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How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally Without Drugs or Medicines?

Are you on the look out for answers on how to shrink fibroids naturally? If so in all probabilities you must have already considered all the options available to you for treating uterine tumors and decided against surgery.
It is indeed possible to stop and prevent the growth of uterine tumors naturally without resorting to medication and surgical procedures. Most of natural remedies used in fibroid treatment focus on reducing the amount of estrogen in the body. This is because increased levels of estrogen in the body is known to be the most common cause of fibroid growth.
Here in this article I am going to share information on some of the natural cures which will help shrink existing fibroids and prevent the growth of new ones.
1. Diet– while undergoing fibroid treatment it is important for you to eat a low-fat diet rich in fiber. This will help the body regulate the estrogen levels. When estrogen levels are right there will be nothing else which will trigger the growth of uterine tumors.
A poor diet enhances estrogen levels in the body and prevents the body from breaking down and getting rid of excess estrogen. Liver is the main organ responsible for breaking down hormones. In case it is overloaded, it will not be able to perform this function effectively. To ensure that the liver is not overloaded you must avoid saturated fats found in meats and dairy products, alcohol and excess sugar. You must also ensure to include foods containing phytoestrogens in your daily intake. These are a natural source of weak estrogen which helps to protect the body from the effects of excess estrogen. Whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat, oats and millet, foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as fish, nuts and flax seeds, soy, fruits and vegetables and non-dairy milk products are all rich in phytoestrogens.
2. Milk thistle is a herbal remedy used in treatment for uterine fibroids. This herb has been used for centuries by Chinese medicine practitioners. It helps to breaks down estrogen circulating in the body. It basically strengthens the liver and stops toxins from entering the body. It is useful to fight the damage caused by free radicals.
3. Burdick root– is another herb popular used in uterine fibroid treatment. It is very effective in shrinking the size of existing fibroid tumors and strengthening the liver. It is available in the form of capsules in most health food stores.
4. Red Raspberry– is very useful to treat heavy bleeding caused due to fibroids. This herb basically tones the uterus. However pregnant women should abstain from making use of this herb.
If you are seriously looking out for remedies on how to shrink fibroids naturally then you should be committed to devote your personal time and effort in treating yourself. You must remember that natural fibroid treatment methods are not quick fix solutions. You should be prepared to undergo fibroid treatment for at least 6-12 months to get rid of your uterine tumors completely.

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About the author: I am an ex banker turned home maker. As soon as I reached the age of 40 I started experiencing a number of typical “women’s problems”. Like most others I too always resorted to modern medicines as my first line of treatment. Needless to say it was always accompanied by a number of side effects. Sick and tired of bearing up with the side effects I decided to do some research of my own. Thanks to internet I came across ideas and methods of natural cure for most of these typical women’s issues. I have tried these out personally and now am a strong believer in nature cure. Nature Cure is absolutely safe, has no side effects and offers permanent solution for most of our problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there is any ayurvedic medicine to cure fibroid without operation in Sri Lanka ?
    Presently I am in Sri Lanka. I have been diagnosed having fibroid. Doctors already recommend me to do a surgery. But which I am scared. I like to know if any one of you knows an Ayurveda doctor who have cured fibroid ?

    • ANSWER:
      You have asked for an ayurvedic medicine but since I am a homeopath I can only suggest the following:

      Homeopathic prescription for tumors of the Uterus (Fibroid Tumors).

      Take homeopathic remedies Sulfur and Bryonia both in 200 together on the first day but just two doses per week; on the second day Belladonna and Podophylum and Caulophyllum, all 3 in 200, again just twice a week but not on the same day when you take the 1st two Sulfur and Bryonia. Also take these cell salts (3-4 tablets) every four hours regularly Ferrum Phos 6X,Calcarea Flour 6 X Kali Mur 6X and Silicea 6X.

      Homeopathic remedy dosage

      I suggest that remedies be used as follows: Take 2-3 drops of selected remedy in ¼ th glass of water, preferably empty stomached.

    Can Uterus fibroid be cared with Homeophathy medicine ?
    Fibroid is inside the Uterus.

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathy is effective for treating a number of ailments including fibroids. In case of fibroids normally the cause can be varied. Hence any type of uterine fibroids treatment should adopt a holistic approach. It should concentrate on a number of aspects like
      a) diet changes
      b) liver detox
      c) physical exercise
      d) practices to reduce stress like meditation, yoga accupuncture
      Hence in addition to medicines you will have in incorporate a few other measure to help shrink your fibroids naturally and prevent the growth of new ones—Side-Effects-of-Medical-Procedures-and-Alternative-Options-Available&id=4550401

    Is there is any ayurvedic medicine to cure fibroid without operation?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a large, growing fibroid. When it was first diagnosed, it was about the size of an egg. Then, one year later, it was larger, needing surgery. Well, I’m chicken (no pun intended!), so I thought I’d try using castor oil. Castor oil has always been used as a home remedy for a variety of illnesses. What I did was begin taking Evening Primrose Oil, 1000 mg, three times a day. I also massaged Pure, Cold-Pressed Castor Oil into my abdomen in a circular motion, three times a day, massaging twenty-five times in one direction, and twenty-five times in the other direction. When I went back for an ultra-sound one year later, it was gone. The technician did not believe me when I told her that I used to have one, so I said she needed to go get my files from the doctor.

      This is how I got started in Natural Remedies, Vitamins and Herbals. I’ve been fibroid-free for 10 years now.

    If a woman has fibroid, what is the best medicine for it to cure it permanent?
    she had a child over 14years now, since then she had miscarriage after 2years of the first child, since then she was unable to concieve, just few weeks ago a doctor examine her and confirm that she has fibroid.

    • ANSWER:
      If a woman wishes to save her fertility and treat the fibroids a myomectomy is an option. This is a major surgery where the fibroids are removed and the uterus is reconstructed. A woman who considers this options should make her decision based upon the risks that are involved with any major surgery such as this.

      Some treatments are dependent upon the type of fibroids the woman has. More info at the website below!

    Can anyone please suggest to me any medicine that can melt away fibroid (growth in the ovary) than surgery?
    somebody told me that now a days, there are medicine or juices for curing fibroid instead of going for surgery. pls let me know

    • ANSWER:
      No, there are not.

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