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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) essentially affects a woman’s hormones are creates imbalance. In the most sever cases of polycystic ovary syndrome it may cause infertility. It is important to understand the best way to cure PCOS as there is often misleading and harmful information on the topic.

Fortunately there is a growing awareness of PCOS within our society and this is leading to greater understanding and better treatment decisions, from GPs, homeopaths, naturopaths and other practitioners.

Some of the Symptoms of PCOS:

The symptoms range in severity for different women and for the different stages you may be in. Unfortunately some sever symptoms if untreated can lead to depression and anxiety about a women’s natural appearance:

– Excessive hair covering the face and body
– Uncontrollable acne
– Trouble losing weight and weight gain
– Infertility

Clearly the above symptoms are not pleasant experiences. However there are treatment options available that can cure pcos symptoms simply, quickly and effectively.

In general a combination of healthy foods (an experienced dietician or guide is recommended), regular exercise (this is one you can do on your own), and weight control (unfortunately with PCOS it is not necessarily a bi-product of healthy eating and exercise: there is more to it!) There are a range of treatments for PCOS and I always feel that the more natural options are the best to explore first.

Treatments for PCOS:

– Exercise
– Healthy diet
– Weight loss
– Antioxidant supplements (such as: zinc, black-currant oil and borage oil)
– Herbs like false unicorn root and blue cohosh

I hope this has shed some light onto PCOS syndrome and you are equipped to either continue or begin your battle with PCOS.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    How is a uterine/ovarian cyst/fibroid diagnosed?
    Hi guys! I was just wondering, how does a Dr check for a uterine/ovarian cyst/fibroid? Does he/she perform an ultrasound on you, similar to the one done on pregnant women?
    Afterwards, what treatment options are available? Can a woman have sex/children afterwards?
    Thank you so much for your help!!

    • ANSWER:
      If they’re big enough, the doc can feel it during an exam. Then the doc will order an ultrasound and can see it on the ultrasound. For ovarian cysts, the doc will usually do an internal ultrasound–the ultrasound wand is put in your vagina. It’s easier to see small things that way. But for something large, then the doc will do an external ultrasound (on your belly) like they do for pregnant women.

      For ovarian cysts, there are 3 things possible to do:
      1) nothing–wait and see if it goes away on its own
      2) birth control pills–see if they make it go away
      3) surgery to remove the cyst

      Sometimes cysts interfere with pregnancy, sometimes not. Depends on the type of cyst. Sometimes when removing the cyst, the ovary must be removed too. But you can be fertile with just one ovary.

      For uterine fibroids, there are several possibilities. They will never go away on their own.
      1) uterine artery embolization (UAE)–a relatively new procedure to non-surgically shrink the fibroid so it goes away, via blocking the artery supplying it with blood.
      2) surgery to remove the fibroid only–called myomectomy
      3) hysterectomy
      With UAE, you can remain fertile. With hysterectomy, you won’t be fertile anymore. And having a fibroid can interfere with carrying pregnancy.

    Fibroid and painful haemorrhagic cyst. Is contraceptive pills safe for this ailment?
    I have hemorrhagic cyst and uterine fybroid, and was on contraceptive pills for 7 days. Soon after I had that pill, I felt nausea, and the cyst started to hurt. And it hurts more everyday until I stopped taking the pills. Before taking this the pain that I had was an on and off pinch. Is it safe for me to have this pill.
    Is there a natural way to clear the cyst and fibroid?

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the overall medical history it may be ok to take the pill for helping with the fibroid and the cyst but because of the symptoms you are having I would recommend letting your doctor know what’s going on so that they can evaluate the situation further.

      As far as a natural way to clear up the cyst and fibroid, not that I’m aware of but check with your doctor because they may have information that could help on the natural front.

    Is it possible to have a fibroid cyst in your armpit?
    I have this small lump in my armpit and its been there since june and sometimes it hurts. Could it be a cyst?

    • ANSWER:
      yes it is if you think you may have one go see your dr. I have one and sometimes it hurts to even put on deodorant………..

    What is the different to fibroid and cyst?
    Normally, I saw people posted – fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovaries. Other than the location, are they the same things or different type of growing substances?

    • ANSWER:
      A cyst has fluid (pus) inside it and a fibroid is made up of tissue. Cysts & fibroids can occur anywhere in the body.

    Pap smear come out abnormal if I have a cyst or fibroid?
    or will it only come out abnormal if there is cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      A PAP smear normally checks for cells, and a sample is taken to see if there is an std, however if there is an abnormal growth or amount of cells present, then yes. otherwise, the uterus has have some kind of image taken to show cyst or fibroids

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