Do Fibroids Cause Back Pain

Why Do Women Sometimes Have Pain During And After Ovulation?

This article is focused on giving you answers to various questions many women have related to ovulation pain. What is ovulation pain? What causes discomfort during ovulation? What are the signs of soreness during ovulation? Why is there sometimes ovulation pain following ovulation?

Ovulation pain is a form of pain in the ovaries which occurs in about 1 out of every 5 in their childbearing years. Frequently, discomfort during ovulation happens about two weeks before the menstrual cycle, when one of the ovaries releases an ovum or egg. Intensity of pain during ovulation varies from woman to another. Some women feel mild discomfort, others experience acute pain and cramping. Soreness during ovulation can last for a few minutes or a few days. Another name for ovary pain during ovulation is Mittelschmerz, which means “mid pain” in German.

Ovary pain from ovulation can be a symptom of an underlying gynecological disorder, but this is generally not the case. Nevertheless, severe, prolonged ovary pain from ovulation (more than a few days) or heavy bleeding is definitely worth discussing with your doctor.

Why do some women have painful ovulation? The exact cause of aching during ovulation is currently unknown, but medical scientists have made some educated guesses.

The most likely options center on ovarian follicles, the sac-like structures in which eggs develop. One theory is that during ovulation, the follicle bursts open, releasing the egg into the fallopian tube. It is possible that the expanding follicle stretches the membrane of the ovaries, which causes ovulation pain.

Another theory suggests that when the ovum matures, it bursts from the follicle, causing minor internal bleeding. This bleeding may irritate the lining of the uterus, causing painful ovulation.

Again, painful ovulation is quite common and in most cases is not a symptom any underlying illness. But sometimes it can be an indication of a problem in the making. Here are some possibilities.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease – Many women known pelvic inflammatory disease simply bu its initials – PID. It occurs when there is inflammation in a woman’s reproductive system. Frequently, it’s a complication of disorders like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Ectopic pregnancy – This happens when a fertilized eggs starts developing in a fallopian tube or somewhere else outside the uterus. It causes cramping, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. It is a dangerous situation and requires professional medical attention.

Endometriosis – Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium, or lining of the uterus grows elsewhere outside the uterus. Typical symptoms of endometriosis include pain during intimacy and menstrual discomfort.

A cyst on the ovary – these are sacs that fill up with fluid and are located on an ovary or ovaries. Usually, an ovary cyst is not dangerous, but this is not universally true.

Salpingitis – This condition is usually the result of an infection that triggers inflammation in the fallopian tubes. Tubal inflammation accounts for roughly one in every six hospital admissions related to female reproductive problems.

Why is there sometimes post ovulation pain? Pain after ovulation may be caused by a small amount of blood that seeps from the ovary during ovulation. This leakage can cause irritation. The seriousness of this variety of pain following ovulation depends on how much leakage there has been and several other variables. Other problems related to the reproductive system, such as fibroids or PCOS can also cause pain after ovulation. You should discuss these topics with a health care provider.

Remember that the discomfort from an inflamed appendix is can be mistaken for ovulation pain. If your pain is constant and worsening on the right side of the abdomen, with nausea and vomiting, obtain medical attention quickly.

There are other diseases and conditions that can cause discomfort similar to ovulation pain too. These are mostly gastrointestinal problems, such as a perforated ulcer, gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Again, ovulation pain is generally not dangerous and is transient, although it can be especially painful for some women as long as it lasts. It is important to know when mid-cycle pain can be a sign of something more serious. As with most illnesses and diseases, diagnosing a problem early increases the likelihood of a happy result.

About the author: Learn more by clicking on cramps during ovulation and pain in the ovaries. Neal Kennedy is a retired radio and TV talk show host with a special interest in medical topics.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Would pain from fibroids cause ur stomache and back to hurt, like hard hitting blows that keeps u in bed.?
    The pain are so horrific that I feel something bad could happen to me. I have been to the doctor and they say everything is good. My pain is with me every day, never leaves just sometimes not as painful as some days. I feel that the pain is moving upward causing other problems within. but its not being detected by doctors. And those that do detect it want take them out. So what do I do to relieve this pain to make it go away forever, since I can’t get the help of a doctor. I don’t have insurance. So I feel that’s why I’m stuck with the ignoring pain that never leaves. So what do I do.

