Fibroid In Ovary

                                              Fibroid in ovary

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors of uterus. These benign tumors are not involved in any type of malicious activities. They are very common and don’t pose a serious threat. For majority part, they are found in women, having age of more than 25 years. It is absolutely very rare to have fibroids in teenage girls. Also, there are no chances of fibroids in women after menopause. They can be microscopic as well as macroscopic. Although they are usually very small, yet sometimes they get big enough to fill the entire uterus.

Even in this time, the causes of fibroids haven’t come to light. No exact reasons of fibroids are known. Nevertheless, their enlargement is linked with estrogen. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a significant role in increasing the size of fibroids. Greater the amount of estrogen secreted, greater would be the probability of increase in the size of fibroids. It is because of estrogen that fibroids are not found in older women who have reached menopause. After menopause, the level of estrogen in women descends quickly. Owing to this fact there are no chances of fibroids in these women. As, women after this age are subjected to high risk of cancer, so any tumor should be considered as malignant, unless proven otherwise.

As fibroids are very common entities in women, so they don’t cause any complications in pregnancy. However, large-size fibroids can sometimes ring alarms. They are to be treated very cautiously, so that there are no dangers to the life of baby or mother. Overall, fibroids, whether small or large, should be treated very carefully. This will necessarily avoid any intricacies.

There are no specific symptoms of fibroids. Some of the common symptoms include heavy periods, delayed menstrual cycle, pain in pelvic region, pressure in the bladder, spotting etc. At times, the patient may suffer iron deficiency due to intense bleeding. This condition is known as anemia. It should be treated with iron supplements, so that the shortage of iron remains no longer. Eating fibrous food also lends a hand in combating anemia.

Fibroids in ovary are very normal and common. Ovarian fibroids are normally benign and don’t develop in to cancer. It is very rare that these fibroids get converted in to cancers. Ovarian fibroids are normally smaller as compared to uterine fibroids.

As mentioned above, fibroids in the ovary normally are not a headache. Some of the common symptoms include pain in ovaries, discomfort, intense bleeding and irregularities during periods. These unnecessary growths may cause twisting in ovaries. Regarding the detection and deterioration of these fibroids, biopsy is very effective. It clearly tells you to about any cancer-related activities. There are a lot of methods available for the treatment of these fibroids.  These include hormonal, surgical and herbal methods. There are various supplements that are very helpful in dealing with these tumors. Among these products, green tea is very effective. It silently shrinks fibroids without creating any side-effects. Anti-oxidant food stuff also plays a significant role in decreasing the size of these fibroids.

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