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Foods To Shrink Fibroids – Components Of A Fibroid Diet

In the hope of avoiding painful and often ineffective surgery, many women look at various natural remedies to help them shrink fibroids and often wonder if there is a special “fibroid diet” which they could follow. There are in fact various foods to shrink fibroids, but it is vital to understand that watching what you eat is not the only thing you will have to do to have an effect on your symptoms and the size of your fibroids.

As fibroids are thought to be caused by a combination of factors which have subtly interacted to cause fibroid growth, it follows that treatment needs to address the various causes rather than simply treating the symptoms, which is what surgery does. Diet is an important factor in this treatment, but it is important to understand that it is only one element and you will have to make other lifestyle changes and possibly include herbal remedies which are known to help with fibroids.

The main aim of a fibroid diet is to ensure that all foods which are known to enhance fibroid growth are eliminated. In addition, you should be mindful of the number of calories consumed as it is well known that women with a body mass index of over 30 (which is hardly obese!) are at a much higher risk of developing fibroids.

Foods To Avoid

* Red meat
* Processed foods
* Foods containing artificial additives
* Excess sugar
* Alcohol
* Caffeine
* Fruits and vegetables which have been sprayed with pesticides

Foods To Shrink Fibroids

* Spinach
* Kale
* Yeast
* Egg Yolks
* Flax seeds
* Wholegrains
* Organic fruits and vegetables
* Soy rich foods
* Iron-rich foods

Dietary modification can be a useful tool for women trying to shrink fibroids, but it is vital to look at other areas which will need modification in order to be successful. Indeed, as well as foods to shrink fibroids, there are specific herbs which can be very useful at detoxing the liver.

There is an excellent 7 Step Plan which incorporates the use of herbal treatment for fibroid tumors which is completely guaranteed to work. It has been used very successfully by many thousands of women worldwide. Please bear in mind that it requires you actively participate by making lifestyle and dietary changes. It also details exactly what you should be eating and which herbs are recommended for the various symptoms and types of fibroids.

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You can find further details at Foods To Shrink Fibroids

You can also find further information about alternative fibroid treatment options and this includes the foods you should eat at Fibroid Diet.


Frequently Asked Questions

    success stories of using natural herbs to shrink fibroid uterine tumors?
    Natural herbs, vitamins or foods succesfully used to shrink uterine fibroid tumors

    • ANSWER:
      See your GYN and stop the nonsense

    what herbs can one use for fibroid?
    if one doesn’t want to have a fibroid operation and you want to maximise your chances getting pregnant what do you do?

    • ANSWER:
      Herbs will not have any effect whatsoever on your fibroid. Do not waste your time and money.

    Is this mix of herbs okay to take, what is the best amount of each to take?
    I am trying to shrink my uterine fibroid tumor and I found a fibroid-clear mix of herbs but they want to charge like 60 something dollars. I have found if you buy the herbs seperately it comes out to be less than half of the price. Also all of the herbs contained in this pill I don’t need just a few which I will list below. I need to know if these herbs are okay to take together and what amount of mg. should I take of each. Also if there are any known side effects of these herbs.
    Chaste Tree
    Red Raspberry
    Siberian Ginseng
    Red Clover
    and a Echinacea and Goldenseal mixture.
    Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    The tumor is not cancerous, it is caused by excess estrogen in my body. Some of the side effects that I suffer from are heavy bleeding, frequent periods, swelling, and pain.
    The herbs that I have listed help with all of these symptoms.I don’t know if it will shrink it but I do know that it will help with the side effects which is good with me too. To buy all of these herbs will only cost me 20 dollars, so even if it doesn’t work extremely well it isn’t too much of a waste of money.

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of people do not realize that not all tumors are cancerous…

      Most of what is in there is crap. Try the chaste-berry and the raspberry, but also realize that most fibroids are going to go away on their own – or not, the herbs are likely not to have much effect.

    Does herb cure Fibroid ?
    If there are other solution or best method, Pls. recommend the site – Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I tried Fibrovan & it worked for me. Check out the website & see what you think Hope this helps!

    please advice. pregnant and have a huge fibroid.?
    i am 14 weeks pregnant and i ve got a big fibroid (10 cm accross), on the outside of my uterus. the baby is fine for now. my doc says the fibroid could cause misacrriage.
    now as much as i hate to think of such a possibility, it would be helpful to know if certain foods or herbs such as pomegranate can prevent miscarriage..
    if i take less salty and spicy food will it stop the growth of the fibroid to some extent ?
    and i ve been told to undergo a blood test that checks for down syndrome. is this test given to all carrying women or does fibroids have anything to do with down’s syndrome ?
    also beacuse of the fibroid, i ve had to undergo an ultrasound already and once more because my doc could not hear the baby with the doppler. and i am having one more next month. thats 3 times already. is this good for the baby ?
    i am 28 years old and my husband is 32.
    thanks for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      congrats on your baby i’m pregnant as well my mum had three fibroids and just had a baby 3 weeks ago she was very healthy the obvious thing to do is no heavy lifting and avoid sex until your at least 20 weeks to be on the safe side downs test are routine and the fibroid is not a contributing fact but its your choice whether or not you would like to know ultra sound totally safe it always nice to see your bundle of joy
      good luck

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