    • ANSWER:
      did you ever hear the saying ( food is our medicine and medicine is our food) it’s true. you can start by taking some food supplement find a health food store and start taking some nutrition juices or pill form. or go to the website below and check out what they have. order a catalog, they will send it free. the items are very inexpensive and they work for all aspect of your health.

    uterine fibroids and back pain? tailbone pain…anyone experience fibroids?
    I found out I have 3 fibroids, a 6 cm one and two smaller ones. I had a baby 10 months ago and when I first became pregnant, the pain in my tailbone was excruciating. The big fiboid got to softball size while pregnant and is now 6cm. I thought the pain would go away after the baby, just thought it was a pregnancy ailment. But now, I can’t sit on hard surfaces or lay on the floor without excruciating pain. I feel like I am being stabbed in my tailbone whenever I sit down. I have been complaining to my obgyn about the back pain and he sent me to a physical therapist. no help. My cycles are super heavy now and I’m miserable. I just left the obgyn doctors office about my ultrasound for the fibroids and he said not to do anything about them unless I am done having kids. I told him I’m not sure and he said to just take Aleve. That’s not cutting it. On the way home, my husband said, did you ask him if that is why you are having the back pain? I didn’t even think of that. Now I am reading online about firoids and back pain and I’m thinking this could be the cause. Has anyone experienced this type of pain with fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      try motrin/ibuprofin and sitting in hot baths.

      I feel for you.

      I had them..and I told the doctor it was like someone grabbing the skin of his testicles with a pair of vice grips and twisting.

      I went through the super heavy periods too..then I had a hysterectomy a few months later.

      The doctor felt all the fibroids on the day of the operation and apologized for the five years of pain..

      but My pain was not nearly as bad as yours. Not even close.

      If Motrin does not work (it did for me) maybe try tolectin or robaxin.

    What could be wrong with my mom? Cystitis and/or uterine fibroids?
    My mom is in excruciating pain every day.
    She was diagnosed with having Cystitis the first time she went to the emergency room at our local hospital, but the second time we went back, after a few days because the pain was unbearable, she was diagnosed with having uterine fibroids. She was told by the emergency room doctors to make an appointment with her doctor so that she could recommend her with a gynecologist.
    After an unsuccessful week of trying to make an appointment with the gynecologist, she finally made one and was charged 5.
    My mom was positive that the uterine fibroids was the cause of her pain/symptoms, but the gynecologist had another answer to her symptoms. According to the doctor uterine fibroids don’t cause so much pain/aren’t that painful. She, the doctor, believes that my mom suffers from Cystitis too. She prescribed my mother Elmiron. The gynecologist says she should see results in about 1-2 months.
    Should my mom wait 1 or 2 months to see if Elmiron really works…..what if it doesn’t? What if the uterine fibroids are the ones causing the pain. My mother is so confused and cries constantly because the pain she feels is too much.

    Her symptoms are the following:
    Excruciating pain from the knee down, both legs.
    Her toes ache a lot.
    Her lower abdomen aches, specially the sides (where the thigh and lower abdomen meet).
    She also has back pain.
    She feels the need to pee frequently but sometimes the pee doesn’t come out.
    When the pee does come out it hurts like hell….does not burn… hurts! Her lower abdomen also hurts.

    Do you have or had Cystitis or uterine fibroids? If yes, are my mother’s symptoms normal?

    I’m so scared and concerned for her. I feel so bad for her because it breaks my heart to see her cry.
    FYI: My mom has diabetes and she is 52 yrs old.

    • ANSWER:
      I would get a second opinion from another gynecologist. I don’t know if the gynecologist is being forth coming with your mom. You should go to a couple more of them to get some more information. Your mom’s doctor should also send her for an pelvoabdominal ultrasound or a transvaginal ultrasound. This will help detect if there are any uterine fibroids.

