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Treatment For Uterine Fibroids – Is There Any Natural Fibroid Cure?

Treatment for uterine fibroids could involve complicated surgery or simple natural methods depending upon the type of treatment you choose. Doctors recommend various uterine fibroid treatment options some of which are

  1. Do absolutely nothing about it and let nature take its own course. In majority of women with menopause fibroids usually disappear.
  2. Surgical procedures or hormonal treatment both of which normally do not offer a permanent solution.

The number of women seeking natural uterine fibroid treatment has been on the rise in the recent past. This type of treatment for uterine fibroids is really effective and thousands of women the world over have successfully got rid of their problem.

There is no single cause of fibroids. There are a number of reasons like hormonal imbalance, excess weight, no physical exercise, age and race which can result in uterine fibroids. However presence of any of these factors does not necessarily imply that the woman will have fibroids. For example excess estrogen and body weight can be probable causes of fibroids. This does not mean that all women with either or both of these conditions will have fibroids.

Surgical methods of treating fibroids do nothing to get rid of the basic cause of fibroids. Modern medicine can address the issue only if the cause can be pin pointed with certainty. In the absence of the cause being eliminated, in most women who resort to surgical procedures fibroids normally recur.

Natural treatment for uterine fibroids takes a holistic approach. It concentrates on eliminating all the possible causes of fibroids and simultaneously shrinking the existing fibroids. Dietary changes, physical exercise and herbal medicines may be prescribed as part of the natural treatment.

Liver detoxification is one of the popular natural methods of uterine fibroid treatment. Getting rid of excess weight is yet another method of overcoming the problem. Food like oats and cumin produce a calming effect on tumors. Hence consumption of such food items with anti inflammatory properties is also recommended as a natural remedy.

Absence of comprehensive information on natural treatment for uterine fibroids led an alternative practitioner to compile a 7 step guaranteed plan to shrink fibroids naturally. This method has been successfully used by numerous women the world over to cure fibroids. A word of caution here- this plan will require your active participation in the treatment process. Dietary and lifestyle changes recommended in the strategy must be strictly followed. In case you do not have the requisite will power and motivation to heal yourself this plan will not suit you.

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About the author: I am an alternate medicine practitioner specializing in natural treatment for women’s health problems. Since I am over 40, my body too is undergoing a number of changes and it is a challenge to find a natural cure for these typical women’s issues. I strongly believe in nature cure and see no reason why it cannot solve most of our problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find more in-depth information about uterine fibroid tumors?
    I have been told that I may have fibroid tumors but I don’t exactly know what they are. I know that it is connected to my menstrual cycle. When I get my period, I have excruciating cramps and discomfort. I throw up excessively and I tend to pass out. However, I am only 17 years old. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

      Hope this helps

    Information of Fibroid Adenomas?
    I have one big Fibroid Adenoma in my left brest, it is right under the nipple. I was diagnosed with this in May of this year. I was also told to cut down majorly on salt & caffiene intake, which I do. My boss is constantly asking me why I am dieting (5’4 117lbs) and I have told her repeatively that I am not dieting and that I have a condition where I am really not supposed to have caffiene or salt. For example today, she was supposed to take me to lunch, but all of a sudden all the other employees decided to have Pizza, which contains an appalling amount of salt..Can someone give me information so I can print it out and show my boss my need for not having salt//caffeien. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Information on the internet was very limited but I did find this article. If your boss does not understand this then something is wrong with his or her comprehension.

      For breast lumps, treatment and diagnosis are frequently related. For example, your doctor may insert a needle into a cyst and draw out fluid, both to examine the fluid and to eliminate the cyst. If the fluid is clear and the cyst disappears, your doctor will probably diagnose it as a benign cyst and undertake no further treatment. Many physicians take the added precaution of having the fluid checked by cytology — a pathologist’s examination of the cells. If a lump does not disappear and is still present after your next menstrual period, your doctor will want to re-examine you.

      If the fluid extracted from a suspected cyst is bloody or if little or no fluid can be extracted, this is potentially a cause for concern, and a biopsy may be indicated to check for cancer. Fibroadenomas can be diagnosed only by biopsy. Surgical removal, usually in a same-day surgical procedure, is considered the only treatment. Nipple adenomas are surgically removed because they are sometimes associated with breast cancer. Intraductal papillomas are surgically removed before they grow large enough to block the milk ducts.

      What Are the Treatments?

      Nutrition and Diet

      Some doctors recommend eliminating caffeine to shrink breast cysts. Studies show mixed results on the effectiveness of this, but many women report a decrease in symptoms after eliminating or reducing caffeine. Some studies have suggested (although none has proved) a link between dietary fat — especially saturated fat — and benign lumps, as well as breast cancer. Limiting fat to less than 20% of your total daily calories may help shrink or eliminate lumps.

      Although no studies have proved that diet causes breast tumors, some do suggest a relationship.

