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Men Dealing With Women’s Menopause Symptoms

Some of the changes and symptoms women encounter as they approach menopause can be difficult to withstand, and it’s not unusual to wonder if you’ll ever feel normal again. Not only are you dealing with physical symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods and weight gain, but there are many emotional changes that take place as a result of declining hormone levels.

You may experience moodiness, depression or feelings of sadness and hopelessness. If this is the case, there’s a strong likelihood that your mate is feeling somewhat confused by your behavior and may be left wondering if you still love him and want to spend the rest of your life with him.

If your husband or partner is anything like mine, it’s not likely that he’ll research information that’s available to him in order to figure out what’s happening within your body and how it may be affecting your emotions. If men don’t have the answers, how will they respond to the foreign you?

Unfortunately, men respond to women’s hormonal balances using many different approaches that aren’t always the most effective. Some men simply ignore the problem and hope it will go away, while others may be overbearing and treat their partner as if she’s emotionally fragile and incapable of dealing with life.

The relationship problems couples face during midlife, in most cases, really is usually a lack of communication due to the misunderstanding that results from hormonal imbalances and behavior changes in women approaching menopause.

If you find that you’re facing some challenges in your relationship due to hormone fluctuations, and you don’t honestly see your mate taking the time or initiative to figure out what may be happening, it may be a good idea to tape the following messages to your refrigerator, mirror, tool box or other area where he’s sure to take notice.

1.If your wife or partner is feeling undesirable (and there’s a good chance that this may occur often during this transition), it may be automatic for you to express how beautiful she is. Unfortunately, she is not likely to believe you. Don’t let this become a slammed door, however; continue to be loving, kind and supportive consistently and eventually she will trust that you really do find her desirable.

2.Since your wife is not feeling sexy as a result of the weight she has likely gained during this period in her life, please don’t let your eyes pop out of your head when a young sexy woman appears on TV or passes by you in a restaurant. And worse yet, avoid the temptation to flirt with younger women. This behavior is insensitive and uncalled for, and only adds to an already strained relationship.

3.When you think your wife is behaving irrationally, remember that she’s not crazy and zip it! That’s right just keep your thoughts to yourself because oftentimes what men view as irrational, women do not.

4.When your wife has something she’d like to tell you, listen! Don’t dismiss her, even if you’ve heard this same story over and over again. It’s important to your wife to have a partner one with whom she can communicate. If it’s tempting to interrupt her, take a moment to put yourself in her shoes and decide how you would feel if your every thought or emotion were brushed off as if it meant nothing.

5.There’s a strong possibility that your wife’s sex drive is not what it once was. This is confusing and scary for your wife, and may very well add to her moodiness. As a matter of fact, it’s not unusual for women to find fault with their spouses in order to feel justified in not having the desire to have sex. Openly communicate with your wife about this, and make an effort to work together to remedy this problem so that your sex life can become rejuven 00004000 ated. A healthy sex life contributes to your overall physical health, as well as the health of your relationship.

6.Let your wife know she can count on you. Perhaps she’s feeling overwhelmed with a busy schedule and a tired body. Put down the newspaper or the remote control and pick up a broom. You’ll be amazed by her positive reaction and what results to which your desire to help may lead.

7.Stop at the store on your way home from work and pick up a romantic card or a bouquet of flowers. Don’t wait for your wife to suggest going out to dinner; go ahead and be assertive and simply tell her the two of you are going out on a nice little date.

8.Your wife may be doing a lot of complaining lately; you can encourage her to stop complaining by giving her reasons to know she’s lucky to have you in her life.

9.Make your wife laugh even if you need to be the butt of your own jokes (better you than her).

10.Finally, express your love for your wife and let her know that you understand this may be a rough ride for her and you want to do whatever you can to pave the road for a smooth transition into menopause.

While it’s important for your spouse to be understanding and sympathetic to your needs during this transitional period, it’s also important that you do all you can to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest and take time for yourself.

If you’re sure to do all you can to remain healthy, there’s no doubt that you will feel beautiful, youthful and full of energy your absolute best as you approach menopause.

About the Author:
Susan Megge is the founder of, a website designed to assist women as they approach and experience menopause. Susan, a health and fitness expert started experiencing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause several years ago and researched various avenues to deal with these symptoms naturally.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it okay to get pregnant while dealing with uterine fibroids and chronic pelvic pain?

