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Do you know about your own body ? And how many do you know? Following me please, women friends. There are uterine fibriods whose growth are affected by the hormones and estrogen on our uterine walls. Most women suffer from them, but they are unware of that. Unfortunately, they are more common as thay age. Though they are benign tumors, they can trigger many discomfort.Stop Fibroid Method Click here

Pain and heavy menstruation is one of the apparent results. About 33% women are affected to blood loss as well as anemia. Freguent need to urinate is another symptom. Large fibriods which give a press on the bladder to reduce its capacity make you have a feeling to urinate more and more often. And with the utrine fibriods are bloating, they can make women looks pregnant. What a horrible thing for the women who want to be slim! If you have a fibroid near the cervix, you will suffer pain while having sex. Most severely, there are many difficulties for you to have children if you have the fibriods within the wall of the uterus. Certainly, there are many other discomfort such as bleeding in between periods, digestive complaints, pelvic pain and so on.

Of course, there are many corresponding ways to deal with the fibriods problem. If you want to none of your own children any more, you will choose the surgery to have a hysterectomy and the fibriods can’t affect you for ever. Another surgery is to have a fibriod embolization and this kind of ways can also make you conceive difficultly. Well, you had better think about some natural cures. Most importantly, you should avoid taking birth control pills and choose a proper weight loss plan. Otherwise, there are many diet changes to help you to control the fibriods. Keep yourself from eating red meat , white bread, flour and so on. Keep yourself from agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, soft plastics and so on. If possible, you had better quit milk. And the organic or goat milk maybe the best choice for you. Besides above ways, a unique, 7 steps plan which are developed by an alternative practitioner is a useful tactic. It has been proved by many thousands of women worldwide and play an important role in the healing. Are you interested in having a try now? Stop Fibroid Secrets Click here

Make effort to stop fibriods. Please pay more attention to your health and treat yourself well. Grab A Copy Click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there is any ayurvedic medicine to cure fibroid without operation in Sri Lanka ?
    Presently I am in Sri Lanka. I have been diagnosed having fibroid. Doctors already recommend me to do a surgery. But which I am scared. I like to know if any one of you knows an Ayurveda doctor who have cured fibroid ?

    • ANSWER:
      You have asked for an ayurvedic medicine but since I am a homeopath I can only suggest the following:

      Homeopathic prescription for tumors of the Uterus (Fibroid Tumors).

      Take homeopathic remedies Sulfur and Bryonia both in 200 together on the first day but just two doses per week; on the second day Belladonna and Podophylum and Caulophyllum, all 3 in 200, again just twice a week but not on the same day when you take the 1st two Sulfur and Bryonia. Also take these cell salts (3-4 tablets) every four hours regularly Ferrum Phos 6X,Calcarea Flour 6 X Kali Mur 6X and Silicea 6X.

      Homeopathic remedy dosage

      I suggest that remedies be used as follows: Take 2-3 drops of selected remedy in ¼ th glass of water, preferably empty stomached.

    What is fibroid? How to cure fibroid? Is it possible naturally fibroid cure?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids occur at many reason and these include excessive hormones especially estrogen which ties in with progesterone and other cell growth factor that leads to irregular masses. Other factors are connected to overweight, stress, sedentary lifestyles among others. Sometimes, the symptoms of uterine fibroids are harmless and would tend to disappear after menopause. But most of the time, women would suffer bouts of pelvic pain and severe blood loss that would later become anemia. Removing the fibroids through surgery might be the only way to relieve you of the symptoms.
      Consider these factors first before you step in the operating room:

      The size of the fibroid is also a factor if you would need surgery or not.

      If the growth itself has altered the normal way you live your life.
      A decision must be made if you still want to have a child or not. Surgery to remove these fibroids would result to the removal of the uterus itself.

      There are other more natural ways to relieve from the symptoms.

      Try it and you will see the difference. Very good site for you:

    Is there is any ayurvedic medicine to cure fibroid without operation?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a large, growing fibroid. When it was first diagnosed, it was about the size of an egg. Then, one year later, it was larger, needing surgery. Well, I’m chicken (no pun intended!), so I thought I’d try using castor oil. Castor oil has always been used as a home remedy for a variety of illnesses. What I did was begin taking Evening Primrose Oil, 1000 mg, three times a day. I also massaged Pure, Cold-Pressed Castor Oil into my abdomen in a circular motion, three times a day, massaging twenty-five times in one direction, and twenty-five times in the other direction. When I went back for an ultra-sound one year later, it was gone. The technician did not believe me when I told her that I used to have one, so I said she needed to go get my files from the doctor.

      This is how I got started in Natural Remedies, Vitamins and Herbals. I’ve been fibroid-free for 10 years now.

    Is it safe to be pregnant when you have fibroid? Is there any meds to cure it without surgery?
    I has 3 uterine fibroid +- 1 cm each.

    • ANSWER:
      It IS safe to be pregnant and have fibroids, but your OB/GYN should be made aware of them to monitor their progress and potential impact on your pregnancy.

      There is a relatively safe procedure called embolization, where small synthetic stoppers are inserted into the blood vessels of the fibroid thereby robbing it of blood. Without “life support” the fibroid shrinks. It is a very easy surgery, considered minimally invasive and is being used a LOT these days in lieu of hysterectomy or fibroidectomy which are both major surgeries.

      If you’re not yet pregnant, talk to your doctor about embolization; it can be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

    can anyone help me to cure for serosal fibroid without surgery please.?
    I am having a serosal fibroid of 12.2*11.4*6.8cm size arising from the posterior wall on the right side of the uterus. Uterus is anteverted, measures: 96*43*57mm. Both ovaries are normal. Mild hydronephrosis/hydroureterosis is seen in the right kidney due to the extrinsic pressure effect by fibroid.

    Here Doctors are advising to remove uterus along with the fibroid.

    • ANSWER:

      Hysteroscopic resection is a process in which a doctor uses a tool that inserts into the cervix. This tool is attached to a camera that allows the doctor to see any type of fibroids. On this tool also is a feature that can produce high levels of electrical current to kill the tissue of the fibroid. Hormone treatments may also be used to shrink the fibroids, if they are bothersome. If the fibroids are really affecting you, and causing a lot of bleeding and pain, you can consider a hysterectomy. Doctors consider this a last resort treatment, and won’t normally recommend it unless it is necessary.

      Speak with your doctor, and make sure he is aware of all of the symptoms you may be having. He can use this information, along with exams to determine what type of treatment is right for you!

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