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Find Out How To Cure The Fibroids By Natural Means – 4 Practical Tips and Tricks

Fibroids are one of those issues which are not normally life-threatening, yet can actually adversely impact the quality of your life. Assuming you’ve visited your medical doctor 00004000 and she or he has verified that your particular condition isn’t risky, you may very well prefer to try natural cures for your uterine fibroids.

Listed below are a handful of helpful strategies to eliminate uterine fibroids in a natural way:

Modifying Your Diet

Modifying the diet would probably be the single most efficient uterine fibroids do-it-yourself solution. It is best to concentrate on consuming just organically grown produce to minimize the amount of nasty chemicals you may ingest. Be sure that your food regimen is based primarily on unprocessed food items which should be eaten in their normal condition if possible. Try to eat a nominal amount of 7 portions of organic fruits and vegetables, focusing on dark green leafy veggies in addition to dark colored fruits like cherries and blueberries. Some other good foods include things like beans, nut products and seeds. Drinking enough liquid can also be essential. Try to drink at the very least 2 liters of drinking water daily and steer clear of caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

Keep A Watch On Your Weight

Estrogens are kept in the body fat. Excess weight promotes an imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Subsequently it is mandatory for you to maintain a balanced body weight all the time. Having said that, do not shed too much pounds since this can also cause hormonal imbalance.

Don’t Forget To Do Exercises

Taking enough exercise and relaxation are also important. It doesn’t mean lots of high impact exercise, but 30 minutes of reasonable training a few times a week is great. You must also think about what type of factors enable you to calm down, as it is considered that high stress levels might be a contributory element for fibroids. Some other efficient all-natural solutions for fibroids include going through cleansing methods and also detoxification regimes.

Following A Step-By-Step Holistic Program

As with other things, unless you remove the reason for something, treating solely the symptoms will end up in the situation continuing to be. Exactly the same will also apply to fibroids. If they are taken out or even shrunk, they’ll grow back, unless of course you in addition get rid of the causes. By simply following a complete holistic system to get rid of the root reason for the situation you can actually remove your uterine fibroids once for all instead of only masking your signs and symptoms.

Follow these techniques and I’m confident that you will notice some relief soon.

I hope this short article on how to eliminate fibroids in natural way was helpful for you, all the best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is surgery my only option for Fibroid tumors?
    Hi I’m a 27 year old female from Los Angeles, CA and was detected that I have 3 Fibroid tumors. This year in May 2010 I got my period and was having excruciating pain that I didn’t know why was it that bad. So thinkig it didn’t seem normal to me I went to go see a doctor and the doctor told me I had a bladder infection and gave me meds. So from that I thought okay that was the problem then No more worries. Well surely after I didn’t get my period in June but I was having early bad cramps since I didn’t get my period on time I decided to go see a Gyno she had said I have Yeast infection but she seemed like it’s no biggie that it’s treatable but had said she wanted me to get a pelvic ultra sound with a radiologist. So since she didn’t seemed worried I went to go get the test and got an unexpected suprise that I have 3 Fibroid tumors but away from my uteros. As some of you who have been in my situation know how I felt and was really dumbfounded. I even know a couple of friends who have had it and have been through really bad situations which I would want to go through. I’ve never had kids but would like to have some one day. I am not sure on the sizes of tumors but from what I saw in the ultrasound two might look like the size of a golf ball around there and one is a little bigger Im just guessing. I’m supposed to go see my gyno in a week. I was away in Australia for a year 2009 and had bad cramp pain but not as much as i’ve been having it here back home so makes me wonder I may have had it that long. I have faith that I’m hoping that all will go well. I’ve been told by several people that I can naturally get rid of them but I would have to be in a strict diet and that the fibroids may come back. So would this be an option if I really take care of myself?

    Ladies only who have had it a couple of questions; What was your experience when you had it? Are there certain foods that I should watch out for? What would be my best decision to get rid of these tumors and still have a chance in the future of having a baby with my current partner? How long does it take to recover? I was told there’s laser surgery to get them removed. Would that be safe? I dont have insurance but might be getting medical so pray for me and wish me luck. Please share some of your similar experiences with me and maybe some way to aleviate my pain that im having right now. . . I DO NOT WANT MY UTERUS TO GET REMOVED so please any advice you can give me I would truly appreciate it. 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a minimally invasive procedure called uterine fibroid embolization (you can Google this for more info). It is done by an interventional radiologist. A small incision is made in your groin and catheters are inserted until they reach the blood vessels supplying the fibroids. Small particles are injected into these vessels to block them. This causes the fibroids to shrink as they no longer have any blood supply. Over several weeks to months the fibroids shrivel up and you will not have any more symptoms. This is a quick procedure, about an hour and does not require a hospital stay. Ask your gynecologist if you are a candidate for this procedure and if he/she can refer you to a doctor that does this. This procedure is good for young women who want to preserve their uterus for future pregnancny.
      Hope this was helpful.

    does anyone know what this is?
    okay well first off i can’t actually ask my mother herself, because we’re not very close (we don’t usually talk, and when we do it almost always leads to an argument/fight)
    but the other day i heard her on the phone with my aunt, she was talking about how she has to keep going to the doctor, something about bleeding a lot in the past two months and then she said something about like a fibroid and laser surgery.. anyone know what this is? is it bad?

    • ANSWER:
      Your mom is having problems with excessive bleeding during her periods. Many times as you get older fibroid tissue/ growths will develop in the uterus preventing the uterus lining from shedding as it normally does in each period, hence the extra bleeding.

      This is usually not a serious condition and is easily taken care of with a D&C as an out patient in the hospital. Now days with the new proceedures, laser, healing and discomfort is minimal.

      So don’t panic. Your mom will be fine.

    What can you tell me about uterine fibroid tumors?,,,?
    that are out of control.I want to avoid surgery if I can.They are too big to laser out.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m 42 years old. I have two fibroids – 54mm and 22mm. I’m just having heavy bleeding (3 days). The doctor told me not to do any surgery they will shrink when I go into menopause. Also, I had to come off of the pill as the fibroid feeds on the hormones in the pill.

      I still use herbal medicine though – it helps with the pain and clotting – but I’m all the way in Guyana, South America.

    hysterectomy/ PLEASE HELP?

    • ANSWER:
      i would say check with your doc…. you arent gonna get many MD’s here who know your history and all, just call a professional… they went to school 8 years for a reason 🙂

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