    • ANSWER:
      This is definitely something you should talk to your doctor about.


    How to deal with uterine fibroids?

    I have gone to the doctor and they suggest a hysterctomy which I don’t want to do.

    • ANSWER:
      You should see someone else, a specialist. There are new techniques to remove fibroids that leave the uterus intact, depending on where yours is located. Your preferred method of treatment would depend on whether you wish to have children.. for example, there is a shot that will stimulate early menopause, which will hormonally shrink fibroids. It’s not a hysterectomy, but you still wouldn’t be able to carry a child after having the shot. Another method, in which the fibroid is removed simply by inserting a small instrument through the cervix, is relatively noninvasive and completely preserves the uterus.

      A lot of ob/gyns now believe with the new technology that countless, NEEDLESS hysterectomies have been performed over the years because of fibroids, and it’s really better to seek a less drastic solution. Most opt not to treat fibroids at all, especially if they’re relatively small. They’re not dangerous, just painful. I have a fibroid, and I’ve discussed surgical removal with my doctor, but for the time being I’m just on vicodin during my periods to help with the pain. I really hope you discuss other options with your doctor, especially if a hysterectomy is something you feel you don’t want.

    painful fibroids in pregnancy?
    please help any diet?hi is there a remedy for dealing with fibroids pains during pregnancy ?I am in serious pain but hospital says there is nothing that can be done except codeine pills

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately the only real treatment for fibroids is either a hysterectomy or, in women who still want children, surgical removal of the fibroid. As you are pregnant these are obviously not options for you.
      Are they sure it is the fibroids causing such pain as usually they are painless? I would have a word with your doctor to make sure everything else is alright…that nothing else is causing this pain, and to discuss pain control with him although what you can take is limited.
      I know of no diet that can help but maybe something such as a TENS machine may be of use. This is a machine that passes a minute electrical current to you via electrode pads, it is often effective with chronic pain… your midwife can advise you on there use.
      Good Luck…I hope you soon feel better.

    Have you dealt with your uterine fibroids using CAM techniques?
    By CAM, I of course I mean complimentary & alternative medicine.
    I just found out that the menstrual chaos I’ve been suffering from is due to uterine fibroids. I don’t like any of my allopathic options. I don’t like the pill because I believe that forcing fake hormones into my body is not a good idea for me. I don’t want to have any of the surgeries because either a) the fibroids will probably just come back, or b) I may become infertile. I always say I never want children & I’ve never had a relationship but I still have at least 10 years left of potential & the thought of ruining it forever is a bit scary. What if some bizarre miracle happens & I meet someone that I want to be with & have kids with?
    So I’m wondering if anyone out there has been successful in dealing with fibroids naturally. Perhaps with acupuncture, herbs, supplements, etc. Even progesterone cream would be a better option.
    Or, maybe just answer how you DID deal with them, & if it worked, no matter what it was.

    • ANSWER:
      I have friends who have had fibroids but they have never done anything with complementary alternative treatments. I would recommend checking for a gynecologist that does alternative treatments (they are available in some towns) to see what kind of options they might recommend.

      I did read of a newer way to treat fibroids using ultrasound that was supposed to be very promising.

      I have the link to a site that may help you find even more information. It’s at:

    does anyone have any useful recommendations on how to deal with fibroids/endometriosis?

    i had my fibroids removed, but i don’t want to soley rely on doctors. they are comfortable with their practice… appointments and prescriptions. i ordered some books to read up on different experiences, remedies, outcomes, etc., but it’ll take about a week before they come! i’m anxious to get some real life advice!
    oh yeh, i would like to preserve my fertility.
    last edit: maybe the question should be… what’s been your experience with fibroids/endometriosis? symptoms, treatment? post fibroids,etc.? sex post op?

    • ANSWER:
      Endometrial ablation and hysterectomy are not valid treatments for Endometriosis. Hysterectomy is not curative (remove disease, not organs), despite contrary myths, and an endometrial ablation is nowhere near the same thing as laser ablation of the implants.

      Surgical myomectomy for the fibroids and surgical excision of the Endo by a true endoscopic specialist is your best bet. Medications like Lupron, while perhaps temporarily helpful for some women, often carry significantly negative and long lasting side effects that outweight any temporary benefits the meds can confer. Removal of the implants and the fibroids is your most effective option.

      I suggest visiting the website of specialists like and to learn more. Good luck and feel better.

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