Fibroid On Cervix

     Fibroid on cervix

Cervical fibroids are the fibroids that grow and develop in cervix. Cervix, neck of the womb, is a cone shaped portion of the uterus. Fibroids on cervix are benign tumors and are not related with cancerous activities. Cervical fibroids vary in number from one to many. More often than not, there are only one or two cervical fibroids. They also show substantial variation in size. Fibroids are basically lumps of fibrous and glandular tissues. These are very common and normally don’t pose a serious threat. However, in very rare circumstances the may create some discomfort for you.

There are no specific symptoms of cervical fibroids. Some women do show some signs while various others don’t. In general, fibroids on cervix don’t move inside uterus but occasionally it may happen. During the stay of cervical fibroids in cervix, they can cause some changes in the shape of uterus. Due to large-size fibroids, uterus elongates. Large-size fibroids can actually push the womb upwards. Besides that these fibroids can block the cervix causing unnecessary complications. Rapid growth of fibroids, if any, may add fuel to the fire. Owing to the obstruction caused by cervical fibroids along the cervix, the patient may feel difficulty in urination, irregularities in menstruation etc. This situation may prove to be a real nightmare for pregnant women as blocked cervix will not allow the baby to depart from uterus.

Symptoms of cervical fibroids

Females who have fibroids on the cervix may show some symptoms such as heavy and prolonged periods, pelvic pain, fatigue etc. However, it is not necessary that each and every woman who has cervical fibroids should show these symptoms. The location and size of cervical fibroids will decide the signs and symptoms that a woman may exhibit.

Due to heavy bleeding, women having cervical fibroids may be susceptible to anemia. It is a condition characterized by the immense loss of blood. It should be treated timely as its delayed treatment may have some devastating consequences. To cope with anemia, patients should consume iron supplements and fibrous foods.

Cervical fibroids can cause inflammation in cervix as well as in uterus. This can lead to cramps and pain the pelvic area. This abdominal pain may become very severe during monthly periods. In some rare cases, abdominal pain can be the cause of pain in lower back.

Large-size cervical fibroids can exert substantial pressure on the urinary bladder causing discomforts in urination. Besides that sometimes patients have also reported increased urination. Patients are supposed to discuss all of their symptoms with their physicians, so that they can help them in this situation.

At times, fibroids can also cause difficulty in defecation, a condition known as constipation. It can further aggravate pelvic pain and bloating.

Detection of cervical fibroids is not a big task. You should consult your doctor. The doctor will have a physical examination of yours pelvic area and will recommend you for an MRI. MRI report will provide the identification of cervical fibroids, if any. Regarding the treatment of fibroids, there are various methods that include hormonal, surgical and herbal methods.


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