Fibroid Cysts Uterus

     Fibroid cysts uterus

Uterine fibroids are tumors that are developed in the uterus. Unlike malignant tumors, these tumors are not cancer-causing and are known as benign tumors. They are very common in women and in most cases they are of no serious concern. Women who are more than 25 fall prey to fibroids. It is very unlikely that fibroids develop in teenage girls. Fibroids are more common in black women as compared to white women. They have fifty percent more probability of fibroids as compared to white women.

Fibroid tumors are sometimes wrongly called as fibroid cysts but technically it is incorrect. This is because cysts are something that contains fluids or semi-solid material, whereas these tumors contain fibrous and glandular tissues. They range in size from 0.08 inches to 8 inches. They may have solitary appearance but can also be found in groups.

The causes of fibroids are still unknown. Estrogens play a significant role in the development of fibroids. Women who have reached menopause have no chances of having fibroids as now their body is not producing estrogen. Females, who have their menstrual cycle running, are exposed to the likelihood of developing fibroids.

Fibroids range widely in size from being very small to very large. Sometimes they are so small that they don’t even get noticed. On the other hand, they may become so large that they occupy the entire uterus. In reality, it is very rare to have such large-size fibroids. For the most part, fibroids are so small that they don’t pose any threat.

Fibroid cysts uterus can grow and develop in a number of positions. They may occupy the anterior as well as exterior wall of the uterus. Sometimes fibroid cysts get developed in the lining of uterus that is known as endometrium. Anterior wall fibroids are located at the back side of uterus and are not involved in any kind of intricacy. Fibroids which are located at the opposite end of uterus are a real source of headache. These fibroids should be given a timely treatment so that things remain under-control. Fibroids can be treated via hormones as well as surgery. In severe circumstances, these fibroids should be removed through surgery. There are two main types of surgeries associated with fibroids namely, myomectomy and hysterectomy. Myomectomy is the surgical removal of fibroids. It has a downside that it can’t prevent the recurrence of fibroids. On the other hand, hysterectomy involves the surgical removal of uterus. It is considered as a last resort as after this, a woman loses her fertility.

Besides hormonal therapy and surgery, fibroid cysts on uterus can be also treated by alternative medicines. Herbal medicine has proven to be very effective in the treatment of fibroids. These medicines don’t have any side-effects and show desired results in a limited period of time. Fibroidclear is one such medicine that has proven its significance with the passage of time. It is a combination of nine different herbal medicines that are very effective in shrinking fibroids cysts.

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