

    Weight – Excess Weight Or Can’t Gain Weight

    Wombs or open sores that won’t heal or close

    • ANSWER:
      swollen ankles
      joint pain
      chronic fatigue

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