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Recovering From Fibroid Surgery

Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts are both fairly common ailments affecting women’s reproductive organs. I’ve had experience with both. Unfortunately by the time I became fully aware of them, they were quite large, and I opted to have them surgically removed. But I’m hoping to find a holistic and natural way to prevent them from recurring. So the question is whether yoga or other alternative therapies can help.

Chances are you’ve heard of uterine fibroids. You may even have one or more. Uterine fibroids are fairly common non-cancerous growths in or around the uterus, the cause of which is officially unknown. According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) they occur in 25-50% of all women. Many women with them may not be aware of them, because they stay small and don’t cause any pain or other symptoms. For others however, fibroids grow to be quite large and can be painful or problematic.

In my case, I had one large fibroid that we thought was at least peach-sized. Knowing that it was my intention to start a family, my doctor suggested that it might be best to get that out of the way. Since fibroids are fed by blood and hormones, they grow during the course of a pregnancy. They can cause complications, increasing the risk of miscarriage, preterm birth or breech birth. I wasn’t anxious to experience my first surgery, and my doctor made me aware of several options. There are hormone therapies that aim to shrink or halt the growth of the fibroid, as well as several alternatives for surgical removal, depending on the size and location of the fibroid.

I initially chose the least invasive option offered, which was the use of a progesterone cream, which we hoped would shrink the fibroid. After 3 months, the fibroid was bigger instead of smaller, and my doctor found a large cyst that she was concerned about, so surgery became the next step. Part of me wanted to try alternative healing therapies, like Reiki, but I was also impatient and had little faith that alternative therapies would quickly dissipate a large growth. It turns out that my large fibroid was over a pound in weight and larger than a grapefruit. So I don’t regret the surgery, but I’d rather not repeat it, if I can avoid it.

From what I’ve read so far regarding yoga and fibroids, the first and foremost recommendation is that women with fibroids should not practice physical asanas during the menstrual period, as it provides more blood to the uterus and can make the fibroids grow. At other times, supported poses and gentle twists, similar to those recommended for prenatal yoga practice, can be good for alleviating pain and other symptoms. Like other health challenges, a healthy diet and lifestyle is recommended to avoid or alleviate the growth of fibroids. But that answer seems too generic, leaving me asking what more can I do to avoid more problems with fibroids and cysts in the future?

About the author: Wendy is a Certified Yoga Instructor with a focus on fitness, health and well being. She shares her knowledge and experiences at Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions

    i just found out i have 2 cm fibroid in uterus and cyst in left ovary?
    my question is why did this happend to me im only 27 and have 2 kids should i worry please help has this happen to any one else.

    • ANSWER:
      Dont panic. You will be surprised to know that almost half of the women the world over, irresspective of age suffer from fibroids. It is rarely life threatening and responds very well to natural remedies.
      since you still are in the child bearing age , it does not make sense to go in for surgical treament. Natural cure for treatment of uterine fibroids should be the first option which you must explore. To learn about my story please visit

    3 Fibroid in the Uterus and 1 Cyst?
    Just visited the doctor and she found 3 fibroids and a cyst in my uterus, has anyone experienced this?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had numerous fibroids in my uterus, three as big as walnuts. They can cause painful and irregular bleeding. I was already in my 50’s, so she told me to chill and go on hormones at 55; that they would shrink away on thier own. I am not familiar with the cyst problem, though.

    Has anyone ever had fibroid cysts removed from inside their uterus and then went on to have a successful preg?
    I suspect I may have fibroid cysts. I am told that if they are inside the uterus and are removed that they will absolutely come back and then you have to have your uterus removed. A friend of mine just had to get hers taken out because of this exact situation. So have any of you women ever had them removed and then went on to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby??

    I’ve read that having fibroids during pregnancy can cause deformities?

    • ANSWER:
      I am speaking from recent experience. I had 6 large fibroids removed from inside and outside my uterus on April 4, 2008. My surgery was done by a fertility doctor who specialized in preserving women’s uterus’. 2 weeks after my surgery, my dr told me we could resume intimacy but not to get pregnant. Surprise! I got pregnant that night! I am currently 27wks with a healthy boy. I am experiencing abdominal pain but other than that I am fine. I was pregnant before I had the fibroids removed and I made it to 18wks. My son didn’t die because of the fibroids but because of an incompetent cervix. Don’t let anyone tell you what is and isn’t possible. I thought we would never conceive. I would advise you to seek help from a specialist and don’t stop until you get an answer that you are satisfied with. Best wishes!

    I have a fibroid in uterus, and my left ovary is removed due to ovarian cyst. Can I conceive & get pregnant?
    I am married. I have four daughters. Now that I want to take a chance again. two of my elder daughters were born when I had the overian cyst (first in Nov’97 and other in feb’99) and that after the removal of cyst (it was removed in Apr’99)I have given birth to my twin daughters in July 2001.

    • ANSWER:
      My wife had multiple uterine fibroids prior to her getting pregnant with twins. So, obviously, we were able to conceive and get quite pregnant. The OB kept an eye on the fibroids since they were getting extra blood during the pregnancy and did grow quite large. There was concern that they could crowd the girls, cause issues with the uterine walls, complicate delivery by getting in the way, etc.

      As it turns out, they never grew too big .. the largest was about the size of an orange, I think, which is much smaller than the OB said they could grow.

      Since the girls were born, about 4 years ago, the fibroids never did return to their pre-pregnancy size. My wife’s uterus stayed the size of a 3-month pregnancy and the fibroids began to calcify and become very sensitve and she had a hysterectomy recently to resolve those issues.

    What is the different to fibroid and cyst?
    Normally, I saw people posted – fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovaries. Other than the location, are they the same things or different type of growing substances?

    • ANSWER:
      A cyst has fluid (pus) inside it and a fibroid is made up of tissue. Cysts & fibroids can occur anywhere in the body.

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