      To prevent and treat monthly breast swelling, a change in diet and nutrition may help. Your doctor may encourage you to maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet as good preventive medicine. Because salt can contribute to fluid retention and thus worsen symptoms, you should restrict your salt intake near your period. For some women, eliminating caffeine and related substances, such as methylxanthines (found in chocolate and tea), can alleviate breast pain. Your physician may suggest wearing a bra or sports bra, even 24 hours a day, to reduce breast movement and lessen the discomfort until the tenderness passes.

      In recent years, some doctors have suggested vitamin E supplements, in daily doses of up to 800 IU, to treat breast pain not caused by cancer. Evening primrose oil may provide some relief. In addition, a physician may suggest relieving pain with an analgesic such as aspirin or ibuprofen. A mild water pill (diuretic) can help remove fluid.

      If these treatments don’t help, your doctor may prescribe treatment with a hormone such as danazol, which has been shown to help relieve breast pain. You might also be given progesterone, since some studies suggest a lack of progesterone may contribute to breast pain. The anticancer drug tamoxifen is also prescribed. If one of these drugs doesn’t work or gives you troublesome side effects, your doctor may switch you to another. However, do not use these drugs if you are trying to become pregnant.

      All of the hormone treatments above have side effects; those of danazol, a male hormone, include headache, nausea, menstrual irregularity, and weight gain, as well as masculinization (increased hair growth and, rarely, deepening of the voice) that may not be reversible. Your doctor may be reluctant to use tamoxifen because of uncertainty about its long-term effects on cancer risk, bone density, gynecological growths, and blood clots. These medications are rarely used and only for severe symptoms due to their extensive side effects. In fact, most patients can get relief without strong drugs; the greatest benefit comes from eliminating caffeine.

      Breast infections are treated with antibiotics. If an abscess exists, your doctor may also make a small incision to drain it. If this doesn’t work, minor surgery is the next step.

    i need some information on fibroid tumors of the breast and some home remedys thank y?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to have fibroid tumors checked out by a doctor. They might want to biopsy them or remove them.
      They say cutting out the caffine in your diet will help to shrink them. But that depends on the person.
      They can be hereditary if your mom has them you might also. Some people have them all their lives and never have any problems with them. But they are something you and your doctor should watch.
    Does anyone have any information on fibroid tumors and ovary cysts? I was told I had both.?

    I have surffed the web on this but I was hoping someone had personal experience to give me. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hello! I have both and was diagnosed with these at a very young age, I was only 18 years old. I had just had my second child, I was sure if I was ever going to have another child and that was scary at my young age. First of all like 80% of women get these during there life time. Fibroids are tumors that grow inside or outside your uterus. Your gyno may want to watch them every few months by have a internal ultrasound, to measure the size, if they start growing rapidly your doctor may ask if you would like them removed, sometimes this ends up in hysterectomy. Fibroids cause lots of bleeding. They grow from hormones. Cysts, well those ones are painful. I was also diagnosed early with these as well, I think I was about 16. I was at work and one exploded and I became seriously ill. My doctor still hasnt done anything about mine, and things just keep getting worse. I recommend that you do not ignore these at all. I was actually just reading somewhere online and it said something about how a cancerous tumor can accidentally be misdiagnosed as a fibroid. If you go into and type in these medical terms ex ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids, you can pull up a lot of information about them. Thats where I have done most of my research because my doctor didnt give me anything to read about, I left the doctors office as a young teen mom thinking I have cysts and tumors, what does this mean, I was frightened. If treated well you will be healthy I am sure. I still have problems, but guess what, almost 2 years ago, after being told I couldnt have any more kids, my cysts were getting worse and fibroids filled my uterus completely, I was pregnant and not with one but with two! They are my angels! I am also giving you two links one for each medical issue. This site is a very good one to get any answers from, and good luck, and make sure you keep your appointments about these issues.

    does any one know any information about hysterectomy and the risks before and after?
    my mom has to have a hsterectomy because of fibroid tumors in her uterus. the information would be a big help to me and my family to keep them at ease.

    • ANSWER:
      When an hysterectomy is performed the surgeon removes the uterus and depending on the age of the patient he may also remove the ovaries.
      but that changesfrom person to person, some women who are not in her menopause request to keep her ovaries in order to keep her hormones right; but if the woman is on the menopause they are usually removed because they are not working anymore (that is they aren’t making hormones anymore) but they can become cancerous in the future so the surgeons remove them as a preventive measure.
      During the hysterectomy there are some risks as with any other surgery, those risks can be: excesive bleeding during the procedure which could require a transfussion, infection after the surgery that could require antibiotics or in extreme cases to do an emergency surgery to remove the infected tissue, also there is risk of damaging organs of the urinary system such as the bladder.


      If your mother’s OB/GYN is certified I can tell you that he has done that procedures a lot of times and then the risks are much lower (We could say that is a routine procedure for them)
      After the surgery she will never have menstrual bleeds again, and at first some women refer a little discomfort or less pleasure during sexual intercourse but it resolves after some time.
      My recommendatin is that your mother should
      take all the medications and all the perioperative precautions and everything should come out fine.


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