Cervical Fibroid Tumors

Fibroid Tumors and Pregnancy – Getting Pregnant With Fibroids

Fibroids are firm tumors which usually develop in the wall of the uterus. They are extremely common, affecting between 50 and 80% of women of reproductive age and the vast majority are completely harmless. However, there is no doubt that at certain times of life, fibroids can become more problematic and many women are justifiably worried that fibroid tumors and pregnancy do not sit comfortably together! There are also concerns that getting pregnant with fibroids could prove difficult.

Before moving on, I must emphasize that most women will have trouble-free pregnancies and getting pregnant with fibroids present does not normally cause a problem.

One of the main worries which women have is that existing fibroids could grow larger during pregnancy, affecting the unborn baby. Fortunately, in most cases this does not happen. Indeed for some women, fibroids can actually shrink during pregnancy, but in most cases will stay the same size.

The most common problems with fibroid tumors and pregnancy tend to revolve around discomfort for the mother-to-be rather than the unborn child, although some problems can occur in this respect.

Some women have feelings of pressure or heaviness in the abdominal area as fibroids press on nearby structures as the womb enlarges. In addition, some women will experience sharp pain in the lower back or legs as the nerves become compressed. One rare complication caused when getting pregnant with fibroids is red degeneration. This occurs when the center of the fibroid begins to bleed and can cause severe pain during the middle trimester. However, it dies usually settle without treatment.

Where there are fibroid tumors and pregnancy takes place, occasionally, problems can occur with the implantation of the egg, particularly if fibroids have developed just below the womb surface. This can lead to an early miscarriage. In addition, fibroids can sometimes block the entrance to the womb or fallopian tubes, causing infertility. Later on in pregnancy, a large fibroid can disrupt the normal growth pattern of the uterus and this can sometimes lead to a premature birth.

When a woman has problems getting pregnant with fibroids but there is no apparent reason why this should be the case, it has been shown that removal or shrinkage of the fibroids can increase her chances of conceiving by between 40-80%.

If you are considering starting a family and know you have fibroids, it makes complete sense to be proactive and do something about it beforehand as although most pregnancies end with the delivery of a healthy baby, there is no doubt that fibroid tumors and pregnancy is not an ideal mix and that problems can occur.

Fibroids are a condition which responds very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects.

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About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    can a cervical fibroid be cancerous or tumor?

    • ANSWER:
      uterine fibroid or cervical fibroids are benign tumors.
      they very rarely turn malignant and can transform into sarcoma…but its the rarest of all complications which fibriods have.
      cervical fibriods can be managed in different ways ..all depends on your age and condition…your gynecologist can tell you about that.
      hope that helps.

    Tumors/fibroids blocking cervix?
    This may sound a little odd, but is it possible for a tumor or fibroid to block the cervical opening–making it impossible for menstrual blood to pass? If so, would your body continue to try and have periods, even though there is a build-up of menstrual fluid?

    • ANSWER:

    What exercises should I do after a supra cervical hysterectomy?
    I had a supra cervical hysterectomy last Thursday on the April 14. The sutures weren’t so bad but the abdominal gas was painful. The bottom part around the sutures(bikini line) was numb only one day after the surgery and is still numb. But while I’m still numb around the sutures I still feel itching that I can’t scratch. Not only did my fibroid tumors grow back that I had removed in June 2001, but my uterus was the size of a 14 week pregnancy (endometriosis). I’m 51 years old and I’m the mother of five daughters and two granddaughters.

    This procedure was decided because my stomach wouldn’t go down even after joining CURVES, or running. By the way when I ran, it felt like a ball was bouncing in my stomach. Strangers used to approach me, smile and tell me, ” Congratulations! When are you due?” Well it’s all gone now! It’s been a week. The doctor said my healing process will be duration of 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, what type of exercises should I start out with? By the way I’m 5′ 2″ and weighed I58 pounds before the surgery. I weigh 144 pounds today. My appitite has changed drastically! And the smell of chicken now turns my stomach. Is this temporary?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be asking your gynecologist this question. He/she can determine that much better than anyone on Yahoo! Answers can.

      I had an LAVH (laparoscopically-assisted vaginal hysterectomy) and the only form of exercise I was allowed to do the first two weeks was “minimal” walking–to the bathroom, kitchen, around the house, etc..

    what do doctor’s check for during a routine pap?
    besides cervical cancer, do they check for fibroid tumors? everyone on my mom’s side has had them. i just got on a new birth control. (loestrin 24 fe) i am having bad outbreak bleeding on my third month. i know you are supposed to give it three months to regulate, but my mom mentioned the family history and i am a little worried now.
    but you can’t see them. they are inside.

    • ANSWER:
      Your physician will ask about your familial history, be sure to mention about the fibroid tumors so that he/she can be extra thorough.

      All the best to you!

    How does a woman get…?
    Cervical cancer…and fibroid tumors..??

    • ANSWER:
      Risks for developing cervical cancer are:
      Infection with some types of HPV
      Other sexually transmitted infections
      Poor diet
      Having a weakened immune system
      The pill
      Circumcision (Sex with men who are uncircumcised)
      Women’s hygiene
      Your sex life
      Being pregnant
      Having a lot of children
      Genes and cancer – race or family links


      No one knows for sure what causes fibroids. Researchers have some theories, but most likely, fibroids are the result of many factors interacting with each other. These factors could be hormonal (affected by estrogen levels), genetic (running in families), environmental, or a combination of all three. Because no one knows for sure what causes fibroids, we also don’t know what causes them to grow or shrink. For the most part, fibroids stop growing or shrink after menopause. But, this is not true for all women with fibroids.

      Hope this helps.

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