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Do you know about your own body ? And how many do you know? Following me please, women friends. There are uterine fibriods whose growth are affected by the hormones and estrogen on our uterine walls. Most women suffer from them, but they are unware of that. Unfortunately, they are more common as thay age. Though they are benign tumors, they can trigger many discomfort.Stop Fibroid Method Click here

Pain and heavy menstruation is one of the apparent results. About 33% women are affected to blood loss as well as anemia. Freguent need to urinate is another symptom. Large fibriods which give a press on the bladder to reduce its capacity make you have a feeling to urinate more and more often. And with the utrine fibriods are bloating, they can make women looks pregnant. What a horrible thing for the women who want to be slim! If you have a fibroid near the cervix, you will suffer pain while having sex. Most severely, there are many difficulties for you to have children if you have the fibriods within the wall of the uterus. Certainly, there are many other discomfort such as bleeding in between periods, digestive complaints, pelvic pain and so on.

Of course, there are many corresponding ways to deal with the fibriods problem. If you want to none of your own children any more, you will choose the surgery to have a hysterectomy and the fibriods can’t affect you for ever. Another surgery is to have a fibriod embolization and this kind of ways can also make you conceive difficultly. Well, you had better think about some natural cures. Most importantly, you should avoid taking birth control pills and choose a proper weight loss plan. Otherwise, there are many diet changes to help you to control the fibriods. Keep yourself from eating red meat , white bread, flour and so on. Keep yourself from agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, soft plastics and so on. If possible, you had better quit milk. And the organic or goat milk maybe the best choice for you. Besides above ways, a unique, 7 steps plan which are developed by an alternative practitioner is a useful tactic. It has been proved by many thousands of women worldwide and play an important role in the healing. Are you interested in having a try now? Stop Fibroid Secrets Click here

Make effort to stop fibriods. Please pay more attention to your health and treat yourself well. Grab A Copy Click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1986 my mother was diagnosed w/fibroid tumors, (outside the uterus) are they cancerous/life threatening now?
    My mother has had a continuous problem with bleeding for the past 7 years and her abdomen is bloated also. Could she have them safely removed now or have they turned into cancer tumors? She’s too scared to go to the doctor for fear they will tell her she’s about to die (she real old fashioned). Thanx for any advice!!

    • ANSWER:
      I’d bet that your mother’s fibroids are inside the uterus, not outside. Yes, sometimes they do grow outside, but those do not cause heavy bleeding.

      Fibroids are almost always benign–but they are a nuisance. Basically, they are growths within the muscle of the uterine wall, and/or under the lining. They cause heavy periods, a protruding abdomen (looks like pregnancy), and backaches, among other symptoms. But the real problem is if your mom’s periods are so heavy that she’s always anemic…out of breath, cold, and lightheaded.

      The most important thing to keep in mind is that many women over 40 have fibroids, although most don’t cause any problems.
      Your mom could do nothing now and wait until menopause, when the reduction in hormones causes the tumors to shrink–but the inconvenience and worry that her current symptoms are causing should be reason enough to see the doctor just for a basic exam and a blood test to measure her iron levels.

      If the fibroids need to come out, then there are many surgical choices she can make, depending on how big her fibroids are. A skilled surgeon with experience can often remove only the tumors, leaving her uterus intact. If the tumors are large, your mother could have a simple hysterectomy and leave her ovaries intact. It’s important that she find an OB-GYN surgeon with a track record of preserving organs as much as possible.

      There are also some newer methods that involve blocking the blood vessels that feed the fibroids so that they die off in time, but this is usually for women with only a few fibroids. And if heavy bleeding is the worst symptom, your mother might be a candidate for the procedure where a heated balloon-like device cauterizes the uterine lining to stop the bleeding without invasive surgery. This doesn’t make the fibroids stop growing, but it does treat the anemia.

      Tell your mother not to worry, and have a check up to see what’s going on. Remember–she is in control of any decision, and a second opinion is always a good idea.

      And do read up on the subject. There are many resources online. This condition is way more common than you think. And again–it is almost NEVER cancer.

    How to get rid of uterine fibroid without surgery?
    I want to kow if there is any natural method of getting rid of a fibroid. I have a very huge fundal fibroid outside my uterus, though it is not creating any discomfort, I am only 28 and this may cause complications in my pregnancy.