      I hope that this helps.

    fibroids in uterus?
    yesterday i found out i had fibroids in my uterus actually a year ago i was diagnosed thru ultra sound then six months ago another ultrasound came back showing no more,now again i have them do they cause infertility?my DR. says no but i really don’t like him i’m looking for a female periods are very long and heavy with lots of pain he says fibroids do not cause pain well what does he know he’s a man.test also showed polyps in to parts of my colon and are alot scattered he says that’s what’s most likely causing my pain and i think it’s a female problem that’s causing my pain is he just trying to throw me back to my regular DR. or do you think that he’s wright that i should be worried about my polps then anything else wright now,he says i’m fine in the female dept why can’t i believe it?buy the way i’m 35 and it just seems impossible to have so may polyps in my colon.

    • ANSWER:
      I had Fibroid removal surgery in April and it took care of a lot of the problems. I have always had them but pregnancy made them get bigger.

      I was also in the process of being a Surrogate and found out that Estrogen makes them get bigger. Mine got so big that the doctor said that if I was to get pregnant that there would not be enough room for me to carry a baby to full term. Subsequently I had a miscarriage with my couple because of their size.

      Go to another doctor because yours does not seem to know his A$$ from his hand (excuse the lang.)! They cause heavy bleeding, clotting and bad cramping. They, YES, can cause infertility unless taken care of.

      My doctor now (whom is male) is a second opinion doctor that I went to because my original doctor (a female) said that I should get a complete hysterectomy at the age of 31. NO WAY! I AM TOO YOUNG! My new doctor said that I would be better off having a hysteroscopy and that my uterus was the size of a womans whom would be 8-10 weeks pregnant. They ended up taking out one that was 6mm by 6 1/2mm and becoming neucrotic along with 2 medium sized ones and 5 smaller ones. Now I am completely healed and feel better than ever! I look thinner now too!

      A lot of women have them but they usually don’t cause any problems. My doctor said that by menopause most women have them but don’t feel them because menstration has stopped. Also by that time some are getting hysterectomys and they go away at that time.

      Please if you only remember one thing about my letter, is that above all else, get a second opinion. And a third if you are not satisfied with what you are hearing.

      Good luck to you! 🙂

      P.S. I looked on to get info on fibroids and their treatment. Maybe it will help you in making an informed decision.

    Fibroids treatment and the pill/other things that may help the pain?
    I have recently been told I have a fibroid in my womb after being in agonising pain for the last year since coming off the Ortho Evra patch. The symptoms I have match those of a fibroid, eg heavy bleeding, severe abdominal and leg pain, and a laparoscopy found a fibroid which is 3cm x 3cm x 3cm
    The docs said it is unlikely this would cause so much pain, but there is literally nothing else it could be caused by, so have been advised to continue treatment for fibroids. I am currently living on tramadol and other painkillers and anti inflammatories but cant continue like this as it will eventually cause other problems elsewhere in my body.
    On the first day of my period the pain is so severe i cannot move and i often vomit, so not very nice
    I was told by my surgeon to try the pill, i didnt like the combined pill as i have migraines, and i believe oestrogen encourages the growth of fibroids. So I returned to uni and asked my doctor here about going on the mini pill as advised by my surgeon. However the doctor here said that would do nothing to stop the pain. I was given Loestrin, a combined pill, but when reading the info leaflet it says do not take if you have fibroids of the womb???I am sick of recieving conflicting advice from 101 different doctors, and i am so desperate to get my life back, I am only 22 and in my final year of uni.
    If anyone knows anything that may reduce the pain, including alternative medicines, please let me know, I am willing to try anything!

    I dont want surgical treatment as because of the positioning of the fibroid there would be too much scar tissue in my womb and therefore wouldnt be able to carry children.

    Also, does anyone have fibroids and become pregnant?Did this effect the pain at all? Or anyone tried a TENS machine for the pain??

    I am literally desperate, so please any info you have would be much appreciated.

    Anyone who posts ridiculous answers will be reported IMMEDIATELY

    • ANSWER:
      You could do a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization if it is offered where you are located. It is a kind of procedure done by a radiologist to try and kill off the root system to the fibroid.

      I am going to include the link to a site that may help you find more information. The link is at:

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