    Can anyone suggest any natural methods for treating this

    • ANSWER:
      It is perfectly possible to learn how to get rid of uterine fibroids naturally but first and foremost you must understand that this is not a quick fix approach and will require a committed and systematic approach from yourself.

      Your fibroids did not grow overnight and although common, not every woman will have fibroids. There are various causes of uterine fibroids and most of these are caused by lifestyle and dietary issues. Certain conditions need to exist for uterine fibroids to grow-there is never any single cause of this condition, but it happens due to the subtle interaction of various factors which cause an environment which triggers off growth.

      By neutralising the conditions which caused fibroid growth in the first place, this will cause the fibroids to shrink naturally and once the conditions cease to exist, fibroids cannot grow any more. There is certainly a strong connection between the Western lifestyle fibroid growth. This does not just apply to our Western diet, but also factors such as stress, lack of exercise and poor sleep patterns all come into play.

      To get rid of uterine fibroids naturally, you will need to use a tried and tested plan. Implementing ad-hoc treatments may help give symptomatic relief, but will not provide a proper solution.

      The components of a successful plan will include:-

      * A robust detox to help eliminate toxins

      * Systems to rebalance hormone levels

      * The correct diet for fibroid sufferers

      * How to control stress levels

      * The role of herbs

      * The link between yeast and fibroids

      Combining these elements makes for an extremely powerful method to rid you of your uterine fibroids.

    I have a fibroid in my uterus and I’m 9 weeks pregnant… should i be worried?
    I’m not sure if the fibroid is in my uterus or just outside of it. As anyone every been pregnant with a fibroid in their uterus? I’m worried about it and don’t know what to do. Are there things that i shouldn’t be doing with the fibroid in my uterus while I’m pregnant? Plz help… thanks

    • ANSWER:
      is your fibroid malignant or benign?

      if it is malignant, you should ask your doctor about it, and discuss if you need to start taking meds, which would be hazardous to the pregnancy.

      if it is benign, it would depend upon the size and location. if it is too big and inside the uterus, it might take a lot of space – space which is intended for the growth and development of the fetus.

      i had myoma while i was pregnant and yet my baby was born healthy.

    I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus..I have spotting red and brown is this from the fibroid or?
    I was recommended to have a hysterectomy a yr ago I was also told after the ob put me on provera then naproxen after I nearly bled to death from him and fired him to seek emergency medical care immediately…… was a single mom in the middle of a divorce and missed so much work from the ob and court that I nearly lost my job… I couldnt get back to another ob its been a yr… Now I have this intermittent bleeding of red then brown…. I was also told I my uterus bladder and rectum are sitting on my pelvic floor… I just want to know what the chances of cancer after a yr with a fibroid would b… He had also made the comment of lever 3 b4 cancer… now I am worried I do have another appt with a OB outside my network….

    • ANSWER:
      When it is polypoid or sub mucous fibroid intermenstural bleeding occurs.If the polypus is large the bleeding is profuse and almost continuous. If it is infected the discharge may be with pus and with offensive smell. Red is fresh bleeding and the brown is late bleeding. Since you have already being diagnosed as having fibroid you need not worry, other wise we have to think of possibility of co-incident uterine cancer. Better to have a checkup again.

    When did you first feel the baby move with an anterior placenta?
    I am 20 weeks and 4 days and have not felt much. I know I have my placenta is on the anterior and I also have a big fibroid outside the uterus – wondering if other people felt baby move later because of this? I saw her on ultrasound last Thurs and she looked fine…..but movement would make me feel so much better – thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I have an anterior placenta and I first felt fluttering movements at about 18 weeks. Then between 19 and 20 I started feeling jolting movements. It wasnt until 22 weeks that I knew I was getting kicked.

      Now at 25 weeks Im getting beaten up. LOL.

      Good luck and congrats!

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    • rtmendez
    • 26/04/2017

    Had three ultrasounds over last 3 months because of extreme bleeding for 3 days of my period! Ultrasounds showed my uterus with thick lining and enlarged as if I was 16 weeks pregnant and some good size fibroid cysts. Today the put a scope in my uterus found no cysts, no polyps, and no enlarged uterus. Said all looked normal. They did a dnc and said tissue samples be back in two weeks, I am 49 in July. How can ultrasounds show this, but once inside it’s all normal?

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